Here and now | March

I’m so pleased to be able to join in with Sarah for Here and Now – I’ve missed doing these posts.  They’re something a bit different and make me think about my life “here and now”.  Very grounding!

The magpies in our garden are getting very bold, sitting pretty while we talk to them and go about watering or hanging out the washing;  there are still some flowers, despite the heat and being Autumn; the lemons are coming on a treat and the camellia buds are abundant.

Loving //  The cool nights for sleeping (and I’m actually sleeping through – fingers crossed this lasts!)

Eating //  I’ve had the opportunity to be at Millrose quite a lot this month and at the cafe they have the most delicious zucchini and quinoa salad

Drinking //  Mineral water while the days are still quite warm

Feeling //  Tentative – the cosmos has thrown so much at us already this year I’m not comfortable planning too far ahead and am taking each day as it comes

Making //  Great inroads on Ma Kettle’s 2018 jumper.  The back is done and the front has a lovely, easy pattern

Thinking //  That I really need to spend some time in the garden; weeding needs to be done and the pots are looking past their best as Autumn settles in

Dreaming //  Of at least 3 days where I can play uninterrupted in my sewing mess room and start on (yet another) clean up!

What are your “Here and Now” thoughts for March?  For more from other people clink this link to Sarah’s post.

Meredithe x

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Woolly bits class | February

As I was cleaning up the pics on the camera yesterday I came across the photos for our Woolly Bits class at Millrose from the end of last month, so thought I’d better show you.

My day started with a new bird and I was soon stitching awayStill can’t show you what Lynne is up toKerry has made more butterfliesand Deb is getting ready for Christmas (eek! already??!)Lunchtime arrivedGJ has a new tin (so very GJ!)and her squares rapidly became this gorgeous bag “Sew Simple Squares” by broderie (pattern here), all hand stitched and done in no time. Jacinta fell in love with it and soon had one on the go tooGail was also in bag mode, putting the finishing touches to a Sew-Together Bag and Nat, who helps us with our purchases (!) is embroidering this beautiful giraffe for her new buband my bird?  He was finishedwith the help of afternoon teaIn 2016 Millrose put on an exhibition with proceeds going to the Red Cross.  I signed a square at that exhibition and Lizzie was busily hand quilting itand this year there’s a Liberty Exhibiton, so if you’re at a loose end this weekend get along to Millrose for what’s sure to be a great exhibition. Might see you there!

Meredithe x

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Clunes 2018

Last weekend was the Quiltessentially Clunes retreat.  The timing was not great for me and I didn’t stay the whole weekend as originally planned, but we still had a great time.

Maree and I went up together and along with Carolyn and Amanda, this cottage was our home for the next few dayswith a farmhouse style kitchen and a rather “Men’s Club” loungebut comfy beds and great views over the townshipWe were early birds to the venue, keen to get in and start our adventures.  The old Town Hall played host, beautifully decked out in quilts by Judy, Rae and Christineand the fabulous Jane Fleming did a sterling job again, feeding us scrumptious morning teas delicious lunches and delectable afternoon teasThere were stalls filled with bargains on fabrics, templates and kits, along with a gorgeous array of yarns from Deb Ogilby (sorry can’t find a link for Deb but you might get her on Instagram at @fishermansrib), raffles with fabulous prizes, and short demos/tutorials on an array of subjects quilting and knitting, and so many wonderful projects on the go with the attendees.  However, the camera was a bit shy at taking pics over the weekend (I’m just out of the habit!) so apologies for the lack of snaps.

We each received a show bagfilled with goodiesand to try to get my mojo working I took up a new project and spread the fabrics on the table to get the juices flowing.Maree and I slept in on the Friday morning and had a leisurely breakfast out on the deck admiring the views and watching (and being deafened by) the birds, and after about a dozen snaps, I managed to get one good one!I visited lots of people at the other tables, and caught up with friends old and new.  And I did get lots of cutting done and by Friday evening had six sets ready to start stitching……sometime…..I’m using the new “Horizons” range from Cathy Doughty/Material Obsession plus lots from my Fabric Library.

Thanks to Judy, Rae and Christine for organising another fabulous retreat!

Meredithe x

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Class show and tell

There was also a class at the quilt shop last week as it’s the beginning of the month.

Jennifer has taken to hand piecing like a duck to water after our lessons at the end of last year, and look what she’s achieved!Frances started another doiley quilt, choosing to make pentagon flowers from (mostly) Liberty fabrics Val had put together the top section of her hexiesand she laid out the two side sections ready to stitchSue was busy cutting up left over fabrics into squares for a simple but quick quilt for a grandsonDenise chose another two sets for her diamond border and Fernanda stitched more of her appliqueMeredithe x

This class is held at the quilt shop in Eltham on the first Wednesday morning of each month.

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Class show and tell

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments, support and virtual hugs after my last post.  The Golfer and I have been very touched by your concern and care.  You are The Best Peeps!  And we’re doing well.

I have made it to a couple of classes so I’d best show you what my students are up to.


Jo bought new fabrics for a new quilt; keep watching for its start and progressAnne-Maree bought backing and binding for a quilt she’s made with her daughter for their grandson/sonSue E bought new fabrics too and is embarking on the same project as JoIt was lovely to have Carilyn back to class and to get herself into sewing mode, she started a new project with these fabricsDenise is progressing well with her diamondsMarilyn was busily bindingand Carole worked on her “Rowdy Flat Library Quilt


Three students stayed all day; Fernanda brought along the box she’d made in a class with Carol and she’s finished the pieced backing we started a couple of weeks ago with the left overs from her “Dancing Dollies”and Fernanda concentrated (very hard! – we had to call her name several times to get her attention!) on her appliqueLinda worked on her umbrella blocks and I was able to give her some hints for easier appliqueand Lyn stitched down all the black binding and attached the outer binding too.and with the afternoon students, Jane is powering on with her next BOM blockFrances started a doiley quilt of her own designCheryl made more hexie blocksHelen experimented with border designs for her hand quiltingand Mary joined us for the first time and we chose some scrumptious colours for a project she’s doing at AQC next monthMeredithe x

The class is held at Sewn and Quilted

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The Cosmos has thrown us quite a few curve balls already this year (and it’s July, right??).  Our parents have had lots of doctor, specialist and hospital visits and, thankfully, particularly as Ma Kettle lives a good 2 hours drive away, they’ve taken it in turns when needing our care and attention.

However, Monday week ago, The Golfer’s Dad died.  He’d been getting frailer over the last couple of months and passed away peacefully after a visit, with chat and laughter, from The Golfer.Ma was down visiting us and we have been very grateful for her love, support and help.  The Golfer is an only child, which makes decisions easier, but means a full burden which I try to help with.

DearFIL was 94 and had lived a full, varied and remarkable life.  From serving his country with post WWII clean ups (including being one of many sailors to witness nuclear explosions at Manus Island), to working for the same company for many years rising from the shop floor to management, he also enjoyed in his retirement, lawn bowls (winning a few trophies) and dancing (being a much called upon partner).  After The Golfer’s Mum died in 1992 DearFIL learnt to use a computer and to cook, looking up recipes on the internet, as well as managing housework; all the things The Golfer’s Mum had done while DearFIL was doing shiftwork.

It was only in the last four years that he was unable to look after himself and moved into a nursing home, declaring after a couple of weeks that he didn’t care for being surrounded by “old people”!  Nevertheless he adapted well and made some new friends while he was there.

Being the age he was, most of his family and mates had pre-deceased him, so his funeral was a small one, but a lovely one with The Golfer doing a great eulogy and we sent him off in style with his favourite tune “Hello Dolly” by the wonderful Sachmo and his favourite yellow roses.After an emotional week, The Golfer and I headed down to Sorrento for the day yesterday (Ma Kettle went home on Sunday).  The fish and chip shop was full, so we patronised the bakery instead and took our salad rolls to the foreshore.  The seagulls were keen to share our repast, but we were mean and savoured our lunches for ourselves.Afterwards we sat in the sun and watched as the ferry berthed, disgorging vehicles and passengers and loaded up same for the return journey.  It was so pleasant and relaxing to sit in the sun, let our thoughts roam, and watch idly as others busied themselves with getting to the ferry on time, or sauntered along the beach.

I will try to get back into a blogging routine sometime soon.  It may take just a little while, so I hope you can forgive me and keep watching this space.

With much love

Meredithe x

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6and6in2018 | February

Of necessity this will be short and sweet as things on the family front are still unsettled – sincere apologies.

There’s been no sewing so my UFO for the month remains as you saw it lastand just to keep myself ticking over with a total non-think I’ve started Ma Kettle’s 2018 jumper (which I guess will be one of the new for 6and6)Do hope you’ve had a successful month with your chosen UFO and/or continuation of or start of a new project.  Will be back as soon as I can.  Anne is holding the fort!

If you have a blog, please add your link below (link will be open for a week); if you don’t have a blog, list your month’s achievements in the comments, or add a post to Instagram with the hashtag #6and6in2018 Can’t wait to see what everyone has done! And if you missed out on posting last month, please join in this month – we’d love to have you along on the challenge.

Meredithe x

When linking to your blog for 6and6in2018
:: Please link directly to your post on your 6and6in2018 not to your home page
:: Please link back to this post somewhere in your post
:: Visit other linkers to see what they’re going to be working on for 2018
:: The link will be open for a week
:: If you haven’t already, pick up the 6and6in2018 blog button from my side bar


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