Class show and tell


Carole has made more blocks for her Green Tea…..

20150528-175231.jpgand Sue 3 finished off the last of her appliqué for the same quilt, and we trimmed the blocks in class

20150528-175319.jpgAdrienne is progressing with her pyramids for Mrs B

20150528-175414.jpgEllen has decided on a border for her quilt and has made lots of hexagon flowers

20150528-175516.jpgand one of my readers came into the shop and introduced herself, which was just lovely – hi Chris!


Lorraine has made these blocks for her quilt

20150528-175653.jpgand in class cut/stitched these

20150528-175743.jpgSue 1 has her Green Tea top together

20150528-175826.jpgand in class cut her borders and started prepping some bias stems

20150528-175930.jpgCarylin has her quilt top finished

20150528-180252.jpgand already has three King George III blocks completed

20150528-180418.jpgChris is back from 5 weeks in the UK and USA with fabric

20150528-180458.jpgbooks and stories to share

20150528-180532.jpgSue 2 has the centre of her Emma Mary finished

20150528-180656.jpgand had a very productive cutting morning

20150528-180740.jpgPeggy put the first of 4 borders together

20150528-180812.jpgMarilyn is busy in-setting triangles

20150528-180904.jpgand Jane stitched the last of her pieced borders together ready to stitch on

Busy days!

Meredithe x

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In the post

The postie had been with some of those lovely-type envelopes this week……….

Fabric club from Treehouse Textileswith fabrics to drool over

20150521-160702.jpg(oops, pardon the thread) and the latest magazine from Quiltmania

20150521-160943.jpgDoesn’t that look fresh? Just the thing to start the weekend!

Meredithe x

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Class show and tell


Carole has made more blocks

20150520-151234.jpgand has put together her hexagon block

20150520-151304.jpgSue 3 has some more of her quilt together

20150520-151334.jpgand had some appliqué ready for stitching


20150520-151422.jpgEllen has worked very hard and has the centre stars together, along with lots of hexagons

20150520-151509.jpgand Pearl’s backing is progressing very nicely



Carylin has the centre of her latest quilt finished

20150521-142521.jpgand we trialled some borders

20150521-142559.jpgAlison brought in the quilt that she made with me

20150521-142637.jpgwaaaaay back in 2006!

20150521-142705.jpgFiona laid out her quilt and started hand piecing it together

20150521-142739.jpgNanette laid hers out and machined the first three rows together

20150521-142821.jpgJane stitched together her next set of borders and got one sewn on

20150521-142915.jpgSue 2 also has her centre together

20150521-142950.jpgand is busy making the surrounding blocks

20150521-143018.jpgPeggy was on a roll, head down and machine on fire as she made block after block

20150521-143103.jpgLisa spent her time cutting out lots of squares and triangles

20150521-143146.jpgand Lorraine stitched up a hexagon and two diamond stars in class.

20150521-143239.jpgMary Koval‘s beautiful palampore is now in store

20150521-143544.jpgI have my two

20150521-143617.jpgone to cut up

20150521-143643.jpgand one to keep whole!

Meredithe x

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Eliott Stitchers

After a hiatus, for varying reasons, I finally made it back to Eliott’s this week. It was delightful to catch up on a few more episodes with the Eliott Sisters and stitch with my friends. In between we ate a delicious lunch

20150520-145548.jpgand worked our various needles……

Miss H was playing with felt flowers

20150520-145811.jpgalong with working on her latest Aunts block

20150520-145938.jpgand creating severe bag envy with a Mothers’ Day gift from a daughter in the UK

20150520-150033.jpgLulu was keeping warm under Chelsea’s scarf

20150520-150123.jpgI finished another Alice’s Cross block

20150520-150323.jpgGJ was working on her next La Passacaglia block

20150520-150510.jpgand had some show and tell from l’uccello

20150520-150629.jpgAs we left I espied another beautiful Autumn tree, seemingly aflame, in GJ’s garden.

20150520-150741.jpgDon’t you just love the colours of Autumn?

Meredithe x

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May Auntlets’ Report

Oops, late again…..

Oops, not a lot to show…….again……

Blocks 5 & 6 are prepped, but I’m not anywhere near the side triangles that were supposed to be done this month……


20150519-113212.jpgI shall plod on!

Meredithe x

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Moama day 2

Sunday dawned as another spectacular Autumn day in Moama.

20150518-142438.jpgLynette’s chrysanthemums are putting on a final display

20150518-142604.jpgand the last of her roses were glowing with early morning sunshine and dew

20150518-142650.jpgAt class, after demonstrating some more advanced techniques, and having the students play with them too, we again dined royally for lunch

20150518-142804.jpg(and I forgot to take a pic of the delicious scones, jam and cream we had for afternoon tea – oops!)

After lunch, one of my students, Andrea, brought out some gorgeous show and tell

20150518-142938.jpgYou may be asking yourself why Andrea had enrolled in this needle turn appliqué class…..

20150518-143023.jpgthe above quilts are appliquéd with blanket stitch!

There was time for some more appliqué play

20150518-143303.jpgthen it was time to pack up and say our farewells

and as the evening sun set this tree ablaze, we left the tranquility of Heather’s Quilting Emporium and headed back to the city.

20150518-143508.jpgUntil I’m back there again, farewell Moama………

Meredithe x

PS My next class at Heather’s Quilting Emporium is in July and is on my templates. If you’d like to join in the fun, contact Heather. Hope to see you there!

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Moama day 1

It’s been such a fun day!

The morning dawned with a clear blue sky, just a little on the chilly side, but the sunshine was so appreciated after the grey, wet skies of Melbourne this past week.

20150516-171814.jpgOoh – when I went to put that photo in, I saw another and need to back track…..last night’s dinner!

20150516-171913.jpghow could I forget? Delicious home cooked silverside and scrumptious veggies. Hmm, hmm.

Anyway…..back to today.

For the weekend I’m teaching a class I call “Appliqué Basics” in which I demonstrate and talk about different methods, techniques, tricks and tips for needle turn appliqué, using this as an example

20150516-172156.jpgBy late this afternoon all 11 students had “sample stitched” some pieces and were setting up for a block.

20150516-172357.jpgHaven’t they done well?

20150516-172433.jpgAs usual, Heather had beautiful flowers

20150516-172509.jpgand fabulous food

20150516-172531.jpgIt was so pleasant to sit outside at lunch time enjoying the garden

20150516-172700.jpgeven in late Autumn there’s lots to see

20150516-172734.jpgand the last of the roses are just stunning.

20150516-172810.jpgHearing a “bock, bock, bock” I looked to see….

20150516-172939.jpgwho was soon joined by another

20150516-173023.jpgwith no food in the offing from me

20150516-173135.jpgit was time to depart!

20150516-173205.jpgAfternoon tea was delicious orange and poppy seed cake

20150516-173323.jpgAll day long I’d been admiring Paula’s pretty basket, so took a pic to satisfy the basket envy.

20150516-173407.jpgLynette joined us and sat fairly quietly stitching the binding on this quilt for her great nephew

20150516-173520.jpgI think we all had a productive day! More soon……

Meredithe x

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