Challenge day 8

Short and sweet today, much like my gelati sock yarn.

Didn’t much feeling like sewing yesterday, so turned the heel of the second sock instead.

20160725-101759.jpgand watched lots of The Good Wife!

(Just between you and me, looks like I’m on course for matching socks……)

Meredithe x

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Challenge day 7

Well Dear Peeps, we’re half way through our Challenge! How are you finding it? Sounds like some of you are getting lots done, so that’s marvellous.

For me, it was a cold Wintery day; I found “The Good Wife” seasons 1-6 on super special (at Sanity),

20160724-091424.jpgsnapped that up and raced home to set myself up to watch Season 6 which I haven’t seen yet (I’m a bit late to the GF party – no spoilers please!) while stitching up……


20160724-091214.jpgmore birds

20160724-091235.jpgand, fittingly,

20160724-091303.jpghas anyone seen that last green stripe kite shape? I’ve looked everywhere…….and looks like I’ll have to cut another.

Achieved a bit more knitting too.

20160724-091408.jpgHappy Sunday……

Meredithe x

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Challenge day 6

To answer questions about the “thing” at the end of my knitting………

It’s a device

20160723-125604.jpgthat you slide over your needles at the end of a session

20160723-125637.jpgto protect the stitches from falling off double pointed needles

20160723-125719.jpgIngenious, huh? Not sure what it’s called as it was a gift from GJ, but I do know they’re available from Sunspun.

So how was day 6? I managed two more hexagons (look away now Helen!)

20160723-130033.jpgboth birdy ones

20160723-130106.jpgand I finished my sock and started the second!

20160723-130140.jpgand, just quietly, I think, hope, I’ve started at the right spot to make a matching pair. Time will tell!

Meredithe x

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Challenge day 5 and a special visit

Good morning! How are you today?

I was a bit busy yesterday, but managed to stitch late afternoon and made these……….



20160722-112335.jpgand Cwaaazy zebra!

20160722-112406.jpgAll made using my templates from the “Playing with Hexagons” series.

Last weekend, Helen took me on a very special visit to see her friend, Miss Cherry-Pie.

Cherry-Pie and her family have recently moved into an apartment, with stunning views even on a misty day…….

20160722-112612.jpgMelbourne is such a green city

20160722-112645.jpgThere is a massive deck, great for entertaining

20160722-112719.jpgin fact, so large the previous owners had a putting green put in!

20160722-112802.jpgThe interior is beautifully done

20160722-112831.jpgand Cherry-Pie treated us to home made pikelets with (bought at a local market) home made jam and cream.

20160722-112924.jpgI could have sat and enjoyed that view all afternoon!

Meredithe x

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Challenge day 4

All the fabrics I’d cut are now EPP’d ready to be stitched onto the MSG quilt – just need some headspace to do the trimming of the blocks and sew them together, then add borders.

20160721-105354.jpgThis was my idea the other night, a wave of this shape

20160721-105428.jpgand these can either be


20160721-105509.jpgor maybe both!

Sock knitting progressed last night as the foot grows…..

20160721-105634.jpgOnto something new today…..tune in tomorrow to find out what!

How are you going?

Meredithe x

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Challenge day 3

The 5 Margagons cut and prepped are now stitched, and I started on some squares which I think I’ll sew on point (as they appear here)

20160720-120914.jpgand overnight (obviously EPP and MSG related things filled my dreams!) I sorted out a way to use another shape – working on that today……

These socks……I tell you, they’re practically knitting themselves! I get a ridiculous amount of pleasure in turning the heel; it’s so satisfying seeing it magically appear from the needles.

I’ve included a pic of the yarn wrapper for those who asked about it, and it’s 1566 R 1745int Lot 924515 bought at Wondoflex without having any idea how it was going to knit up!

20160720-121329.jpgThe Golfer is keeping himself busy too…..

20160720-121400.jpgwith the cryptic crossword. Now that’s a challenge!

Wishing you all a satisfying “challenge” day.

Meredithe x

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Challenge day 2

Well, haven’t you all done brilliantly! What a great start to our “Challenge”. There are so many interesting projects being tackled.

I had a really good day yesterday too. Last week I spent some time cutting out shapes from the scraps left over from my MSG project and some others too, and yesterday I EPP’d them ready to sew up some “Margagon Stars”

20160719-101646.jpgwhile watching “The Imitation Game”.

Then last night my sock grew almost of its own volition!

20160719-101758.jpgLoving how this yarn is knitting up.

What will today bring in your “1 hour”?

Meredithe x

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