Spring in the garden

Hope I’m not boring you, but…………………..Spring is Here!  There’s so much happening in my unweeded, neglected garden that I’d like to share and show you.  Indulge me!

The azaleas either side of the verandah are stunning Roses have started blooming (gave them a reeeeeally good haircut this year – paying dividends)The browallia has gone nuts again – seems it likes a good haircut tooConversely, it’s a while since the lavender was attended to but it is flourishingand the bees just love it Likewise the bluebells (which I know I showed you yesterday – different pic though)One of my iris is in flowerthere are several spikes on my orchids, some of which I’ve picked to enjoy insideand this is a special one; it was one of Dad’s.  A sweet little flower (and I’ve put it in front of a card Dad sent me years ago which I framed for us both – chocoholics that we be)and sweet peas, and more sweet peas Just lovin’ them!

Meredithe x

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Here and Now | October 2017

I missed out on last month’s Here and Now and I’m only just making this month’s!  But better late than never Loving //  Spring!  Blue skies and sunshine are making my days and there’s so much new growth in the garden – very exciting and it’s making me very happy
Eating //  Very healthily at the moment as I’m on a Detox to try and help strengthen my immune system
Drinking // 3 litres of water a day, well, most days as part of the Detox
Feeling //  Delighted that our Claret Ash appears to be sprouting new growth half way down one of its limbs.  I’ve despaired of it the last couple of years hoping that we don’t have to take it down.  This could be its saving.
Making // Two quilts showing off two new template sets and hoping they’ll be ready for the wholesale Market in November; one is at the quilters and one has half the blocks made.
Thinking // Socks.  What???? I hear you exclaim.  I know, after last year’s 16 pairs.  But I have this hankering to make another pair of “Muscadine” socks.  I’ve enjoyed wearing my green ones peeking above my short boots and thought a blue pair (and obviously a red pair judging by Friday’s shopping) would be good to have for next Winter.  Besides I need to practice toe-up socks (that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!)
Dreaming // Of Christian Dior couture clothes after a trip to the NGV to view the Dior Exhibiton there on Friday…..and the hour glass figure to go with them!

Linking up with Sarah at Say, Little Hen of Here and Now.

Meredithe x

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A day in town

Miss Helen arrived at my place bright and early on Friday morning and we were both fizzing with excitement about our day.  A train and tram ride later we were at the NGV and in the queue for the Dior Exhibition.  (If you’re going, suggest you pre book your tickets!)(Helen bought the book)

It is a fabulous exhibition.  There’s so much to see and it’s so well set out; clothes behind glass have mirrors at the back so they can be viewed from all sides, those on plinths are set well apart for maximum viewing, and with lounge music playing in the background I fully expected Ava Gardner, Lauren Bacall or Rita Hayworth to sashay into the room glamorous in a Dior creation.  I won’t say much more in case you’re going, but the beauty of Monsieur Dior’s designs made me walk taller, shoulders back, tummy in!

After two hours of  drooling careful consideration of the creativity of The House of Dior, we were plunged back into the real world in search of a feed so headed to the heart of the city to have some lunch and indulge in a spot of shopping; no, not clothes but quilting, of course.

A visit to Morris and Sons to explore their new fabric section (well, new to Helen and me) and a saunter around the wool section yielded theseand a leisurely stroll through l’uccello and a rummage through the feed sack and Liberty pre cuts and these were mine.By then the sun was shining, so we strolled back to the station, currently covered in hoarding as Flinders Street Station is getting a major face lift, and headed home…….

very contented with our day and sure to dream of hour glass figures and stunning couture finery.

Meredithe x

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Class show and tell


Carole had her grandson’s quilt back from being quilted.  Just in time to celebrate the Tigers win in the AFL Grand Final (for those of you not in the know, this is Australian Rules Football and the Richmond Tigers hadn’t had a win for many decades, so there’s been much rejoicing in Tiger fan households!)Carole also brought in her friend Judy’s first ever quilt to show us all (and you).  Clever lady!  Self taught, just from the pattern and a bit of sewing knowledge!In class, Carole worked on her new blocksLeanne has been hard at work on “our” quiltwe worked through what’s next and in class Leanne worked on a new project from Sue DaleySue E and I sorted out what she’s doing with the next “Matilda” BOM blockMarilyn decided on a background to combine with a Layer Cake from Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic fame called “True Blue” (very Australian!) to make a “Welsh Quilt” (pattern by Sandra Boyle, Everyday Quilts)and Sue W worked on the next block of her “Bird Walk” BOMAfternoon

Lyn stayed all day and pressed and cut and pressed and cut all dayJane had finished one of her BOM blocks and finished another in class Helen did more appliqueTineke cut and stitched some Christmas fabric for something which you’ll have to wait to seeFrances started on a baby quilt for a friend’s new bornand I introduced Fernanda to the joys of hand appliqueAll accompanied by this beautiful vase of azaleas from Carol’s garden.Meredithe x

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In the garden

In amongst the continuing-with-Winter-weather Spring, we’ve had a couple of glorious days.  The plants in the garden are defying the grey cloud, cold and rain; they know it’s supposed to be Spring.

I planted the sweet peas early and they’re flowering early.  Taking advice on board, I’ve been cutting them and have already had several gorgeous arrangements, their scent filling the house flowers have blossomed on cuttings from last yearmy poor neglected pots have self sewncolour is appearing in unexpected spotsthese daisies sway in the breezes as I watch them from my seat in the family roomthe creeper on the wall of next door’s garage is in full bloomthe white azaleas out the front look gorgeousand we’ve had the delightful surprise of the rarely flowering red one in amongst the white the silver birch seemed to come into leaf from one day to the next blue bells are everywherethe pink daisies out at the front fence look so cheerful and bright (I caught a lady taking photos of them on her phone the other day!)a rogue golden genista has sprung up and is also in full bloomaccompanying these daisies at its feet; I love their spoon-like petalsThe whole garden desperately needs some weeding and attention, but I’m sure that will happen………sometime.  Meanwhile I’m just enjoying it!

How’s your garden looking?

Meredithe x

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At last!  I was able to go to sewing on Saturday.   It’s been SUCH a long time since I’ve spent time with any of my sewing friends.  There was lots of news to catch up on, and I, for one, had a much needed belly laugh or two!  We met at Kaye’s lovely home; I think I’ve mentioned before that Kaye is a bit (just a little bit) of a collector and she had some new birds on her wall from a trip earlier this year to Portugal as well as an amazing drawing.We all contributed to afternoon teaand there was lots of show and tell from my friendsOops, sorry!  How did my afternoon tea get in there!!  Ahem…….

Kaye has nearly finished the quilt that she designed using my “Elwood Rose” template; she’s just putting on another border and her “Boston Common” quilt is back from the quilterLove the backing that Kaye made from left overs (in a split 9-patch design)Helen has been hand quilting like mad over Winter, and this one just needs bindingand this one she’s finished for her grandsonMaree has the bulk of her “Emma Mary” quilt finished and is just deciding on a border treatmentMiss E hand stitched some sections of a shirt that she’s making (by machine).  Just love that fabric!Helen was hand quilting another UFOMiss F worked on a felted wool pieceAndrea was hand piecing some blocksand as well as scoffing afternoon tea, I worked on a new template setAs our Helen says, the afternoon was heaven on a stick!Meredithe x

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Class show and tell

And at Sewn and Quilted……


Marilyn brought in a gorgeous apron that has been made from, we suspect, an old tablecloth and doileys with a bit of Liberty thrown in too, and yes, Marilyn uses it – how gorgeous!in class Marilyn was busy with her circlesSue W finished another of her “Birdwalk” BOM blocksCarole cut and started piecing one of her new “Saigon” blocksand Denise finished another of her “Carousel” blocks (pattern by Sandra Boyle, Everyday Quilts)


Lyn stayed all day, and we sorted the problem with her Christmas wall hanging, and it’s now finished……in plenty of time.  Lyn also did some prep work on a new quilt, but you’ll have to wait to see thatLinda stayed all day too and has gone crazy with her “Sweet Sunday” blocks having finished 82 of the required 100…..already!Frances did a layout of her “Aunts’ Quilt” blocks and we made a few decisions on the side applique blocksJane was back from her holiday and she started putting her BOM blocks togetherFernanda started on her “Dancing Dollies” quilt Helen has been working on her “Sweet Sunday” too as well as her other quiltand Cheryl worked on her colourwash quiltMeredithe x

This class is held at Sewn and Quilted, Blackburn

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