2014 Movies

At the beginning of 2014, I was asked to join a Movie Club and jumped at the chance.  So often I would see the shorts for up coming movies, decide they needed seeing, but never got there.  This way, I go once a month with friends; we see the movie, then have supper after and discuss the movie……and life in general!  This will be a listing of the movies seen in 2014 with Movie Club (and others as stated).  As  reviews can colour expectations, I’m just going to say that I liked or really liked the movie concerned (unless it’s really bad!!)

JanuarySaving Mr Banks and Philomena

Seen with girlfriends.  Really liked them both!

February – The Book Thief

First of our Movie Club movies.  Funnily enough, this was the book we were reading for Book Club!  Really liked it!

March – Monuments Men

Based on a true story.  Really liked it.

April – Grand Budapest Hotel

There was a wide differing of opinions on this one.  Some wondered if we’d seen the same movie!  I really, really liked it!

May – Belle

Questioned many values, including those of today.  Really liked it.

June – Grace of Monaco

Didn’t know much about this movie, except that it was about Princess Grace.  However, it was more about a short period of time in the early 1960’s and the Principality of Monaco.  I enjoyed it and learnt something of Monaco’s history.

July – The Jersey Boys

I missed out on this one, so can’t give my opinion, but the others who went liked it very much, particularly for the history of those involved.

August – The Lunchbox

This is an Indian movie, and one I particularly wanted to see after viewing the shorts at other movies.  An amazing system of delivering lunch boxes from the home to the office, where one goes astray (unheard of!).  You can almost taste the delicious food and it’s a sweet story to boot.

November – My Old Lady

Written initially as a play, the playwright wrote the screenplay and it showed.  I liked the beginning and the end, and particularly the scenes of Paris, but, for me, it fell apart in the middle and the passage from middle to end was……..lost? overplayed? disjointed?   Still, I saw streets in Paris I’ve walked, places I’ve been to……Sigh!




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