A very Millrose weekend – part 1

It’s been a fabulous weekend; ten of us visited the house at Millrose to stay the whole weekend

20150427-142316.jpgand we all achieved so much!

Bev visited just for the Friday and had a quilt to show

20150427-142433.jpgas well as working on her beautiful embroidered bird

20150427-142520.jpgGJ had just a little bit of Liberty fabric

20150427-142649.jpgas she has started on “Passacaglia” by Willyne Hammerstein. This is what she’s made so far

20150427-143128.jpgand over the weekend GJ chose fabrics for the next round, sorting it all in her inimitable fashion!

20150427-143230.jpgMiss F chose fabrics for Judy Newman’s “Emma Mary”

20150427-143517.jpgfrom which she did lots of cutting and made up one block

20150427-143653.jpgJoy was working on these blocks

20150427-143744.jpgleant how to baste a quilt

20150427-143810.jpgand how to hand quilt

20150427-143832.jpgdidn’t she do well?

20150427-143905.jpgJan K was turning a picture into 3D with exquisite needlework

20150427-144340.jpgMiss C had brought along a quilt to snuggle under – just in case –

20150427-144720.jpgand we all loved the back as much as the front!

20150427-144747.jpgBack with more tomorrow…….

Meredithe x

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Lest We Forget

It is 100 years ago today since that fateful landing on what was to become known as ANZAC Cove, Gallipoli, Turkey.


As we commemorate the bravery and lives lost of those men and women in what they called The Great War, the War to End All Wars, which sadly became The First World War, let us not forget those sacrifices. Scarcely a generation later there was yet more devastation, more lives lost in The Second World War. And in every decade since, there has been war and fighting somewhere in this world of ours. Have we learnt nothing in 100 years?

It has to stop.

We must, no matter what colour, race, creed or religion, we must start teaching our children tolerance, understanding, acceptance and respect. We as adults, no matter what colour, race, creed or religion, must start practicing and showing by example tolerance, understanding, acceptance and respect. We all must; everyone, across the globe.

Almost an entire generation of young men and a great many young women, across the world, lost their lives fighting in that First World War; it cannot have been in vain.

Lest We Forget.

(image courtesy of berkleys.com.au and Google Images)

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Class show and tell


Pearl had finished her Japanese inspired quilt top

20150423-134622.jpgand spent class making up her binding, and we had a discussion on using up her leftovers to make a backing for this quilt. I wonder which option Pearl will go with?

A couple of students wanted to make my Fat Quarter Sewing Bag, so I happily guided them through the pattern and here are the results; firstly Lois’

20150423-135028.jpgand then Deirdre’s

20150423-135107.jpgAnne Marie is getting along with her hand quilting

20150423-135156.jpgEllen started making her stars into a circle

20150423-135247.jpgCarol is hand piecing these pretties (so different from the Richmond quilts’ black and yellow!)

20150423-135343.jpgand Jenny laid out her blocks and started cutting up sashings and strips

20150423-135425.jpghopefully we’ll see more of this next week!


Fiona brought in her hexie quilt

20150423-135541.jpgCarilyn has made four stars for the cream/yellow quilt

20150423-135646.jpgand all these stars for her Star a Day

20150423-135730.jpgMarilyn had a refresher in mitred corners

20150423-135831.jpgJane is down to the last three star blocks

Sue 1 was appliquéing

20150423-135934.jpgand Lisa was making stars, and is using this retro clutch bag as a sewing bag – cute idea!

20150423-140029.jpgI shan’t be taking any pay home this month; some new fabrics have arrived at the shop, and I couldn’t resist! (What’s new?!). They are a mix of


20150423-140244.jpgand these are what I chose

20150423-140307.jpgI’ll just add them to the pile, will I?

Meredithe x

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April Auntlets’ Report

I know it’s a week late (hoping the Chief Auntlet will forgive me!), but here’s what I achieved started for this month…….

A block prepped

20150422-134046.jpgand another on the way

20150422-134110.jpgand Anna’s saying for next month we need to do four triangles…….Sigh!!

Meredithe x

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and a second one

Here’s the second block!

Meredithe x

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Stitching achieved!

It’s been a little while since I had needle in hand, so it was with great joy that I finished the last stitches in this block, “Alice’s Cross”

20150419-132138.jpgthe first of 16, and the second one is well under way too!

Meredithe x

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Squishy parcels

While there’s been other things happening in my life, a succession of squishy parcels have arrived at the doorstep only to be thrown on my sewing table…..gasp!….unopened!!

But that’s ok; I know what I ordered, they’ve arrived, so are in my possession. However, it was lovely this morning to sit down with them and open each one seeing in the flesh what I’d last seen on the screen. It was actually a bit like Christmas! Wanna see??

There were two parcels from Material Obsession’s Fabric Club – yes, these parcels have remained unopened for a loooong time!


20150419-125423.jpgand from Amitie’s Liberty Club

20150419-125541.jpga couple from Cottage Quiltworks

20150419-125651.jpg(I really should stop reading their blog…….but I can’t, I might miss out on something!!)

20150419-125739.jpgincluding this fabulous panel from Studio T Green, an Australian designer, which I just adore

20150419-130028.jpgsome neutrals from Polka Dot Tea

20150419-130209.jpg(I really should stop following them on Instagram, but…..see above!)

20150419-130254.jpgI’ve joined the Treehouse Fabric Club

20150419-130554.jpg(I really should stop talking to GJ, but…..see above!)

and I’ve succumbed and bought a couple of “trimmings” packs from Umbrella Prints and if I can get my act together, might even enter the competition (see the link).

Nice haul, huh? I have SO many ideas and projects in my head, some of which are now on paper, some of which I’ve started gathering fabric for, but which one first, and so many others to finish…….I feel like I’m drowning! Do you ever get that way?

We’re getting a real taste of Winter today, with dark skies, lots of rain, several hail storms, and intermittent sunshine

20150419-131336.jpgPerfect stitching weather, so that’s what I’m off to do. Once I decide which project to tackle first!

What are you up to?

Meredithe x

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