Two down……..

Second one’s done

20150731-163323.jpg(and after a clean up, I’ve found the background fabric……yippee?!!)

Meredithe x

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Squishy parcels

The next posting from Material Obsession has arrived

20150731-162956.jpgWanna see?

Meredithe x

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Class show and tell


Anne Maree has been having fun with hexagons

20150731-161109.jpgAdrienne was playing with triangles

20150731-161158.jpgLois is embroidering

20150731-161241.jpgSue 3 is setting up her borders for GTSB

20150731-161349.jpgDeirdre has finished her little cot quilt

20150731-161428.jpgNoreen cut, oh so many diamonds

20150731-161506.jpgand Jenny is back from a trip to Europe where she bought these

20150731-161540.jpgthen these in Paris

20150731-161606.jpgand after some thinking and discussion, Jenny has decided to “Briar Hill” too and we added these fabric to her Paris purchases



Jane has finished her quilt!

20150731-161855.jpgAlison played with a layout for her log cabin blocks

20150731-161939.jpgLisa cut lots of diamonds

20150731-162007.jpgChris was stitching a border and playing with star fabric

20150731-162101.jpgSue 2 has more of her lovely blocks made

20150731-162141.jpgFiona is on the little star wagon

20150731-162242.jpgNanette started cutting strips for a scrappy binding

20150731-162355.jpgand another Sue has re-joined Thursday sewing (Sue 4!) and is amassing a pile of hexagons


Meredithe x

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One down………

My “Alice” quilt just needs a final fabric border (and I need a clear 30 minutes to get it cut and sewn on!), and I’m missing the hand piecing. So I dug out a quilt I started with Margaret Sampson George and with the pieces all cut out (did that at Millrose earlier in the year) it’s been easy to get the first one finished……

20150726-131713.jpgThat’s one down, three to go!

As requested, here’s a pic of the red cyclamen

20150726-131815.jpgand there’s another flower to come; can you see the bud in the bottom right hand corner? And several orchid spikes are blooming, so I’ve brought then indoors to enjoy

20150726-131921.jpg(this pic is for you Heather!)

Back to the sewing……….

I just need to remember where I put the background for these blocks……..I’ve found the photo I took during the class with MSG so I know what I’m looking for……..just need to……lay……my hands……on it……..(still searching……..)

Meredithe x

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Stitch Sisters

I was the hostess for Stitch Sisters on Saturday, and a quick trip to Aldi yielded a quite nice arvo tea

20150726-130022.jpgKaye has the next border on her Katrina Hadjimichael quilt

20150726-130155.jpgit just needs these little hexie patches slotted into the blank spots (bottom left hand) and stitched into place

20150726-130341.jpgSuzie is going to be a Nanna soon, and has made this gorgeous quilt for the new family addition

20150726-130434.jpgwith one of the Liberty “Alice in Wonderland” fabrics as the feature

20150726-130515.jpgand this very cute label, made from flannel

20150726-130558.jpgand Helen has dragged out her “Birthday Party Table Cloth” in the hopes of finishing it very soon for her grandchildren to enjoy!

20150726-130658.jpgThe fire was on to keep out the Winter’s day chill, and with good food, good company and good stitching, it was a lovely day.

Meredithe x

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Squishy parcels

You know I’m a sucker for a squishy parcel and there’s been a few arrive over the last week and a half. Firstly a very special one from Carrolyn, one of my readers from the USA

20150723-165736.jpgIsn’t this fabulous? So nice to see a “cow-girl” included. I love it, Carrolyn, thank you.

The next Liberty fabric instalment has arrived from Amitie

20150723-171335.jpgand another posting from Treehouse

20150723-171455.jpgand while it didn’t come in a squishy parcel, I’ve received this from GJ. Those of you who are Aussies and of my generation, remember this from school?

20150723-171603.jpgFor those of you not Aussies (or of my generation), we used this to learn about Australia; tracing around it and marking in the states, capital cities, rivers etc. Having been born in Tasmania (of Victorian parents I hasten to add!) I was alway indignant of the note that Tasmania was “to be drawn free hand”. Just ‘cos Tassie’s “offshore” from “the mainland” couldn’t they have had a little joiner holding the Island State in place?? For those who don’t know, Tasmania lives just below “Vic” or Victoria. (Just looking at it, the ACT – Australian Capital Territory where Australia’s capital city is located – doesn’t rate a mention at all!!)

Ah, memories!

Meredithe x

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Class show and tell


Pearl has returned from a trip to Europe bringing with her fabrics purchased in Edinburgh (blues on the left) and Amsterdam – in a gorgeous bag to boot

20150723-162831.jpgplus a new pattern and fabric

20150723-162904.jpgAnne Marie brought in her finished block book

20150723-162938.jpgwhich has a fabulous lining; matches beautifully and has little silver spiders

20150723-163029.jpgLois basted a quilt……oops, too slow with the camera!

20150723-163103.jpgSue 3 is making stars for her Star a Day quilt

20150723-163143.jpgDeirdre finished quilting her borders and stitched on the binding

20150723-163224.jpgand we welcomed Noreen who is playing with Jinny Beyer fabrics and diamonds



Josephine has just two stars to finish for the next border of her quilt

20150723-163439.jpgFiona is making stars for Star a Day too

20150723-163512.jpgas well as doing more Lucy Boston

20150723-163535.jpgand her Mum sent Fiona’s birthday present care of the shop to ensure she’d get it in time for Sunday

20150723-163634.jpgHappy Birthday, Fiona! (Taking orders, Fiona’s Mum??)

Lorraine is steaming ahead with her “Briar Hill”; more blocks made

20150723-163749.jpgand in class we chose extra circle fabrics

20150723-163827.jpgand more fabrics for hexies

20150723-163858.jpgSue Ambrose brought her original in for the girls (and me) to pour over……again……and I took some pics to share with you….


20150723-164215.jpgand, of course, after seeing it, again, I had to have my own copy

20150723-164253.jpgNow, is anyone interested in doing a Quilt-along with “Briar Hill”? It’s nice easy piecing, either by hand or EPP and choice of fabrics is optional; you can see Lorraine is using pretties, Sue 1 is using brights, as will I be, and Josephine is so excited as her son is visiting Liberty, yes, that’s Liberty in London, and is bringing her back some Liberty fabrics for her version. What do you think? Care to join in?

Meredithe x

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