2017 Books

  1.  “Out of Bounds” by Val McDermid

Crime novel by this most skilled author – love reading her works.

2.  “The Revolving Door of Life” by Alexander McCall Smith

Another delightful tale of the doings at 44 Scotland Street

3.  “Panic Button” A Button Box Mystery by Kylie Logan

Murder mystery set in Chicago with the owner of a button shop as the protagonist.

4.  “Bertie Plays the Blues” by Alexander McCall Smith

Bertie puts himself up for adoption on e-bay.  Poor Bertie!

5.  “The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection” by Alexander McCall Smith

Lovely, gentle read.  All the more poignant after seeing the movie “A United Kingdom” about Botswana.

6.  “Poison Ivy” by Cynthia Riggs (A Martha’s Vineyard Mystery)

Murder mystery set in Martha’s Vineyard.

7.  “Sunshine on Scotland Street” by Alexander McCall Smith

Another in this series – delightful.

8.  “The Long Way Home” by Louise Penny (A Chief Inspector Gamache Novel)

Murder mystery set in a small town in Quebec.  (Another of those “we ain’t going there, they all get killed” towns!)

9.  “The Handsome Man’s Deluxe Cafe” by Alexander McCall Smith

Things go a bit awry when one of the detectives opens a cafe.

10.  “Night School” by Lee Child

The latest in the Jack Reacher series

11.  “The Songbird” by Marcia Willett

Family drama set in the UK’s West Country.

12.  “Before the Fall” by Noah Hawley

What led to this private jet crashing into the ocean?

13.  “The Bertie Project” by Alexander McCall Smith

I just l0ve this series!

14.  “When the Music’s Over” by Peter Robinson

Another in the DCI Banks series (yep, these are the books that the show is based on)

15.  “Penance” by Kate O’Riordan

As the cover says, “a disturbing thriller of obsession and family secrets”

16.  “The Silent Dead” by Claire McGowan

A harrowing story of Northern Ireland’s troubles

17.  “The Girl from Venice” by Martin Cruz Smith

The Golfer gave me this one for my birthday; set in Venice at the very end of WWII.  Really enjoyed it.

18. “The Widow” by Fiona Barton

Psychological thriller set in London – hard to put down.

19.  “The Dead of Winter” by Jane A Adams

Along the lines of an Agatha Christie, but set in today’s times.

20.  “Tapestry of Fortunes” by Elizabeth Berg

Story of 4 middle aged women who venture into their past to find their futures.

21.  “Hour of the Wolf” by Hakan Nesser

Great Skandi crime.  Hadn’t read this author before, but will be searching out more.

22.  “Paving the New Road” by Sulari Gentill

The next in the Rowland Sinclair Mystery series.

23.  “In the Darkness” by Karin Fossum

More Skandi crime – a very different way of telling the story, and very much about the psychology of the criminal mind.  More please!

24.  “A Mersey Mile” by Ruth Hamilton

Family drama set in Liverpool post WW2

25.  “Secrets of the Sewing Bee” by Kate Thompson

Set in London’s East End at the start of the Blitz and following the fortunes of women working in a garment factory.

26.  “Abattoir Blues” by Peter Robinson

Another DCI Banks novel (can’t help but picture the tv characters when reading these now)

27.  “The Water’s Edge” by Karin Fossum

An Inspector Sejer mystery.

28.  “Broken” by Karin Fossum

An intriguing set up; “a writer wakes one night to find a strange man in her bedroom.  He is a character she has invented, but not yet used, and so desperate is he to have his story told that he has resorted to breaking into her house.” Gripping and so unusual.

29.  “The Return” by Hakan Nesser

A Chief Inspector Van Veeteren mystery.

30.  “hellfire” by Karin Fossum

Another brilliant murder mystery.

31.  “Bryant and May – Strange Tide” by Christopher Fowler

New author to me.  Modern day crime with old fashioned coppers set in London.  Quite enjoyable.

32.  “Get Even” by Martina Cole

Set in the underworld of London.  Far too much gratuitous violence and bad language for my liking.  Don’t think I’ll get another.