Finishes 2013

Hmm, it’s July and there’s nothing up for “Finished Quilts 2013” as yet.  So I will rectify that situation.

The heading really should read Finished Quilts and Other Bits 2013!!  There’s not too much in the way of finished quilts as yet, but I have completed a few other bits and pieces.

First a quilt made for some friends with a new baby at the beginning of the year

20130122-134716.jpgMachine pieced and machine quilted (by me!!)

20130122-135512.jpgI used the check for the backing and the binding.

Then there was the needle case made at the Quilts in the Barn day with the Crows


a cute bag,

20130402-125511.jpgthat’s reversible

20130402-125606.jpgJoined a doll quilt Quiltalong with Lori and made the Abundance Quilt


Machine pieced and hand quilted.

There’s been a bit of yarn work, with one knitted cowl….

20130601-111229.jpgand one crocheted cowl

20130701-144819.jpgand the once “lost” but found and finished Greta Needle Case

20130611-162807.jpgLooking back at the photos to compile this page, I seem to have started lots this year……let’s see if I can get any more finished!!

Another finish (yippee!!) is my little Liberty Quilt.20131125-140003.jpgand a Big Birthday present for Miss J20131209-163126.jpg 20131209-163313.jpg20131209-163126.jpg20131209-163803.jpgA work basket, with needle case and pin cushion.

My Calamity Jane Bag

20131116-182726.jpgHmm, more than I thought finished, but not nearly all that I started!!

2 Responses to Finishes 2013

  1. Love your projects and your blog. I spend a lot of time finishing other people’s quilts with little time for my own. You’ve inspired me to just do it and share on my blog too.

  2. Deborah Crook says:

    Just recently ‘discovered’ your site – love it. I am working same pattern quilt to Jane (think that’s her name) in your show and tell of 17/10/13 – diamonds with lattice stips .I’m using a chateaux rouge layer cake for mine. Are your classes open or private – I’m a Melbournite looking for a group/class to patch with

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