Class show and tell


Denise stopped for coffee on the way to class and look what jumped out and said “take me! take me!” which she did and they were enjoyed muchly by one and allDenise’s son has a penchant for these chocolates so there are lots of empty boxes around which she’s putting to good useand she managed to get all 52 squares cut and marked up ready for hand piecing as well as doing a little retail therapyMarilyn started stitching her “Sweet Sunday” blocks and this one has part of an embroidery that Marilyn made when she was but a girl of 14 years – very specialJo has one more seam to stitch on this “Carousel” block (pattern by everyday quilts)and together we chose fabrics for several more (looks a bit of a mess, but Jo knows what’s what!)Sue E sewed the last couple of seams of her quilt top and had a ta-da! momentand then she cut up different yellows ready for the bindingCarole had pink bows on this block but had blue ones on the others, so she started the change over to blueAnne-Maree had a lesson in curved appliqueand Carylin was busy hand quilting.


Two students stayed all day; Lyn finished the top of her table runnerand she bagged it with a backing, not quite having enough time to turn it out which she’ll do at home.

I cracked the whip with Fernanda and by day’s end she had her star top finished – another ta-da! momentwith the other students, Frances has finished sewing on the tiny pom-poms and embroidered the edges of the clothsand she made more of her 4-patch blocksTineke went crazy sewing up heaps of her triangle hexagonsso we did a lay-out and instead of appliqueing them into place, I suggested she use embroidery stitches……so she did Cheryl explored more embroidery stitchesand Jane prepped and stitched these “Sweet Sunday” blocksMeredithe x

This class is held at Sewn and Quilted

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Here and Now | November

On one of our warmer near-end Spring days, and with the foreseeable forecast looking bright, I decided to wash and put away my hand-knitted socks (and one of The Golfer’s jumpers) for the very last time this yearNeedless to say, the pundits got it wrong and there’s been at least one more day where socks and boots were required!

The garden is looking lovely the bottle brush is bursting and the air is filled with the sounds of busy bees as they take full advantage of the bloomsbest of all I get to see it from my chairthe new daisy I bought has gone from thisto thisand the pots of dahlias and petunias are coming out toowith our lovely warm weather and deluges (you may have seen Melbourne Cup coverage with the downpour that day) and light rain (like yesterday – just gentle this time) helping their growth.

At the greengrocers the other day, I spotted some Sweet William and have put that in the jug with the Paper DaisiesOn the sewing front, I have more borders for “Taking Liberties” finished and have started on the hexagon row, now choosing backgrounds ready to cut and applique downLoving // Sewing “Taking Liberties” – just really enjoying this fabric/stitching journey

Eating // Lots of salad at the moment.  Cutting up lettuce, cabbage, celery, cucumber, red pepper and putting it into a container in the fridge, then when needed, taking out our serves and adding other (softer) veggies like mushrooms, avocado, tomatoes and a dressing.  Only half the work!

Drinking // Mineral water

Feeling //  Daunted by the approaching Christmas season – I don’t do it well.

Making // Gluten Free Sponges and succeeding!  Usually my sponges are like bricksThinking //  Of all that needs to be done before the end of the year!  (Don’t panic, don’t panic!)

Dreaming // Of that lovely time just after Christmas when we can all relax!

Joining in with Sarah for Here and Now.  What have you been up to/thinking/dreaming/making/feeling/eating/drinking/loving??  Click on the link to see what others have been up to too.

Meredithe x

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Mirjam’s 6and6

Let’s see what Mirjam has been up to for October’s 6and6in2018::

This last month I did a little bit more at my ufo’s.
First I sewed  sashings on 9 Dear Jane blocks and I made one new block.

For my Pockets of Posies quilt I made one basket with flower.

I cut the patches for a row (kites) for the Burense Rowquilt.

And  I also  sewed patches around the stichery that I made in August for my The Simple Life quilt.

There’s been some great progress there, Mirjam!

Meredithe x


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Stitch Sisters

Kaye was our hostess at Stitch Sisters this month providing a delicious afternoon teaKaye is steadily working through her “Peacock” bordersMiss V is crocheting following the “as we go” CAL which looks like so much fun, I think I’ll have to ear-mark it for next Winter!I started prepping hexagonsand I gave Kaye a large project bag that I made her as a thank you for hosting our fabulous day at her place when Anne was hereHelen has found some “old” blocks and some unrelated but perfect fabric and we had a little discussion on how she could use the blocks and the fabricsRhonda was knitting up the last side for a cardigan for her grandsonand Heather is stitching with fabulous fussy cutting! Such a relaxing afternoon…..Meredithe x

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Class show and tell

Today’s show and tell is from the class at Sewn and Quilted


Leanne brought in her finished “The Avenue” quilt top that she’s been working on at home and we chose border and backing fabrics for itand in class she stitched some more “Sweet Sunday” blocks, including appliqueing the strawberry to the block on the right hand side Marilyn worked on some “Sweet Sunday” blocks tooJo’s son has returned from a trip to London and bought his mum these gorgeous antique paper serviettes from Liberty – never to be used!and in class Jo stitched more “Carousel” blocks (pattern by everyday quilts)Joy had a lesson in hand quilting and started marking and quilting the first block in her candlewicked quiltand Sue E is soooo close to finishing her quilt top (we came across a little problem which is easily fixed, otherwise it would have been finished)


Four students stayed all day…….

Linda was wearing a new cowl she’d knitted (and she did tell me where it was from but because I didn’t write it down it’s gone from the memory!!)and in class we worked together on the pentagon flowers for the centre of her “Frances Quilt”, judiciously hiding a stain on the cloth that won’t comeand, after going to the hand quilting session with Judy Newman at our recent foray at the Treehouse Textiles day, she was keen to have a go at hand quilting the Judy Newman way.  Between us we remembered the technique and Linda is delighted with the result!Carylin has just the last side to pin and stitch with her hexagon setsLyn started stitching the pieces together for a table runnerand Fernanda spent the morning cutting squaresand making Evening Starsto go into her quilt, pieces of which she started to stitch together in the afternoonand with the other students, Helen brought in her finished quilt that she and I designed togetherand she bagged and started machine quilting her table runnerFrances has nearly finished adding the baby pom-poms to her “France Quilt”and together we chose some fabrics for a new quiltCathie had stitched all her blocks together and we chose border, backing and binding fabricsand in class she was hand stitching a binding down on a baby quiltJane started her “Sweet Sundayaddiction journeyand Cheryl and I had a refresher on some embroidery stitches for her “Pele Meleand as a thank you to Cheryl for the eggs the previous week, I made another sponge cake, this time with 2 duck eggs and 2 hen eggs.  It wasn’t as light as the first one, but it was more moist – all down to the baker, I’m sure – learning every time!  (I didn’t beat the whites for as long and left it in the oven for a few minutes too many, me thinks)  Nevertheless it disappeared!Meredithe x

This class is held at Sewn and Quilted

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Class show and tell

As it’s the beginning of the month, two lots of show and tell for you – today’s from the quilt shop……

Rosalie rescued this yo-yo quilt from the op-shop she volunteers at, and aren’t we glad she did!  She’s planning on repairing and replacing where appropriate.  It seems to be made of fabrics from the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s.and she placed and started stitching down the vine around the birdhouseJennifer’s quilt for her mother-in-law is back from quilting and just needs a bindingand during the month she also stitched up a quilt top for a grand daughterand in class she worked on more Dresden Plate blocks – only a few to do nowCaroline stitched up more of her Liberty hexagon blocksVal marked all her borders ready to cut to the appropriate widthAnne-Maree and I worked on her layout for the centre of her quiltand made vase and stem decisions tooFrances cut out lots of squares for four-patch blocksFernanda and I started on a layout for her blocksAudrey joined us for the first time, and was working on “A Star a Day” blocksSue M and I set out an applique block and she started stitching it upand Carole worked on the last of the little flowers in her blocks, and just may have done a bit of retail therapy too!Meredithe x

This class is held at the quilt shop, Eltham

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Cheryl from class very kindly gave me some of her “home grown” eggs – and not just 6 chicken eggs but 6 duck eggs too.  So in the morning before going to Squealers I baked a gluten free sponge and…….success!Oh, and some other people brought along some tid-bits too!!

Miss S arrived with Baby Z and I was able to give her the ripple rug, and with it being a cool day, worked perfectly as Baby Z was handed around to all of us for cuddles – she’s such a good girl, not minding in the least being passed between arms!  And Miss S loves the ripple rug!In the sewing stakes, Karen has been stitching up a “Farmer’s Wife” stormas well as working on her leavesI was working on border 6 of “Taking Liberties” Helen did a little candlewicking for a covered coat hangerMiss E’s bunny is stitched and stuffed and just needs a faceKaye’s “Peacock” borders are coming along very nicely, thank you!Maree is appliqueing little blocksAndrea is stitching little size tooand Helen had some show and tell.  Many years ago she did a class with me and with some left over fabrics and some new purchases made up this quilt top.Karen’s husband, Mr J has been busy too; he’s made a kangaroo!complete with tail and clawsand while we were in the back garden, I snapped this fabulous flowering tree (no idea what it is!)and their beautiful sweet-peas which are, sadly, coming to an end but still producing glorious colour.Meredithe x

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