Hexagon Tutorial

Several of you asked for a “how to” for the hexagons I’ve been making. After several attempts at photography – it’s quite difficult to photograph your own sewing whilst sewing, and get the focus right on a needle!! – here ’tis. Please excuse some of the poor pics – I gave up after 4 attempts!!

This is not the only way to stitch hexies, it’s just my way.

I did glue some hexies, but found the sewing of them just as quick and easier to stitch together. I cut 2 1/2″ squares and used 1″ hexies

20131210-102705.jpgFold in two sides and finger press

20131210-102806.jpgThread a needle and knot the end. Take a stitch at the fold, just through the fabric – don’t go through the hexie paper – then a second one

20131210-102926.jpgContinue to fold and double stitch to hold the folds….

20131210-103135.jpg…all the way around

20131210-103229.jpgAnd there’s a completed hexie

Now to stitch them together!

Lay out the hexagons

20131210-103919.jpgChoose which two to start (the middle hexagon and hexagon 2) and fold them right sides together

20131210-104207.jpgThread a needle and knot the end. Bring the needle up through the seam allowance (not the paper) and bring out at the corner

20131210-104655.jpgTake a stitch at the corner, through both fabrics (not through the paper), and repeat (pretend these are the same fabrics as before – dodgy pics!!), gently pulling the thread firm.

20131210-104957.jpgTake another stitch a little away, again gently pulling the thread firm – this was my revelation: they don’t need to be right next to each other!!

20131210-105135.jpgContinue along the seam…

20131210-105323.jpg…to the end

20131210-105437.jpgDouble stitch at the corner again, placing the needle through the second stitch loop to secure

20131210-105640.jpgThen take the needle into the seam allowance (not through the paper) and snip off

20131210-105743.jpgFirst seam done!

20131210-105843.jpgAnd from the right side

20131210-105936.jpgPick up the next piece in the sequence (hexagon 3) and again, place right sides together with hexagon 2

20131210-110144.jpgStitch the seam as previously, double stitching at the corner

20131210-110252.jpgSwing hexagon 3 around to make the next seam with hexagon 1 (middle hexagon) folding hexagon 2 to make it easier to stitch

20131210-111122.jpgDouble stitch in the corner, then continue as before stitching to the end and finishing off

20131210-111248.jpgContinue around until complete

20131210-111458.jpgAdd joiners in the same manner

20131210-111848.jpgOnce a hexagon is totally surrounded by other hexagons, the papers can be taken out. Again, I found it easier to get the stitched hexie papers out than the glued ones. The papers aren’t sewn through at any stage.

20131210-112037.jpgAnd it’s easy then to re-use the papers!

Enjoy your hexie creations!!

Meredithe x

2 Responses to Hexagon Tutorial

  1. the creative heifer says:

    The hexagons look amazing. I love the fabrics giving the hexagons a wonderful modern twist which I think looks great. I was always worried that hexis were old fashioned but these look really modern and fashionable 🙂 I will also try your recommendation of the ‘not sewing through the paper’ method as it looks much simpler than sewing through the papers, and will not need all the thread cutting out at the end. Thanks for all your hints and tips 🙂

  2. Ok just discovered this. This is a perfect project when I go travelling.


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