Christmas Village Stories

My friend Karen has the most magnificent Christmas Village which she puts up (and adds to!) every year.  She begins so that it is ready for 1st December and because it takes so long to prepare, and the fact that her grand children delight in it, it doesn’t come down for several months.

When I was taking photos for a blog post in December of 2016, it occurred to me that the characters in Karen’s Village would make good prompts for stories.  So with Karen’s blessing I started writing the “Christmas Village Stories” for Christmas 2017 and you can find links to them below.  My imagination is overflowing so I think there will be quite a few stories each December.

With special thanks to Karen for allowing me to use her Village as inspiration and for using photos of her Village.  Thanks to to The Golfer who, totally biased, reads each story first, and to Ma Kettle, a little less biased, who edits and critiques each one.

I do hope you enjoy reading my “Christmas Village Stories”.

Meredithe x