Class show and tell

Best get in with class show and tell before next class!


Jo has her “Carousel” blocks together (pattern by Sandra Boyle, Everyday Quilts)Denise was working on her next borderas was BethSue E started cutting out for Month 2 of “Matildaand Carylin worked on some more of her embroidered blocksAfternoon

Three students stayed all day; Lyn finished quilting and binding her Advent Calendarin the morning Fernanda worked on the first of her “Ruby Mae” blocks, cutting out the petalsand sewing them togetherand in the afternoon she worked on Month One of “MatildaLinda spent the day stitching more of her “Welsh Quilt” together (pattern by Sandra Boyle, Everyday Quilts) Jane and I had embroidery fun with her BOM – “While the Cat’s AwayCathie is very close to finishing all her stripsand Frances cut and laid out another applique block for her “Aunts’ Quilt“.

Meredithe x

This class is held at Sewn and Quilted.

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A very Sewjourn weekend – part 3

The Projects

Of course, it wouldn’t be a weekend away if we didn’t shop and add to our Fabric Libraries and, there is always the necessity of getting something to help out the weekend’s projects (yeah, I know – any excuse!).In the studio, the design wall was put to good use over the weekend, with lots of projects going up as blocks to be arranged (and re-arranged), then hosting the results of sewing the bits together.  Wanna see?

Karen’s blocks made from my “Alice’s Cross” template (VT4038MC)

and altogether with sashing and corner stonesa quilt Karen is making for one of her sistersHelen’s blocks made from my “Sunburst” template (VT4017MC), on pointor square onyes, that’s better, and here it is all sewn togetherHelen worked on more of her applique too

Kaye prepped several projects include her Peacocksone from Kim McLeanand one using my “Elwood Rose” template (VT4019MC)Jenny brought along a needle book she made in primary school – so cute! she finished the backing for a quiltand started sewing blocks for anotherMaree was working on more of her blocksand the quilt was up and down from the design wall before I got my act together to snap a pic AND I also forgot to get a pic of the quilt top that Maree basted and started hand quilting.  I also owe Andrea an apology as I didn’t take any pics of her applique work – grrrrr!

I had a very successful weekend….sort of.  Got these blocks up on the design wall, happy with the arrangement and went to cut the setting triangles only to find I’d brought the wrong fabrics with me!They’re stacked and ready for when I get the correct fabric!  It was then onto my circles.  Decision time.  I was very grateful for all your input, Dear Peeps, but I couldn’t settle on anything really and it was just easiest to go with random…..and I mean REALLY random;  I fluffed the blocks in the tin and then dug my hand in a picked up a block to join yes, I really did do it that way.  I only rejected a couple and went foraging again.  And it turned out pretty well…..Just needs border now……and more circles!  Until then it’s safely tucked back inside the tinThen is was “Steampunk‘s” turn.  I cut out all the setting triangles and the sashing, and had decided to add in corner stones so cut them too ready to start putting it up on the design wall.  But laying it out was all too hard, so I just picked up whichever block was next.Towards the end of the day, I ran out of steam and didn’t have the oomph to push through the final 6 seams, but they’re all ready to go and it won’t take much to get it together.So, all in all a pretty productive weekend all ’round, me thinks!

Thanks to my Sewjourn girls for a fabulous weekend (and Helen for sharing this largesse!)


Same time next year?

Meredithe x

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A very Sewjourn weekend – part 2

The Food

All important to help keep our quilting brains functioning and our needlework fingers stitching is food, particularly on a weekend away.  We all know that, don’t we?

Well without having to explain much, except to say I ate far too much and nearly rolled home, here’s our weekend fare.  Fair warning – Grab a tissue or serviette…… Home made sausage rolls, home made Indian, home made lasagne and apple crumble, delicious biscuits and slices, homemade nearly everything…….sorry, I won’t go on.

But I do have to particularly mention the pizzas.  Not only were they home made, but they came especially delivered (from the house to the studio) in very special boxes.  Ordinary looking boxes on the outside (from which ever pizza house is near to you)but inside – they’re a Pizza Bib!! This is the brain child of Andrea’s son Jack.  Aren’t they a great idea?  So next time you’re ordering take away pizza, ask for a Pizza Bib box, and see what design you get inside yours!If you’re anything like me when eating pizza, these are a great way to stop the pizza mess down your front!  You can find out all about them on social media sites using thepizzabib or on facebook or read about Jack here.  Such fun!

Are you full now?  Ok, I’ll let you chill with a full tummy and be back tomorrow with our projects.

’til then, Lovelies…..

Meredithe x

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A very Sewjourn weekend – part 1

The Venue

This time last week a group of us were making our way up to Sewjourn for a weekend of sewing, fun, food and laughter, visiting a couple of shops there and back.We’ve been trying to work it out; it must be around 10 years that we’ve been going away together for a Winter Weekend……and still lovin’ it!It is Winter and last weekend was expected to be very cold, which indeed it was, but we were warm and cosy in the studio during the day, and equally so in front of the fire in the house at night stitching and watching movies.  The mornings were sub-zero with frost covering the ground and I’m afraid I didn’t go out to get pics of that for you – far too nippy out there even for me.  I did think about the sound and feel of how the ice would crunch under my boots……from the comfort of my warm bed!On Saturday afternoon we were surprised to find that from the two windows in the wall of the studio we could see sunshine from the left window and rain from the one on the right!  Strange indeed!We didn’t venture far, just to the pub for dinner on Friday night, happy to stay ensconced with our stitching, and food……more of which tomorrow……

Meredithe x

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Class show and tell


Cathie was binding her baby quilt; nearly ready for a visit to the newbornLeanne was piecing her “Carousel” blocks together (pattern by Sandra Boyle, Everyday Quilts)as was DeniseYou may have noticed the fabrics that Leanne and Denise acquired on the day:  there’s a beautiful range of Mas d’Ousvan fabrics now available at Sewn and Quilted and I may just have helped myself to a few too, with discussion around the table as to what we could possibly make with them, and a new design brewing…….


Lyn stayed all day and nearly finished her Christmas Advent CalendarCarylin stayed all day too, and had her Owl Quilt top finished to show us ready for the newborn to receive soonand she’s also been knitting and produced this lovely layette for the new babeand Carylin then spent the day stitchingFernanda had show and tell too, with a finished cushionand a finished quilt, which has already been put to good use with our cold nightsand Fernanda worked on the first block of the “Matilda” BOM from Treehouse TextilesFrances has been busy cutting out for her “Sweet Sundayand in class decided on some combo’s for other blocksand after last week’s first lesson in hand piecing, Cheryl has gone to town with her blocks tooTineke was busy finishing her bindingand Jane?  Ah, Jane.  Well, Big TA-DA moment for Jane with her Double Wedding Ring top finished!!!!Such a monumental finish as it’s HUGE and all done by hand!  It’s off to be custom quilted now, so Jane is starting a new project, the “While the Cat’s Away” BOM Meredithe x

This class is held at Sewn and Quilted.

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Here and now | July 2017

Winter is definitely here; it’s been cold and cloudy, but we’ve also had cold and brilliant clear sunny days too.  Loving it! Loving //  My cleaned up sewing room – so conducive to creating
Eating //  Home made pasta and home made bread – hmmmm so satisfying and tasty
Drinking //  Hot soy drinks
Feeling //  Warm and toasty in front of the gas log fire
Making // A little knitted coat for Poppet – it fits and she loves it!!
Thinking //  How amazing it is that some plants thrive in the cold
Dreaming //  Of a whole week spent in my sewing room with someone else doing the cooking and cleaning!

Linking up with Sarah at Say! Little Hen for July’s Here and Now.  Click the link to see what everyone else is doing too.

Meredithe x

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Friday sewing

It was my turn to host Friday stitching and I was up early to bake a fresh loaf of bread, a moist carrot cake, and chicken and sweet corn soup!The table was an eclectic mix; one of my MIL’s cloths; glasses that were Ma Kettle’s; an epergne of my Gran’s (filled with succulent red grapes); Gran’s crystal vase with pale pink roses; Cath Kidston knives and butter dish; everyday china.The Golfer went out and shopped for these afternoon tea items while I was baking; he’s a good lad!Sue’s beautiful hand quilting is going wellMaree is sewing her blocks into bordersKaren worked on another basket blockand I played with my new blocks We were in “the good room” with the fire blazing, and while there was intermittent sunshine outside, it was cold so it was extra lovely to be stitching in warmth with friends……and treats!

Hope you’ve had a great weekend.  Do anything nice?

Meredithe x

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