The Christmas breakups have started, and last Saturday the Squealers had theirs.  

We met at Karen’s home where her beautiful Christmas Village is all set up ready to delight all, big or small.  But looking at the photos, I think Karen’s village needs a post of its own, so keep an eye out on Sunday.

In the meantime………………there was lots of food for both lunch (we met for lunch, usually it’s afternoon tea)and afternoon teaand in between we did pick up needles and threads/yarns.

Helen is piecing these hexagons to make a bagand she’s also working on her appliqué bordersKaren has a basket of yarnsfor her eclectic crocheted blanketMiss E was hemming a wrap for a friend’s new babeMaree is stitching pieces for her Double Wedding RingI was working on my last pair of socks for the yearAndrea is quiltingand Louise is stitching DresdensThere was a bit of “other” show and tell too, like this bag belonging to Miss EHelen’s Christmas present to herself (I like those ones – you know what you’re getting but it’s what you want!)(our favourite actress and The most beautiful woman E.v.e.r)

Louise had a lovely bag too and we all drooled over her beautiful sewing box, which she carefully carried back from her stay in the UK

Louise brought me back a little treasure too

We did have a lovely dayMeredithe x


Craftsy are having a sale on the Top 25 Quilting Kits Under USD50!  You can click here to see what fabulous kits you might be tempted to pur-chase!!  (Bit of pre-Christmas self-splurge!)


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Class show and tell

Thank you all for your enthusiasm about our 17 UFO’s in 2017 Challenge.  I can hear the cogs in your minds clicking, the rustle of boxes and bags being moved and opened, and the whisper of pen on paper as UFO’s are sought, found and decided upon!  Just a couple of things that have cropped up from your comments……….

:: you don’t need to have 17 UFO’s to join in; you can have 2 or 10 or 16 or any number in between.  The purpose is to Substantially Progress your outstanding UFO’s – up to 17 of them!

:: I’ve put this challenge out on Instagram too, so if you have an insty account you can follow and post there under #17ufosin2017 (I’m @pandchintz on Instagram)

Now that that bit of housekeeping is sorted, here’s what happened in class last week……..


Carole had finished 4 of her pinwheel blocksand she made another 4 in class

Beth prepped backgrounds and centres for her blocksCarylin had another block done, bar the embroideryand worked on this block in class (pattern is “Deck the Halls” by Cheri Leffler Designs)Jo starting putting a whole block together

Sue has just one corner to workand she’s chosen her backing and bindingSome new fabrics had arrived at the shop and both Sue

and Carylin purchased some bits for projects……but you’ll have to wait for next year to see what for!

Lyn stayed all day and was able to show both classes her finished Christmas quilt and in class Lyn did lots of prep work for her current quiltJane finished putting together her quilt topFernanda started on her next projectFrances was busy appliqueingand Tineke was machining bits for her wonky starsMeredithe x

This class is held at Sewn and Quilted

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A Challenge for 2017

As many of you know, I’ve been knitting socks this year, lots and lots of socks, in fact my goal is 16 pairs in 2016 (thank you Alida!).  Lots of you have asked if I now intend to knit 17 pairs in 2017.  The answer to that is NO, but Anne and I have come up with another little idea for next year.  Well, ok it’s quite a big idea, and very exciting!

We’ve decided that our challenge is 17 UFO’s in 2017.  No!  Wait!   Please come back!!!  Before you run screaming into the hills, let me explain.  As I am very prone to dragonfly mentality (flit, hover, flit, hover….) and do lots of hand work, it would be ridiculous to think that I could finish 17 UFO’s in a year.  So, the idea is to SUBSTANTIALLY PROGRESS 17 projects over the year and if that means a finish along the way, well that’s a bonus!

Now, you can work your 17 projects into the year any which way you like.  However, I’ve been reviewing my 17 times table (i.e. the calculator) and while 17 doesn’t go easily into 12 (months) or 52 (weeks) nicely, it does work sort-of for days and by my estimation (quickly pressing number buttons) 17 goes into 365 to equal 21.47058823529412……..ok approximately 21 times.  That means three weeks devotion to one project – if that’s how you’d like to play it.  OR, just work as and how you feel.  OR, set yourself a goal to get so far on a particular project.  OR, take each project turn about. It’s entirely up to you.

So, how will this work?

::  You have between now and the beginning of January 2017 to decide on which 17 projects you’d like to nominate for your year’s work, and we will have (hopefully, if I get it right!) a linky party to kick off the year during the first week of January in which you will list your nominated 17.

::  At the end of each month there will be a linky party so we can see what progress has been made.

::  If  you don’t have a blog but would like to join in, you can send your progress pics to Anne or myself and we will post them for you.

::  There is a button you can use on your blog which you can get from the side bar or from below.  (Please let me know if you have any problems with the button – this is my first attempt at one, so hoping it works ok for you!)

::  Projects can be anything you’ve already started (UFO = unfinished object), quilts, knitting, crochet, it’s up to you.

::  It doesn’t mean you can’t start something new or work on a project outside your nominated 17, they just won’t be included in this challenge.

::  This is not a sponsored event, so there are no prizes, just the satisfaction of your achievements!

So what do you think?  Anne and I do hope you’ll join us on this journey, and who knows what we will achieve in 2017!

Meredithe x

grab button for pomegranate and chintz


pomegranate and chintz





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It was a beautiful Spring day yesterday, the perfect day to spend stitching with friends.  GJ provided tempting treats to enhance our BYO lunches, and on the stitching front, Heather is hand piecing triangles Amanda is putting together her clamshellsI’ve started on pair 16 (yay!!)GJ is knitting a blanket

 and…..pardon?  The cards on the left?  Rather gorgeous aren’t they; they’re thread cards available from l’uccello and GJ is already putting them to good use.Now, where was I?  Oh yes, Carolyn is working on something his hush-hush so you’ll have to wait to see what loveliness she’s stitching up!

Meredithe x

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Craftsy Sale!

Craftsy have been having a sale all weekend, and I’m sorry I forgot to tell you about it. 1200x627_quilt_class

BUT, there’s still time, as it’s going through to midnight Monday US time!cyber-monday-1

So this is a great chance to save on Craftsy! Don’t let the year’s best deals disappear: 70% off project kits and supplies, and 60% off knitting and crochet kits and supplies, AND all classes USD17.99 or less. Shop the sale here


Meredithe x






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Saturday stitching

Spent a delightful afternoon with my Stitch Sisters yesterday; it may have been a dreary Spring day outside, but we enjoyed lots of warmth, conversation and laughter inside.

Sue is enjoying hand quiltingKaye brought along a tray of appliqué to stitchKaren was working on the philosophy that variety is the spice of life with three things on the go; stitching up a cardi for a granddaughter sewing together some blocks made using my “Daisy Days” templateand Karen is also crocheting a blanket, one she’s making up as she goes, using known stitches and learning some new ones tooI finished the first sock of pair 15 and started the secondand I must apologise to Heather as I forgot to take a pic of her hand piecing.

Rhonda chose not to work on anything, instead she kept us supplied with cups of tea and lovely eatsincluding a delicious cake for Karen who has celebrated a birthday in the last month.Hope you’re having a great weekend, Dear Peeps!

Meredithe x

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Class show and tell


Jo has her “Briar Hill” back from the quilters and in class Jo stitched more of these sets together for her next quiltDenise brought her work in this cute bag;all the stems are down now and Denise started on the rest of the blockSue E has her pentagon flowers all stitched onher project is from this book, and there are just the diamonds to make up using the fabrics to the left of the bookCarole surprised me by setting up a sewing machine! (Who was this person and what had they done with hand piecing Carole?). So we had a lesson on machine piecing pinwheel blocks, which Carole enjoyed, and she set up another appliqué block too.

Sue W made more blocks, carefully selecting fabrics to ensure a balance of colourCarylin was working on another mouse appliquéand I helped Leanne with the mitre and appliqué sequence of her borders


Lyn stayed all day and made good progress on the blocks for her new quiltFernanda has finished the piecing for her improv quiltand in class we put together a backing made up from the leftovers, only having to buy the centre stripCathie finished another row in class, then stitched the first two rows togetherFrances set up another appliqué blockTineke decided to try machine piecing her triangle  togetherand Jane bought, cut and pieced her sashing strips, then sewed the first sashing between two sections.Meredithe x

This class is conducted at Sewn and Quilted

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