Class show and tell


Remember the pile of fabric that Jo and I sorted last week?  Well Jo became a little addicted during the week and finished ALL of theseCarylin is busy with broderie perseCarole finished one block and started anotherBeth is stitching Drunkards Path blocksDenise is back on her “CampaniaSue E is slowly getting thereSue W is speeding alongand Dorothy from New Zealand, who joined us earlier in the year when she was visiting family, is back in town again, and she brought along the quilt she started with me.


Fernanda is having fun putting her blocks togetherand in class she learnt to make flying geese and we put together a few more blocksJane also put blocks together, machine piecing the hand stitched blocks into rowsCathie started cutting for a new quilt, and put together one block to see how it looksTineke has all her bias stitched, so we looked at how the corners join and she started appliqueing the star flowersand Frances made inroads on her Christmas tree hangingMeredithe x

Class is at Sewn and Quilted

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Socks – more socks!

On Tuesday evening I finished the second sock of pair 12and I am seriously wondering if my knitting of socks, a known Winter attire, is stopping Spring from making an appearance………but I can’t stop yet; just 4 more pairs to go to reach my goal of 16 in 2016…….

Meredithe x

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Eliott Stitchers 

Tuesday was Elliott’s – first time I’d been for quite a while and so nice to sit and stitch with these friends.  Before going inside, I enjoyed a stroll in GJ’s garden looking at the Spring blooms.There were a variety of eats for lunch, and afters.Then it was down to the serious business of stitching while we chatted, and we also watched the movie of “Doc Martin” the prequel to the tv series, but such a different doctor!  Great fun!

GJ has finished her “Tesselations” quilts (pattern by Brigit Giblin; BOM through Material Obsession and GJ’s own choice of border fabric) I do love the way she’s used the backing folded over for the binding.and she’s nearly finished the hand quilting on this one.Carolyn is stitching squaresHeather is stitching trianglesAmanda is appliqueing hexagons for her MSGand I managed…..hmmm…. 4 circles!Better than none at all!

Meredithe x 

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Improv with Sheena 

On Saturday some girlfriends and I had great delight in attending a class at Treehouse Textiles with the wonderful Sheena Chapman, to try our hand at Improv Quilting.

As always, the shop was looking gorgeous, so in these very pleasant surroundingsand with coffees in hand we settled down to listen to Sheena talk about her methodology; so clever, so simple, so achievable, SO much fun!

Then it was time to grab out fabrics and start the process……….

GJ is making “Flower Pots” and soon had two set up, incorporating broderie perse and ribbonCarolyn is doing the same quilt, and she was playing with these gorgeous fabrics, making decisions on hexie flower combosAnn made a start on a “Birdhouse” block with this sectionand seemingly in the blink of an eye had two blocks madeChristine was a returning student, and after finishing a couple of blocks, had the great fun task of putting her “Birdhouse” blocks togetherAmanda and I chose “Russian Steps”, with Amanda making these blockswhich will start to look a little like thisI started with these fabricsdived straight in and made these blocksand by class end had 6 pieced blocks made and lots of plain blocks cut out.  I LOVED it!!

If you ever have the opportunity to take a class with Sheena, go for it!!  Sheena is a great teacher, very generous, lots of fun, encouraging, dynamic and inspiring.  You can follow Sheena on Instagram @sheena_chapman to see her fabulous quilts.

So hoping to get some time this week to do some more improv………..

Meredithe x 

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A trip to town

On Friday Helen and I made the train trip into the city, alighting at Flinders Street and crossing the road to Federation Square, then finding our way to the Ian Potter Gallery to visit the “Making the Australian Quilt – 1800-1950” exhibition.

As the promo says, this is “the first major exhibition of its kind to bring together the rich works that constitute Australia’s quilt heritage.”  It is a wonderful exhibition with so much to see and wonder over.  The richness of the colours after all these years, the fabulous use of fabrics, the “make do” aspects in quite a number of quilts, and, ironically, the “modern-ness” of many of the quilts makes for fabulous viewing and set my mind and imagination into overdrive!

And best of all photos were allowed! (taken with my phone, so not fabulous) Here’s a few to whet your appetite……..

As well as the quilts there was some clothing too, and several amazing Mary Jane Hannaford quiltsHexagons, embroidery, broderie perse, fussy cutting, silks…….something for everyone.Of course, we both had to buy the book referencing the quilts, and I’m looking forward to indulging in a great read!The exhibition closes on 6th November, so if you haven’t been get there soon, I highly recommend it!

Meredithe x

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Class show and tell


Leanne has her centre nearly done and started appliqueing the next border after we’d worked out the processBeth has her centre finished and she was working on the pieces for her next borderDenise chose some bits and pieces for a new projectand made a startThis pile of fabrics was rapidly turned into “sets” by Jo (with a little help from me – love doing this!) ready for a new projectSue W cut and stitched 2 and a half blocksCarole finishing prepping two more blocksand Sue E is working on the last two sides of her quilt.


Theresa joined us to learn appliqué, and we started with circlesJane was making flying geeseFrances started a Christmas projectAnn did some more with her block bookFernanda and I started on her quilt designAs well as choosing a backing and quilting design, Lyn cut and prepped – and neatly rolled – the binding for her Christmas quiltand Tineke learnt how to lay out, pin and stitch the bias in the next step of her quilt.Meredithe x 

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Sock-ing on

Earlier this week I finished my green, toe-up socks from “sockupied“, my first foray into this fab book.These are the “Muscadine” socks by Star Athena (pg 109 of the book).  I’m just delighted with these socks.  I’ve learnt so much in making them; how to do toe-up, new stitches, a sideways cuff.  They really stretched my brain power and tested my pattern reading skills.  Not a bad effort for someone who just started knitting socks this year.  

The pattern is not difficult to follow, it just required, from me, some concentration.  I did make a couple of mistakes, but hey, they’re socks and only I’ll see them.  On the first sock I thought I’d followed the pattern but without looking at the sock itself, and the join in the cuff is at the front of the sock (totally my mistake and nothing to do with the pattern) and on the second sock I lost the plot after turning the heel and in unpicking rows goofed on the lacy bit, but it’s hardly noticeable.  As I said, they’re just socks and it was all great fun.  

I will be making these again, but after all that concentration I’m back to my comfortable pattern.  In two nights I had the heel turned on sock one.Then mid-week in the mail, a parcel arrived from far away, flying to Australia,all the way from Canada, and containing this gorgeous sock yarn from my lovely friend Alida!Alida said in her note that when she looked at this yarn she thought “Spring”.  Most appropriate for us Down Under!  Gorgeous girl that she is, Alida is helping (enabling?) my efforts for 16 pairs of socks in 2016.

The brand is Cuddlebums (“hand dyed yarn from the heart of the Pennines”, bought, I suspect, when Alida was living in the UK) and the colour is “little light blue rainbow”.  While I’m knitting the above socks I’m thinking very hard about which pattern to use for this yummy, yummy yarn.  Thank you soooo much, Alida!

Anybody else have progess on their sock-ing?

Meredithe x 

I Love Knitting Socks!  11 pairs down, 5 to go in 16 for 2016!

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