Squishy parcels and a bit of RT

A squishy parcel arrived from Material Obsession last week.

20150902-152058.jpgand I’ve indulged in a little retail therapy; this from Somerset Patchwork which is part of Di Ford-Halls’s first range “Cloverdale House”

20150902-152437.jpgfrom Sewn and Quilted “Sophia” from Makower UK

20150902-152830.jpgand via Judy (thanks Judy!) on her recent visit to Sydney, so I think they’re from Cottage Quiltworks

20150902-153225.jpgNope, no idea what I’m going to do with them, just needed the rt!

Meredithe x

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Class show and tell

The girls from both groups have worked hard while I’ve been away……let’s see what they’ve been up to.


Carole has a lovely new box (because, of course, GBST doesn’t fit her old one any more!)

20150827-175204.jpgand more finished blocks

20150827-175247.jpgSue 3 has been unwell for the last three weeks with the nasty coldy bug that’s been going around but has put her “at home” time to good use and has made lots of “Star a Day” stars and started stitching them together too

20150827-175509.jpgNoreen has stitched up all her blocks

20150827-175614.jpgJenny laid out all the components in class and stitched up her first block

20150827-175755.jpgPearl has four of the top block made and lots and lots of flying geese

20150827-175927.jpgAdrienne’s loving these little blocks

20150827-180009.jpgEllen cut out the corner blocks

20150827-180035.jpgDeirdre was choosing more star sets

20150827-180348.jpgand Janne is taking on the challenge of circles.



Lorraine has finished the quilt for her latest grandchild, complete with snuggly back

20150827-180549.jpgand she’s started sewing down the pieces for “Briar Hill”

20150827-180643.jpgFiona has been working on her “Star a Day” too

20150827-180753.jpgJosephine has all her big stars done

20150827-181005.jpgSue 1 was playing with circles for her “Briar Hill”

20150827-181103.jpgJane stitched up lots of arcs

20150827-181128.jpgand Chris finished her centre.

Meredithe x

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Thank you

On behalf of Mum, the family and myself, thank you so much for your messages, care, concern and love. We have been utterly overwhelmed by the comments left on my last post about Dad.

Through the magic of WordPress, I can see from which countries you, my dear readers, come. Dad loved hearing about the obscure countries that readers hail from, and the statistics on how many readers from English speaking nations were tuning in to read posts. He would have marvelled at your support.

Back soon.

With grateful thanks and much love
Meredithe x

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I like to keep this space as a happy place, filled with trivia, fun and creativity. But sometimes life must creep in.

My Darling Dad died last Wednesday, 12 August; he was known here as Pa Kettle (a moniker entitled to him by his children after the Ma and Pa Kettle films). Since April, Dad had been struggling with an inoperable heart condition; he was in no pain and died peacefully for which we are very thankful.

Mum had cared for Dad at home until the last six weeks, when we were able to get him into a high care nursing home. When he was admitted, the staff asked about Dad’s demeanour – I pre-empted him and answered “cheeky!” Dad thanked me in the following days as the staff knew Dad was up for a bit of cheek and fun and it helped to make light of the situation. All his life Dad strived to make people smile and laugh with his sense of humour and wit.

When we were children, we had great delight in asking Dad to “cut up our toast”, as instead of sedate squares or triangles we had trees, houses, boats, trains and cars. Whenever we travelled, be it a day trip or a caravan holiday, we marvelled at how clever our Dad was; he would set us equations from the number plates of passing vehicles (add the numbers; multiply the first and last number etc.). Invariably Dad was the first to answer and always with the right answer. It wasn’t until years later that Dad confessed that he cheated by looking in the rear vision mirror and only called out the equation once he’d worked out an answer. Apparently LittleBigBrother and I were too quick for him otherwise!

Dad always knew the answer to any question I asked of him; whether it was the right answer or not, I’ll probably never know, but gosh my Dad was smart! As I grew older I realised his answers were always measured and wise and he encouraged me to search for answers myself. Being a farmer’s son, Dad had the means to and could fix anything – it may not have looked pretty, but it was functional.

A passion for flight meant Dad had a love of birds and of aeroplanes, particularly those of the first and second World Wars. His favourite movie was “Reach For the Sky”, the story of Douglas Bader. One of his great joys, before his sight deteriorated, was watching the native birds from the lounge room window as they supped at the native plants in their garden. Unfortunately Dad never learnt to fly a plane himself, but was content with being a passenger whenever the opportunity arose. Instead he relished driving and reluctantly gave up his licence only when his eyesight was too poor for safety. I remember being picked up from boarding school one holiday by Dad when I was learning to drive. There is a long, straight stretch of road just outside Ararat which is the perfect place to pass. “Go on,” said Dad. “Plant your foot, Merridy”. Being an obedient child I did. Dad talked me through the procedure and as we zoomed past the “slow” car, Dad asked, “how fast are you going, love?”. I looked down at the speedo and with amazement replied, “120k’s Dad!”. Dad grinned and said, “Good, isn’t it?”!

20150818-191620.jpgMum and Dad have always eaten well, and instilled in us a need for healthy food and regular exercise………which we may, or may not follow! However! Dad was a chocolate fiend – something he passed on to me – and was a love we shared. One year a parishioner gave Dad a huge box of After Dinner Mints. To stop Dad eating them all at once, Mum hid them in various parts of the house. Now Dad didn’t have great sense of smell, but he sniffed that box out every time!

Dad and I also shared a love of British crime shows; “The Bill”, “New Tricks”, “Lewis”, “Foyle’s War”, “Frost” and “Morse” to name a few. We took to alternately phoning each other after the Tuesday and Saturday evening viewings of “The Bill”, and when the Tuesday viewing was cancelled (how dare they!), we continued with the calls. Then, horror of horrors, the whole show was cancelled (they didn’t get our permission!), but our calls still took place.

20150818-191659.jpgDad was a retired Minister in the Uniting Church and had a tremendous faith and a strong social conscience so The Golfer was more than a little aprehensive at meeting him. As we drove away from a lovely weekend with Mum and Dad, The Golfer commented “he’s a good bloke, your Dad”. And he was. I’ve been told many times over the last week by so many different people that Dad was “a good bloke”. The Golfer relished telling Dad risqué jokes; Dad would roar laughing, then complain that as “the Minister” he couldn’t repeat them.

Incongruously, Dad, as a Minister, barracked for a football team called “The Demons”! Ever ready to question convention, he wasn’t afraid of trying something new, or putting forward a different viewpoint though always mulled over and carefully thought through.

Dad had lovely hands; they weren’t big, but they were warm, strong and comforting. I always felt better when holding Dad’s hands; they guided, comforted, reassured and made me feel very loved. Whether physically present or there in spirit, Dad and his hands have always been there for me.

I’m so grateful that I was able to visit Dad, and Mum, so often over the last six or so weeks. It has been a special, precious time.
There are many, many more stories of Dad, and over the last week, we, his family, have laughed and cried over lots of these fabulous memories. He was a wonderful man, kind, compassionate, wise, witty, cheeky, a tease.

He will always be my wonderful Darling Dad.

Much love

(Normal postings will resume in a week or so)

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Last Saturday (yes, a little behind in bringing you news!) we met at Mrs Mac’s for a lovely afternoon of stitching.

Of course, the first thing that caught my eye was this beautiful cup and saucer

20150807-154019.jpgwhich is one of a pair, then Maree and Andrea turned up with matching mugs!

20150807-154107.jpg(and the lovely backdrop is Maree’s new cardigan she’s knitted)

Afternoon tea was delicious as per usual

20150807-154338.jpgMiss E provoked a little bag envy

20150807-154419.jpgwhich contained some knitting

20150807-154445.jpgMrs Mac was knitting too

20150807-154516.jpgAndrea’s appliqué is coming along

20150807-154552.jpgMaree is hand quilting

20150807-154624.jpgKaye is appliquéing too

20150807-154709.jpgand I finished another MSG block

20150807-154949.jpgBit weird and wacky??? I love it!

Meredithe x

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Class show and tell


Deirdre has started a new project in an effort to use up some scraps

20150807-150739.jpgand in class chose and cut out this one

20150807-150816.jpgthen this one

20150807-150849.jpgDeirdre is still deciding if she’ll hand or machine piece these stars.

We welcomed Janne to class, and she wanted to learn how to cut and hand piece and wanted to start with triangles. Only too happy to oblige!

20150807-151036.jpgPearl procured an extra bit of fabric and added it to the sides of her centre panel to bring it up to the correct size before adding on the first row of blocks

20150807-151214.jpgJenny too was learning the fine art of hand piecing and made the first star for her “Briar Hill”

20150807-151405.jpgAnne Marie neeeearly has all the antlers done on her deer

20150807-151504.jpgand Pearl got a little bored waiting for the kettle to boil……..



Lorraine has started a layout for her “Briar Hill”

20150807-151710.jpgand she just needs a few more blocks and it will be ready to sew down

20150807-151748.jpgSue 1 has gone nuts with her “Briar Hill” blocks having made all these in just two weeks!

20150807-151851.jpgLisa was feeling a little overwhelmed/out of control with her piecing, so sensibly has made a note of what, where and when

20150807-152002.jpgFiona is addicted to her “Star a Day” blocks; some are together and she spent the day cutting more stars and bagging them up

20150807-152113.jpgNanette sewed her binding on

20150807-152258.jpgJane is having DWR fun

20150807-152336.jpgChris made the first of these blocks

20150807-152403.jpgand Josephine has pieced her borders and started sewing them on to the centre


Meredithe x

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Two down……..

Second one’s done

20150731-163323.jpg(and after a clean up, I’ve found the background fabric……yippee?!!)

Meredithe x

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