First finish!

When I fished out the Kaffe/linen quilt, my hands also alighted on a half made “Judy’s Dilly Bag“, and inspired by seeing Maree’s the other day, I decided to finish making it toousing a Kaffe ribbon across the topand this cute fox print for the liningBought some ribbon the next morning for the drawstring (no cord in the right colour), et voilà!  I’m delighted.Shame it wasn’t on The List!

Meredithe x

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Friday stitching

We met at Helen’s last Friday for a little stitching time and we made Helen drag out some of her Kaffe quilts, like this one02-dscn5401and the one she’s currently working on03-dscn5403While this one was out we had a discussion about how the corners of her borders are going to work04-dscn5405adding flowers to the vines already there05-dscn5406or putting in a plain block and adding flowers then06-dscn5407Helen’s going to thing about it as she stitches up the last border10-dscn5413and she’s collecting Kaffe books too.13-dscn5416Helen also found this fabulous book at her local newsagency, in the bargain bin!08-dscn5410and we all had a good peruse.

Maree is working on a new bag09-dscn5411and we looked at some design options for her too.  Then she decided knitting was a better way to go!14-dscn5417(apologies for the fuzzy pic – not sure what happened there!)

Karen started a new cardi for a grand daughter11-dscn5414and when that got to the point of needing concentration, switched to piecing15-dscn5418and I was prepping something for Sunday School at Monsalvat with the quilt shop girls.12-dscn5415There was lots of afternoon tea to help sustain us!01-blog-jan-17and it would be rude not to try a bit of nearly everything!07-dscn5409Meredithe x

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A little bit of Kaffe

Well, Lovely Peeps, we’re halfway through January.  How is your Substantial Progress progressing in this first month?

It’s going to be hot over the next couple of days so I thought I’d do some machine piecing.  This morning I dragged out #16 on The List (very pleased to be able to lay my hands on it straight away!) and discovered that it’s actually not a Big 9-Patch as quoted on my list but a Big Triangle Quilt!  (I knew that!!)

I also couldn’t remember how much needed to be done, and suspected it wasn’t much.16-dscn5419as it proved to be!  It only took moments to work out where I was up to and that it just needed a couple of blocks added to these rows and then these rows added on1-dscn5420Five seams and a decent press later…….17-dscn5421Ta-Da!!  All ready for the quilter.  Yes, I’m a bit partial to Kaffe too, and to a bit of linen!

(Why, oh why, was this not finished at the time??!!)

Meredithe x

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The Daily Buzz: Craftsy Quilts

Hi Dear Peeps,

Craftsy are having a special for the next four weeks, where they’re serving up a special deal just for quilters every single day offering sweet savings on classes and supplies, plus a quick video tip from Craftsy quilting pros.daily-buzz-header-image-graphic-002_nullTo take advantage of these daily offers, just click here!

Enjoy your day and happy quilting/yarning.

Meredithe x

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Here & Now | January 2017

Towards the end of last year I started reading the delightful blog say little hen and each month Sarah does a lovely link called Here & Now.

This month I’ve finally timed it right to join in!  So here goes…….

Loving // Getting the washing out in the sunshine
Eating //  Lots of salads over these hot Summer days
Drinking //  Buckets of mineral water, ice cold from the fridge
Feeling //  Languid and lazy – still in holiday mode
Making //  The centre and blocks for “Saigon”
Thinking //  Of all the quilts/projects on my list for 17ufosin2017
Dreaming // Up new quilts – they just keep popping into my head!

Linking up with Sarah

Enjoy your day, dear Peeps!

Meredithe x

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A day out

With Miss Helen on holiday we, Helen, Karen, Maree and myself, took the opportunity to have a bit of a shop crawl.  The others hadn’t been to the quilt shop, so we headed there first.  I knew they’d love it, and from the moment they walked in the door there were exclamations of pleasure and delight.Being a huge Kaffe fan, Helen was mesmerised by this displayAfter nearly two hours(!) of cruising, perusing, drooling and decision making we bundled ourselves and our purchases into the car and headed to nearby Lilies on Brougham for a delicious lunchAs well as a cafe, the front rooms are filled with beautiful homewares and clothes

and as it was a stunning Summer’s day we decided to explore the grounds too

and were about to head down this pathuntil we spotted this signHmm, perhaps just a quick look around insteadI’m sure you’d love to see what we bought, wouldn’t you?

I, of course, planned to buy not a thing………ahemKaren was taken with these tins (notice I resisted, although I did pick them up twice) and a little fabricMaree bought a backing from the specials and a few “lollies” of Kaffeand Helen?  Helen had the time of her life amongst all that KaffePardon?  You can’t see it all?  Oh, ok……this better?and with that book, Helen now has two more quilts in mind to make!

Our next stop was Sewn and Quilted which we always enjoy visiting with its eclectic range of fabrics.They had a new shipment of Liberty which neither Maree nor I could resistKaren picked up some spotsand Helen……….yep, more Kaffe and, ooh, one of my templates !

We stopped at Maree’s for a refreshing cuppa where she showed us this gorgeous op shop find and a close up

and  the back is as good as the frontSuch a lovely day!

Meredithe x

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Making a Cake

I actually made a Christmas cake this year – First Time Ever!  Ma usually makes the Christmas cake, but I’ve taken that over now.  It needed to be gluten free for Ma, and I trawled through the internet to find something I could use or could convert and I’m not a big fan of dried fruits (blah to candied peel, currants and those revolting cherry things – why do that to perfectly wonderful fresh cherries??!)

So I found a recipe from Nigella Lawson which I was able to change to suit both Ma’s needs and mine, and here ’tis

Gluten Free Chocolate Christmas Cake

Approx. 700g of a mix of dried apricots/dates/figs/prunes chopped

Mix of nuts (I used brazil, almonds, walnuts) chopped (as many as desired – I used a handful of each)

175g unsalted butter

175g dark muscovado sugar

175ml honey

125ml coffee liqueur (I used Kahlua)

2 oranges, zested and juiced

1 teas mixed spice

2 tabs cocoa

3 eggs, beaten

150g gluten free flour (or plain flour if gluten free is not needed)

½ teas baking powder

½ teas baking soda

Pre-heat oven to 150⁰C.

Line the sides and bottom of an 8 x 3 ½ inch deep round, loose-bottomed cake tin.  Cut the lining for the sides twice as high as the tin itself (use two shorter strips rather than one long one; easier to handle).

Place the fruit, butter, sugar, honey, Kahlua, orange zest and juice, mixed spice and cocoa into a large saucepan.  Heat until it reaches a gentle boil, stirring the mixture as the butter melts.  Simmer for 10 minutes.  Remove from the heat and stand for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes add the eggs, flour, nuts, baking powder and baking soda and mix well with a wooden spoon until the ingredients have combined.

Carefully pour mixture into the lined cake tin.  Place in oven and bake for 1¾ to 2 hours or until the top of the cake is firm but has a shiny and sticky look.

Remove from oven and place on cooling rake.  Once cooled remove cake from tin.

As gluten free cakes tend to dry out, I wrapped the cake in two layers of foil and once a week “basted” it with 2 tabs of Kahlua.  On the day I decorated it with gluten free pearls and sprinkles.

Regrettably I didn’t take a photo before we hoed into it, so you’ll have to make do with the left overs!

1-dscn5288‘Twas rich and scrumptious, and on Christmas Day we actually had it with the Vanilla Ice-cream I make, to which I’d added the chopped up pulp of two mangoes – Yum!

I’ll add this to my recipe page if you’re looking for it in the future.

Meredithe x

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