QAL 2022

Doesn’t it feel strange to be writing 2022? How has the New Year been treating you so far? Poor Mum is in her 3rd lockdown since 23rd December. Thankfully they have each been only a few days, but while we waited for results of the first one, she missed out on Christmas lunch with us. She was able to see my brother and his family as, when they rang her to wave to her at her window she announced she was “free” and they could meet on the front lawn. The Golfer and I took her for coffee the next week and when I took her back they had just gone into locked down. Then this week I was going to visit yesterday morning and they were back in lockdown again. Thank goodness for the tennis on the tv which Mum loves to watch! And I’ve been able to see her between lockdowns.

The first couple of days of the New Year were very hot here, not conducive to doing much, so I spent a lot of time just relaxing – which was not a bad thing. A cool change came through and on Monday I started work on this year’s QAL.

I’m sure Cecile and Corrine have been delving into my Creative Brain as, in the far reaches, there lurks the idea of a quilt that I’ve had for a couple of years which fits this year’s theme – “Sampler”. There’s a minimum of 16 blocks, half of which are to be pieced and half to be appliqued and all of them must be different. Now while I hadn’t quite decided on the make up of the quilt, it would appear that this criteria could work.

Luckily I was able to lay my hands on the bountiful basket of fabrics already gathered for this nebulous project, so I just added a few more (the more choices the better in my book) and I was ready to start.

I then chose some for the first pieced block and that was quickly hand pieced. It’s one of my template sets called “Cheddar Stars” (VT4029MC)

While I’ve chosen another 7 template sets to make up pieced blocks, I’m a bit more vague on the applique blocks. For the original quilt I’d already made an appliqued pears block (which you may have seen previously), but in keeping with the rules for the QAL I needed to re-make it (the original I might use for the label). I really liked the pear fabrics I’d chosen and luckily they were easily found in the basket. I just needed a different background fabric (couldn’t find the same one)

Of course (typical!) I couldn’t find the original templates I’d made so had to remake those

and then we were underway

So here are my first two blocks completed, one pieced, one appliqued.

and I’ve chosen fabrics and the template set for the next pieced block (there’s lots of “bits” in it!)

As for the applique…….. In my mind’s eye I can see the borders of the quilt quite well, it’s just the rest that’s covered in mist at the moment!! I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ll need more than 16 blocks, but anymore will have to be half pieced/half applique and all different! Will keep you posted.

Meanwhile my pile of arcs is slowly reducing and my pile of arcs/melons is growing for my Double Wedding Ring quilt.

What have you been up to? Any plans for projects this year? Anyone else joining in the for QAL 2022?

Meredithe x

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8 Responses to QAL 2022

  1. tinaor says:

    Love the pears x

  2. Juliann says:

    I have been collecting ideas for my pieced and appliqué blocks for this challenge. Just waiting for a few pieces of fabric to arrive and I can begin stitching too. So sorry about all those lockdowns. Hope they lift soon.

  3. Oh hurray! I am joining in the fun too. Afraid mine is still in the planning stage. You are off to a beautiful start. I adore the pears!

  4. Cécile says:

    Thank you for your participation this year again !!
    Oh I love your blocks !
    Cheers !

  5. Oh, I have Ideas – it’s just clearing the mist of which you speak which is causing problems! Watch this space, as they say…

  6. audrey says:

    Love your little pears block. So, so pretty. And it’s wonderful that you were able to so easily pull colors/fabrics for the new QAL! I looked at it myself. Very tempting, but I’ve got a lot of projects in the wings right now.:)

  7. The fabrics in your pieced block are so fun! You have a lot of very cool fabrics actually. Great projects.

  8. Mary Howland says:

    Where do I find information on joining? Thanks.

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