Squishy parcels

That postie has been dropping parcels on the doorstep, swiftly ringing the doorbell and scurrying away again……….

(Seriously, I just don’t know how these people get a-hold of my credit card and home address details!!)

A sweet, eclectic mix from Emma for this posting of fabric club.


and I do vaaaaaguely remember clicking the “buy” button with Kate …………because she has packs of these fabrics!

20160524-172545.jpgfrom the very talented Aneela Hoey

20160524-172710.jpg(and I see on Aneela’s blog there is now an Aurifil thread set to match these fabrics – aaaaaargh!!)

Just going into the sewing room for a little play………

Much love
From your fabric and thread addicted friend xx

PS If you’re looking for some inspiration this weekend, how about a trip to Mt Waverley for the Waverley Patchworkers’ Quilt show.

They sent me a lovely brochure, but I can’t get it to attach!  Did get the pic of the raffle quilt tho’.  Here’s the details:

Waverley Patchworkers
Mt Waverley Community Centre
Miller Crescent, Mt Waverley (Opposite the Railway Station)
Melways Reference 70 E1
Saturday the 28th of May 9:00am-5:00pm
Official opening 10am
Sunday the 29th of May 9:00am- 4.00pm
Entry $8:00
Fantastic Quilt Display
Patchwork and quilting shops
Cafe for refreshments
Raffle Quilt
Carnival Constellation valued at $3000
Patchwork and Quilting Demonstrations
Website: http://www.waverleypatchworkers.com.au
To follow us on Facebook just search Waverley Patchworkers Inc

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Maybe, maybe not

I might have sent a text to GJ yesterday.

GJ might have sent one back.

We might have had a text discussion about a small road trip.

I might have gone to GJ’s a little later.

We might have headed out in the car in search of sock yarn.

We might have visited this store.

We just might have bought sock yarn.

We might also have stopped along the way for coffee and slice (half each!).

Oh wait, we did!

20160524-165655.jpgand we did!

I’m off to do some knitting, some enjoyable knitting of socks.
(sung along to “we’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz”!!)

Meredithe x

PS does anyone else get addicted like this?? If so, what’s your current vice?

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Eliott Stitchers

Nearly forgot! Eliotts met last week and after a fabulous lunch

20160524-122057.jpgwe solved the problems of the world over our stitching!

GJ showed us a sweet fabric ball made a few years ago

20160524-122150.jpgand GJ is currently knitting

20160524-122214.jpgand hand quilting

20160524-122237.jpgthis quilt.

20160524-122259.jpgFrom her matching sewing bags

20160524-122342.jpgCarolyn has been having loads of fun with Liberty triangles.

20160524-122426.jpgAmanda was playing with hexies for a bag.

20160524-122507.jpgAnd I was enjoying some hand quilting too.


Meredithe x

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Sock obsession (2) and sensational reading

Finished sock pair number 3 last night and wearing them today.

20160521-151021.jpgand I even managed to get them striping in the same place! All planned of course!! (Actually, No idea how I achieved that).

Next up, a new pattern with this yarn

20160521-151149.jpg(pattern from ravelry) Wish me luck!

I bought a copy of this book today from Sewn and Quilted. The first book by Marg Sampson George (aka she of “MSG” fame).

20160521-151425.jpgRead it from cover to cover this afternoon. It is one of The Best Books I’ve had the pleasure of reading for a long time. Not only are there lots of Marg’s gorgeous quilts but also tonnes of practical information, clever ideas, sensible advice and perspicacious insights. As Molly Meldrum used to say, “Do yourself a favour” and get yourself a copy. If you buy one book this year, make it this one. Congratulations Marg, I can see this as a book I’ll return to again and again.

Have a fabulous weekend, dear peeps.

Much love
Meredithe x

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Class show and tell


Beth has finished her four corner blocks

20160519-173208.jpgand she prepped and started on the scallop border

20160519-173259.jpgHelen’s chickens’ plumages are being embroidered and they are getting feet and eyes

20160519-173500.jpgKaren learnt another new stitch today – rosette chain stitch

20160519-173635.jpgDenise had a lesson in paper pieced hexagons

20160519-173702.jpgSue E cut out the rest of her backgrounds and set up another Dresden to appliqué

20160519-173739.jpgJo had lots of fun playing with fabrics for Steampunk

20160519-174020.jpgSue W made a Churn Dash block

20160519-174102.jpgand Marilyn’s tin is nearly full!



Helen has been busy with her Friendship Stars

20160519-174219.jpgCarilyn has returned from holiday and came back to a quilted Star a Day quilt

20160519-174303.jpgand how organised are her hexies!

20160519-174347.jpgDot’s sloth block is finished and she cut out and started stitching another type of hexie

20160519-174431.jpgand Frances cut out and started stitching up the first of her “Aunts’ Quilt” blocks.



look what arrived while class was on……..

20160519-174556.jpgyes! Carol is now stocking Liberty fabrics! So exciting!

Meredithe x

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Sock obsession

I was talking to my friend Kim the other week. This is the woman who started my interest in sock knitting. A couple of years ago I watched as she finished off a pair of socks (using the Kitchener technique – woohoo; that’s sock talk!) and was fascinated. Kim then told me that she knits at least one pair of socks each Winter, often many more.

When we were talking recently she showed me a photo (which Kim has kindly allowed me to show you) of her sock drawer. Yes, that’s right, A Sock Drawer. Wanna see?

20160517-094743.jpgLook at all those fabulous, hand knitted socks. Don’t they make your feet feel warm just looking at them?

This wondrous drawer holds (I think) 35 pair of 4ply socks and 8 pair of 8ply socks. Plus Kim has knitted socks for her three (now grown up) children which they enjoy wearing too.

Kim now knits her socks without a pattern – that’s how clever she is – she know the pattern so well it’s embedded in her psyche. When I grow up, I want to be able to do that too!

So this is my new obsession ambition. I Want A Sock Drawer Too!

To this end, I finished my second pair on the weekend

20160517-095028.jpgand I’ve started another pair

20160517-095056.jpgand there are two more balls awaiting their transformation! It’s endlessly fascinating seeing the yarn flow into a pattern, particularly with the self striping yarn, and watching a sock grow, ever so quickly (far more rewarding than jumper knitting), the clever way a heel turns (I did that!) and the completion of the toe. I’m enjoying the process soooooo much! Ridiculously so!

With special thanks to Kim for the inspiration and Christine for a fabulous pattern (which I’m starting to know by heart!). This Winter I shall have warm feet encased in hand knitted socks and a warm heart from loving the knitting of them.

Much love from your knitting knut
Meredithe x

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The sweet pea saga

When we moved into our house, the previous owners had set up a very sturdy pine tyre-swing for their offspring. The tyre has long since disintegrated, but the sturdy pine structure is still there and for years I’ve been meaning to “do something” with it.

In February I decided the time was right (it takes a while to sort through these things…..as I’m sure you know). I enjoy sweet peas so much – their colour, their perfume, their happy faces – and my only other attempt was in a pot and short lived.

This time I, yes me, myself and I, built a little garden between the pine posts from some old bricks that were languishing behind the shed (no doubt they were only too glad to be repurposed), filled it with compost and potting mix and planted out the sweet pea seeds.

20160516-144816.jpgI was so looking forward to showing you the budding seedlings.

A little while later I was delighted to see plants springing forth……..except they didn’t look like what I remembered sweet pea plants to look like and, hmmmmm…….they weren’t growing in the spots I’d planted the seeds.

20160516-144942.jpgYes indeed, the compost and potting mix had ripened and germinated flourishing tomato and pumpkin plants! Oh, dear…..the best laid plans, huh?

On telling my sad tale at Squealers the other week, Karen took pity on my plight and busied her wonderful husband, Mr G, to dig up some of their sweet pea seedlings from the massive display around their pool fence. (Thank you Mr G!)

20160516-145304.jpgSo, out came the rogue veggies and in went the seedlings,

20160516-145346.jpgcomplete with strings for them to grow up.

20160516-145427.jpgAnd would you believe? A couple of the tomato plants actually have baby, green toms.

20160516-145513.jpgThose with fruit have been repotted…….we shall see what transpires…….

20160516-145653.jpgThere’s more on these rogue plants than the shop bought ones from earlier in the year!

I shall keep you posted on the progress of the toms…….and on the sweet pea saga too; hoping for a fabulous display come Spring/Summer.

Wish me luck!

Meredithe x

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