Darcy’s Girls

Rae was our hostess for Darcy’s Girls this month. We enjoyed the hospitality of her lovely home (complete with new dining chairs!)

20160503-201517.jpgHer studio is a wonderland of fabrics, quilts, inspirations, blocks and boxes of “stuff”!!

20160503-201650.jpgWe were very well fed – and spoilt – with morning tea, delicious home-made soup for lunch, followed by salad and fruit, and then a cake for afternoon tea!

20160503-202113.jpgIn the sewing stakes, Cathie brought along a shot cotton quilt top she’s designed

20160503-202215.jpgand she worked on these blocks

20160503-202301.jpgCarolyn was making a pentagon basket to go with her hexagon box

20160503-202343.jpgRae was stitching these blocks

20160503-202409.jpgJudy was appliquéing

20160503-202445.jpgas was GJ.

20160503-202514.jpgI worked on circles, but you’ll have to wait to see them.

Judy also showed us some of the blocks from her new BOM (Block of the Month) called “This Life” which depicts the journey of a person’s life through appliqué, EPP and piecing.

20160503-202627.jpgThese are just a sample of what will be in the BOM. Aren’t they great? If you’re not from Australia you can nominate your country and you’ll receive the pattern for your country in place of the map of Australis. This will be a 12 month programme and includes fabrics. There are some vacancies still and if you’d like to participate, please contact Judy at averyfinehousebom@gmail.com to sign up.

Meredithe x

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A very Millrose weekend

I’m just back from a wonderfully creative weekend at Millrose.

20160503-191749.jpgFrom Friday mid-morning until Sunday mid-afternoon, the house was a hive of activity!

Amanda played with Drunkard’s Path blocks

20160503-192414.jpgcut out these fabrics

20160503-192505.jpgto make these bags

20160503-192540.jpgand stitched this block

20160503-192623.jpg(and she finished it – I just didn’t get a pic)

Maree started knitting a scarf

20160503-192734.jpgand had this much done by Friday evening!

20160503-192820.jpgShe stitched some stars (hmm, can’t find a pic of that – sorry) and cut out and started making a hexagon box

20160503-193134.jpgFleur stitched hexagons

20160503-193217.jpgstitched more hexagons, and bought some fabrics for the hexagons.

20160503-193319.jpgGJ did some super secret stitching – which I can’t show you, and some other secret stitching which I can show you a little bit of

20160503-193710.jpgCarolyn made lots, and lots of Emma Mary blocks

20160503-193815.jpgHeather played with stars

20160503-193914.jpgfor this quilt

20160503-193947.jpgand stitched some of these stars too.

20160503-194043.jpgJoy was stitching these houses

20160503-194109.jpgand embroidering this block

20160503-194156.jpgJacinta finished quilting this cheater cloth

20160503-194227.jpgIsn’t it sweet?

20160503-194255.jpgshe quilted and bound this cheater cloth

20160503-194334.jpgand she also cut out and started a hexagon box.

20160503-194429.jpgJan embroidered a garden

20160503-194520.jpgand some circles

20160503-194542.jpgand, most importantly, made scrumptious soups for our lunches

20160503-194639.jpgAmanda, GJ and Carolyn also finished the hexagon boxes they’d started in a class at Cutting Cloth



20160503-195048.jpgAnd me? I started a new quilt

20160503-195130.jpggetting two sets of blocks cut out, made all of one set and started on the other set.

20160503-195313.jpgAs you can tell, we had a ball!!

Meredithe x

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Class show and tell


Jo has done a layout of her blocks

20160502-192632.jpgand she started appliquéing the pieces down onto the background

20160502-192724.jpgSue 1 made lots of blades

20160502-192805.jpgand put two sets together for her Dresden Plates

20160502-192847.jpgSue 2 had her blocks sewn, cut and re-sewn

20160502-192922.jpgand she put borders on in class

20160502-193001.jpgCarole was working on her embroidered centre

20160502-193035.jpgMarilyn is making progress with her hexagons

20160502-193115.jpgLeanne has her piping on her appliqué

20160502-193151.jpgand she was prepping the scallops for the next edging

20160502-193224.jpgBeth has one small appliqué block completed and she stitched down the stems on the other three



Chris brought in this lovely hexagon quilt she’s making to show us

20160502-193421.jpgand she worked on Lucy Boston in class

20160502-193453.jpgDot and I played with the layout of her clam shells

20160502-193536.jpgand she prepped some hexagon blocks, and stitched up this one

20160502-193618.jpgTineke was appliquéing hexie star shapes

20160502-193654.jpgand the ball Frances is making is taking shape.

Meredithe x

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Sock finish

Wednesday week ago (yep, that long ago!) I finished up my socks

20160427-124303.jpgYay! That’s my first finish for the Finish-a-long Quarter 2! I’m delighted with them. Now we just need some cold weather to try them out!

The sock pattern I used was the one recommended by Lucy at Attic 24, so a big “thank you” to Christine at winwickmum for her brilliant, easy to follow, sock-a-long pattern. I didn’t use Christine’s method for casting off at the toes, but tried something different – not the best result, so I’ll follow Christine’s instructions of future socks. Yes, I’ll be using this pattern again.

On Thursday evening I sat twiddling my thumbs, missing my sock knitting. I didn’t feel like sewing (what??), so on Friday morning I went to Sunspun and Karen helped me choose some yarn and a new pattern for another pair of socks. (Stretching my new sock knowledge!!)

In the car on the way home, I decided, as you do, that a new knitting bag would be a very good thing to make, one just for sock knitting. I did enjoy making the bag for my blogging friend Annie, so I whipped up another of those.

And have I started the new socks?? Hmmm………

Meredithe x

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Tuesday stitching

On Tuesday, seven of us met at The Quilt Shop for a special sewing day.

Alison and Sharon welcomed us warmly and spoilt us with a delicious home made cake

20160427-122611.jpgand their shop was looking fabulous.

The sewing space is light and airy and soon we were stitching away…….

Kim is working on Judy’s “Emma Mary” quilt

20160427-123032.jpgNarelle is having a ball with bits and pieces

20160427-123107.jpgfor an MSG project

20160427-123135.jpgAmanda played with circles in the morning

20160427-123200.jpgand clam shells in the afternoon

20160427-123230.jpgCarolyn was working on secret business, but I did like her pear pin cushion

20160427-123307.jpgditto for GJ, and she has been gifted a beautiful Vera Bradley bag

20160427-123427.jpgHeather was circling

20160427-123508.jpgand the other Amanda was piecing this block

20160427-123541.jpgI did like her little sewing pouch


20160427-123624.jpgespecially with its matching pin cushion

20160427-123654.jpgand I’m nearly out of prepped circles, so that’s what I was up to!

A delightful day!

Meredithe x

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Woolly Bits Sunday

It was a very intimate Woolly Bits Sunday with only three of us plus Lizzie up at Millrose; we missed the rest of you!


Jan was working on some circles for a new project

20160427-115549.jpgI can’t show you Lynne’s as it’s the new Sue Spargo BOM, but she does have some nice threads!

20160427-115651.jpgI got another bird stitched down and started on the embroidery

20160427-115732.jpgand Lizzie had some time to sew down the binding

20160427-115805.jpgon her quilt

20160427-115835.jpgIt was a beautiful Autumn day, and from where I was sitting, this was my view

20160427-115909.jpgand a closer look through the window showed this

20160427-115939.jpgLunch, as always, was delicious (there’s a new menu!).

20160427-120056.jpgFor those of you who have been waiting, Rae’s gorgeous “Walking with Heffalumps” quilt pattern is now available! (contact Millrose for your copy)

20160427-120325.jpgI had to buy one (and maybe some fabric and sock yarn!)

20160427-120407.jpgMoreish carrot cake appeared for afternoon tea

20160427-120455.jpgand while it’s not quite finished, I did heaps on my bird.

20160427-120538.jpgHappy day!

Meredithe x

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Saturday stitching

On Saturday we met at Kaye’s beautiful home

20160427-112658.jpg(where there was even a nod to The Queen’s 90th birthday)

20160427-112815.jpg for a delightful afternoon of friendship and stitching.

First we checked out Kaye’s garden

20160427-112912.jpgEverything is growing beautifully

20160427-112939.jpgThen it was time to stitch……and catch up……

Helen is playing with Lucy Boston shapes

20160427-113100.jpgand she’s been crocheting this scarf

20160427-113127.jpgjust the circle “tassels” to do

20160427-113157.jpgand with her grand daughter Miss J visiting too, Miss J had to get in on the yarn-y action

20160427-113243.jpg(“ooh, thanks Granny” said Miss J, with eyes as big as saucers when she spied this gift.)

Sue is hand quilting the borders of this quilt

20160427-113445.jpgKaye is appliquéing

20160427-113518.jpgHeather is playing with Lucy Boston blocks too

20160427-113549.jpgKaren is obsessed with these “Daisy Days” blocks (one of my templates)

20160427-113653.jpgand she had a box of prepped blocks ready to be stitched up

20160427-113733.jpgJenny is enjoying Sashiko

20160427-113800.jpgand I caught up on a few circles

20160427-113826.jpgAnd for all you foodies, there was yummy afternoon tea; fresh scones, jam and cream, and apricot slice

20160427-113947.jpgand homemade mud cake with strawberries and cream.

20160427-114031.jpgStop drooling!!

Meredithe x

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