Means, motive, opportunity

Hi Lovely Peeps, there quite a bit of family stuff happening at the moment – don’t worry, it’s all good and Mum is fine – but I won’t have the means, motive or opportunity to post for a while.  So instead of sporadic posts I’ve decided to take a break but will be back again with more p&c adventures in July.  (If I haven’t/don’t reply to your comment please forgive me.)Until then Lovelies, take care…..

Much love

Meredithe x

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Mid Century Modern Flowers QAL

Well, it’s done…..”Mid Century Modern Flowers” which I designed from the prompt for 2019’s QAL with Cecile and Bea, is finished and now hanging in the family room.It’s been hand appliqued and embroidered, machine pieced and hand quilted and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it.

As soon as I heard the theme, my mind went into overdrive and I decided to reverse the “normal” and use colours for the background   and black/white/grey for the applique and filler blocks, adding just a touch of colour in some of the applique.and using embroidery as well as ric-rac for stemsI matched Aurifil embroidery threads to the backgrounds for the embroidery on the applique blocksand I also matched Aurifil 12 weight to the 8 colours of the backgrounds and used them for hand quilting, just doing straight vertical lines in the pieced blocks and outline quilting and a little bit of quirky quilting in the applique blocksTo finish it off I cut up the left over coloured backgrounds to make the binding.

I’m so pleased to have this quilt finished well before the deadline (31st May!).  A big thank you to Cecile and Bea for hosting the QAL, having such a great theme for 2019, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing what they come up with for 2020!

(and just because I can – here it is again!)Meredithe x

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Class show and tell

From last week’s class at Sewn and Quilted…..


Sue E had prepped the next set of blocks for “Bessie Creek Roadand she worked on another hexagon block for the same quiltSue M’s quilt was back from the quilter and looks stunning!  Just the binding to stitch down nowand in class she worked on another “Aunts’ Quilt” blockCarole prepped and started appliqueing another couple of potsDenise stitched more squares onto “June Dyson” and had a lovely browse around the shop which led to some retail therapyand Jo cut, prepped and sewed on two of her final borders


Jane laid out her hexie blocksand had a lesson in stitching them together and managed to get nearly two rows doneCheryl, we think, could have, might have chosen a background for her “Sugar Plum” blocks……. maybe…..Cathie brought in the quilt she’s made for her mother-in-law which just needs the last of the binding sewn downand in class she had an applique lessonI worked out the final measurements for the top and bottom borders of Tineke’s quilt and she’s finished it!so she chose a backing and left it for quilting and also made up the binding ready to be stitched onHelen appliqued another couple of flower blocksand Frances has decided to add some hand quilting to her “Frances Quilt” so we pinned it up and she had a lesson in Big Stitch hand quiltingMeredithe x

This class is held at Sewn and Quilted, Blackburn

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Friday stitching

We huddled around Karen’s roaring fire on a freezing, wet Friday – our first real hit of Winter!I was binding (woohoo!! – more on that soon)Helen is involved in some Secret Squirrel Stuffas is MareeAndrea is doing broderie perse and it’s looking so lovelyand Karen has the knitting bug, with this on her needles for a grand daughter.Meredithe x

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Mini road trip

I met my friend Jan the other day for a coffee and we decided we needed to check out the new shop in Hamilton Street, Mont Albert which is called “Nuno Nuno” and run by the lovely Trudy. 

It was pouring rain outside and freezing cold, so we were very happy to while away some extra time waiting for the rain to ease off, prowling around and checking everything out!  As you can see in the pics, as well as some gorgeous hand chosen fabrics and a select range of Liberty prints, there’s a fabulous array of giftware (is it giftware if you buy it for yourself??)There’s also a range of quilt and bag patterns and a very nice selection of clothing patterns too.   It may be a small start, but Trudy has some big plans and I can’t wait to see how this shop grows and develops.  If you’re in the area, it’s well worth a visit.

Oh, and yes, I did buy just a bit…..Meredithe x

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Class show and tell

This post is from the class at Sewn and Quilted……


Sue E has all the big blocks made for her “Welsh Quilt” (pattern by everyday quilts)Jo machined her next borders onDenise added more to her “June Dyson” quiltand came wearing this gorgeous scarf which we all coveted!and Leanne made up lots of half square triangles by hand

Jane has been having hexie EPP fun – just a few more to do and then they can be joined together…..and she did more of her “Sweet SundayI worked out some measurements and Tineke cut and stitched, and here’s the border effect we’ve been working onCathie had enormous fun laying out and putting into place her applique pieces for the next section of her quiltCheryl sat at the machine and churned out pinwheel blocksand there just may have been the odd purchase of these sumptuously gorgeous Amy Butler fabrics – “Natural Beauty” is her last range!!Just YUM~!

Meredithe x

This class is held at Sewn and Quilted, Blackburn

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Class show and tell

Another double class show and tell, today’s from the quilt shop……

Lois has stitched up the blocks she cut out last timeand so she started piecing the next sectionSue M had appliqued the blocks we’d chosen fabrics for last time and she set about prepping for another blockAnne Maree had made up the block she showed us last time as a cushion and it looks fabulous!then she was back to her applique and prepping the little insects and those on other blocks tooPeggy prepped some leaves and had a lesson in stem stitchAnn Marie cut out heaps of Liberty and grey background for a new quiltJenny and I had more tartan improv funPaula had a lesson in appliqueing leavesSue M decided she “needed” to have a new project, so bought this pattern and some fabrics to go with it (apologies for the glare!)then Paula decided she needed to have it too, and decided to go way out of her comfort zone and chose hot pinks as a starting point for her fabrics.Can’t wait to see how these ones turn out!

Meredithe x

This class is held at the quilt shop, Eltham

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