Class show and tell


Noreen brought along her finished block keeper

20151008-195513.jpgand bought fabrics and a book for her next project

20151008-195606.jpgAnne-Maree has made lots

20151008-195632.jpgand lots

20151008-195649.jpgand lots of hexagons!

20151008-195713.jpgJenny’s making lots of hexagons too

20151008-195739.jpgas is Ellen

20151008-195815.jpg(and for those who were asking, Ellen is making “Robyn’s Nest”)

Adrienne is making great progress with her blocks

20151008-200040.jpgas is Pearl!



There’s another newcomer due early next year in Lorraine’s family so she’s busy with a new quilt for him/her

20151008-200206.jpgJosephine has made all these stars

20151008-200240.jpgand her daughter’s quilt is back from quilting

20151008-200330.jpgMarilyn stitched two more of her stars in class

20151008-200406.jpgLorraine appliquéd some of her pieces

20151008-200444.jpgas did Sue 1

20151008-200512.jpgChris did lots of prep work

20151008-200544.jpgFiona made more “Star a Day” blocks

20151008-200614.jpgboth Alison

20151008-200635.jpgand Nanette were binding

20151008-200711.jpgand Jane stitched and stitched and stitched more arcs!

Meredithe x

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Ma’s Jumper

……..and here’s what I’ve achieved so far!

20151003-101833.jpgBut I’m afraid there won’t be too much more done in the immediate future; we’re at the beginning of a 30 degree spell. 30 degrees at the beginning of October???? What happened to easing into Summer with a nice mild Spring?? It’s been quite cold up until now and I’m not ready for this leap to heat. Definitely NOT ready; body is not ready; clothes are not ready – how can one choose heat related clothes when it’s been thick jumpers and scarves??

What happened to a nice run of 18’s and 19’s? A gentle progression from long sleeves to short? The transition from jumper to cardigan where cardi can be shed as the day slowly warms?

Thankfully we do have the cooler. I might be able to put that on and still enjoy my knitting!

Have a wonderful weekend…..whatever your weather…….

Meredithe x

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Needles of a different kind

While I haven’t been plying a sewing needle terribly much of late, I have been wielding needles of a different kind, four in fact, and have finally finished the socks for MyDearFIL.

20150928-204005.jpgThese are my first ever, really socks! (The pic is terrible for colour, they’re actually brown.)

Can anyone explain why it took me a year to knit one sock and a week to knit its mate?? I think I was a little afraid of the “foot” part; please note the turned heels and the grafted toes (proudly puffed out chest moment!).

The Golfer delivered the socks earlier this week (I’m up with Ma Kettle) and MyDearFIL was delighted. (My mother-in-law used to knit him socks all the time and he hasn’t had any since she died……and I’ve been a bit slow off the mark making up the shortfall!!). There are plans to knit him more, and I have some yarn to make some for myself too. Now that a pair is completed, they really aren’t that hard to do, and I actually quite enjoyed knitting the second sock.

So, with that UFO done, it’s time to start on Ma Kettle’s jumper.

20150928-204805.jpgA slightly larger proposition than a pair of socks; let’s hope it doesn’t take as long as the socks!

Meredithe x

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Squishy parcels

Last week saw an abundance of squishy parcels making their way into our letter box.

From Treehouse Textiles, a fabric club posting

20150928-202423.jpgFrom Amitie’s Liberty Addicts Club

20150928-202904.jpgFrom Material Obsession’s Fabric Club

20150928-203043.jpgand the latest Quiltmania magazine which features another fabulous Aussie quilter, Christine Vlasic

20150928-203154.jpgand quilts from this year’s Sydney Quilt Show, including the wonderful “Blooming Doilies” quilt by the very talented Rachael; please click the link to read the delightful story behind this stunning quilt.

It’s really been a bit like Christmas here at p and c!

Meredithe x

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Sunday stitching

After a long absence, I finally made it to Millrose for our Woolly Bits class (and check out the photo on the link for yours truly and GJ!!)

The shop is looking amazing with the Liberty Room all set up

20150928-195311.jpgbright corners and a fabulous range of Japanese fabrics.

20150928-195445.jpgGail has finished her Sue Spargo BOM from last year

20150928-195527.jpgDeb chose 12 birds and has them finished

20150928-195558.jpgand she trialled some fabrics for sashings

20150928-195626.jpg(I liked the orange)

20150928-195715.jpgLynne has her birds all finished

20150928-195812.jpgKatrina’s been busy making this fab bag, Molly Market Tote

20150928-200101.jpgand a gorgeous scarf, Mini Mania

20150928-200219.jpgLunch, as always, was deeeeelicious

20150928-200328.jpgand we even indulged in afternoon tea


20150928-200505.jpgJacinta had a refresher on lace embroidery, and finished the wing on this bird

20150928-200553.jpgand this one too, where she’s going to add another stitch around the wing

20150928-200632.jpgand I whipped down a bird and started on embroidering it too.

20150928-200708.jpgOnce again, a day at Millrose left me contented, peaceful, and grateful for the lovely friendships that have been made in the class. Along with getting together with my other friends on Saturday, this weekend of stitching is just what I needed.

Meredithe x

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Saturday stitching

Stitch Sisters met at Kaye’s on Saturday for a delightful afternoon’s stitching. As always we were spoilt with food goodies

20150928-192530.jpgand treated to some wonderful show and tell.

Sue has finished her Message in a Bottle quilt and has started on the hand quilting

20150928-192723.jpgSue has also been stitching these sweet blocks

20150928-192753.jpgyep, here’s a closer view

20150928-192814.jpgMrs Mac worked on another Alice block

20150928-192943.jpgHelen had some birthday money and wisely purchased this Kaffe book

20150928-194237.jpgKaye has her mystery quilt by Robyn Falloon back from the quilters

20150928-194334.jpgand she’s playing with her little hexies still


Kaye picked up this gorgeous painted and embroidered piece for a song at a local charity shop

20150928-194454.jpgand underneath all that food in the first pic awaited this embroidery which was stitched by Kaye’s Mum and is now under glass as a coffee table

20150928-194604.jpgSuch a lovely way to keep a treasured piece.

Meredithe x

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Class show and tell


Sue 3 has her 4 borders laid out and she started on the appliqué,

20150925-153552.jpgEllen has the next borders on her project,

20150925-153637.jpgLois laid out her blocks and looked at borders and binding,

20150925-153724.jpgKaren was trying out a new stitch,

20150925-153747.jpgAdrienne has lots of new blocks made,

20150925-153817.jpgand Paula made a block book.



Chris sidled up to me at the beginning of class and said, “just because it’s that time of year”…….

20150925-154037.jpgWe share fond childhood memories of country shows and Bertie Beetle show bags! Thanks Chris!

20150925-154133.jpgCarylin is back on form, having stitched these

20150925-154258.jpgand completing her first lot of 9 x 9 for her “Star a Day”

20150925-154340.jpgand (using this gorgeous ’50’s sheet as the layout sheet

20150925-154431.jpgmemories anyone?) we laid out her King George blocks

20150925-154615.jpgand she spent class time cutting out the sashing pieces.

20150925-154706.jpgSue 1 has been appliquéing lots of her blocks

20150925-154732.jpgI helped Josephine design a new quilt, playing with hexagons

20150925-154805.jpgand experimenting

20150925-154827.jpgAfter cutting lots last week, Nanette started piecing her diamond blocks

20150925-154914.jpgLisa was wearing some gorgeous shoes

20150925-155527.jpgChris is working on this piece on machine at home

20150925-155554.jpgand in class she was diligently stitching in triangles

and Fiona finished up two more sweet stars.

Meredithe x

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