A birthday quilt

Our gorgeous niece turned one yesterday! I can’t believe it’s a whole year since Poppet was born. In honour of her first birthday I made a quilt which I’ve called “Elephant Walk”

20150330-133412.jpgand includes lots of different elephants

20150330-133711.jpgin all sorts of colours

20150330-133740.jpgand there are spots and stripes too.

20150330-133815.jpgI machine quilted it

20150330-133900.jpgputting more elephants on the back

20150330-133925.jpgand binding it with a blue check

20150330-133950.jpgThere’s lots of colour and shapes, and I hope Poppet has great fun playing on it, under it and with it!

Happy birthday Dear Poppet!

Meredithe x

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Woolly Bits class

It was a most productive Woolly Bits class.

GJ was embroidering

20150330-131525.jpgas was Jan K

20150330-131547.jpgwho had finished last month’s blocks too

20150330-131632.jpgLyn also had finished blocks, which we are just expecting with each visit as Lyn is working hard and keeping up each month with beautifully embroidered blocks.

20150330-131714.jpgJoy was busy designing her own borders

20150330-131802.jpgJacinta was very busy showing us her up cycled thread box

20150330-131928.jpgand plans for an extended quilt (it was meant to be easy, simple and quick!)

20150330-132019.jpgno wonder she needed some extra sustenance while working on her cherry blossoms!

20150330-132101.jpgI actually managed to get this month’s birds stapled down

20150330-132154.jpgand, of course, we were well fed at lunch

20150330-132217.jpgwith scones for afternoon tea.

20150330-132248.jpgA very satisfactory day all round.

Meredithe x

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Saturday stitching

Mrs Mac has been a little unwell, but able to sew and very productive as a result, with these blocks

20150330-125416.jpgand these blocks as the fruits of her labour.

20150330-125449.jpgI’m looking forward to seeing what quilts they become! Mrs Mac has also started embroidery classes……

20150330-125800.jpg…..and loving it!

This is the poster that Helen bought at The Crafty Squirrel last week.

20150330-125708.jpgand during the week she’s found these fabrics


20150330-130046.jpgand with the cooler evenings, Helen has brought out her crocheting.

20150330-130232.jpgHeather had started work on some new blocks and had this first one to show us.

20150330-130354.jpgAnd Helen kept us well fed during the afternoon.


Meredithe x

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Eliott’s by the sea

GJ invited us to her beach house for Eliott Stitchers last week. I actually went down the evening before and the next morning, being the only one awake, I set off for a walk and a peruse of the neighbourhood, ending up with trying to find the sea. I could hear the waves and knew I should be close with the bent tea tree and sand giving added clues!

20150327-154531.jpgBefore too long I wasn’t just hearing but also seeing the sea

20150327-154617.jpgI stayed for a few minutes watching the waves crash onto the rocks and enjoyed the brisk, bracing sea air.

Back at the beach house, GJ had been shopping at Treehouse

20150327-155105.jpgMiss J joined us with her gorgeous hexagon bag

20150327-155200.jpganother in the making

20150327-155227.jpgand the beginnings of a new quilt after a class with Margaret Sampson George.

20150327-155349.jpgGJ and Chelsea whipped up some home made pizzas, turning these

20150327-155441.jpginto these in a matter of minutes!

20150327-155611.jpgAfter that delicious lunch, Chelsea finished piecing her hexie strips

20150327-155709.jpgI finally finished the first appliqué block for “The Aunts’ Quilt”

20150327-155759.jpgand stitched stems on the second block

20150327-155830.jpgHappy with me Auntie Anna?

Meredithe x

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Class show and tell


Carole was the star pupil on Wednesday, having stitched up (by hand) all 14 of the photo blocks during the week

20150327-160600.jpgso we did a layout with the blocks.

20150327-162640.jpgGoing to look good, isn’t it?

Sue 3 has cut out lots of flowers and made lots of stems for her appliqué/pieced corners

20150327-160735.jpgand by the end of class had one flower appliquéd into place

20150327-160811.jpgJenny had her strips sewn together and we cut one off, just to see how it looked!

20150327-160907.jpgand Anne-Marie’s reindeer have/are getting hooves!



Carilyn’s “Farmer’s Wife” blocks are all done!

20150327-161100.jpgShe added in the sashings, cornerstones and setting triangles

20150327-161143.jpgso that it will look like this

20150327-161210.jpg(I won’t be the least bit surprised if it’s all together by next class! No, Carilyn doesn’t sleep!). It’s going to look so good! Carilyn then went back to her “Star a Day” blocks

20150327-161436.jpgSue 1 has finished an appliqué block

20150327-161333.jpgFiona tried her hand at appliquéd leaves, finishing two!

20150327-161535.jpgLisa was making bon-bon blocks

20150327-161649.jpgNanette is stitching more log cabins

20150327-161737.jpgLorraine’s hexies are progressing

20150327-161813.jpgJosephine started cutting out six pointed stars

20150327-161846.jpgfinishing one in class

20150327-161918.jpgand Josephine brought in a home made, light as air, delicious baked cheesecake for morning tea

20150327-161959.jpgShe can come again!

Meredithe x

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Japanese exhibition

Do you ever feel life is slightly out of control? On a roller coaster that keeps running endlessly on its rails? Life’s been a bit like that this week but I’m taking this spare hour to try to start catching up on my posts.

This time last week I’d been enjoying a beautiful exhibition called “Loving Indigo – the world of Shigeko Asada“. This remarkable woman created 50 large quilts and a number of small ones during the last 8 years of her life, while battling cancer. My friends and I were fortunate enough to have a personalised tour of the quilts with the organiser of this exhibition, the gorgeous Jacinta, who talked us through the meaning and techniques used in each of the quilts; it was wonderful to share in Jacinta’s knowledge.

I only had my phone with me, so some of the pics aren’t fabulous, but here’s a sampling of what we saw::

The roofs on the houses remind me up upturned rice bowls; these are women’s work pants; I love the bottom left hand lanterns turned on their sides; this is a warrior banner, with a family crest in the top left corner

20150327-141928.jpgthe sashiko stitching on this quilt is wonderful; another family crest; part of a scene from the quilter’s home town; a Buddhist saying is contained in this centre panel

20150327-142140.jpga traditional umbrella dance; made in part from the lining of happi coats, with the triangle pattern representing snake scales to protect against evil; the shape of the cherry blossom is so evocative of Japan; a traditional Japanese pattern

20150327-142252.jpgmore beautiful Sashiko work; pieces of indigo cloth; memories of childhood; playing with indigo-dyed cloth

20150327-142341.jpgTwo corners of the room displayed the beauty of this current season

20150327-142523.jpgSome of the backs were as intriguing as the fronts

20150327-142642.jpgThese little fish are so cute

20150327-142818.jpgShigeko Asada’s friends helped search out all the different fabrics used in this tea cup quilt

20150327-143028.jpgThe last two quilts contained prayers, both for herself and her husband who died suddenly just months before Shigeko; I didn’t photograph these as I felt they were too personal. We were very touched by the whole display and marvelled at the amount of work achieved by one woman, and all by hand.

Before going into the exhibition we did avail ourselves of the Millrose hospitality

20150327-143445.jpgand after we took the short drive to Ballarat to visit The Crafty Squirrel, thoroughly enjoying Morgan’s displays of her eclectic wares.

20150327-143723.jpganyone for a pencil?

A delightful day, giving us pause for thought, a treat for the senses and an urge to quilt.

Meredithe x

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Sunshine Sunday

It was a spectacular, sunny, autumnal Sunday yesterday; the perfect day for a trip to the beach. GJ and Mr GJ have acquired a beach house and they invited some friends to come and help celebrate their moving in. Who could resist such an offer?

Such a lovely welcome, just inside the door.

20150323-162028.jpgThere are places to lounge in the sun,

20150323-162308.jpgsit in the shade

20150323-162351.jpgor perch for a drink.

20150323-162448.jpgThere’s already a quilt on the couch

20150323-162529.jpgand a sewing caddy…….with supplies!

20150323-162638.jpgThe garden is well established

20150323-162810.jpgwith baby zucchini

20150323-162906.jpgand nasturtium flowers for salads

20150323-162942.jpgAnd speaking of food, we were well fed with delicious anti-pasto

20150323-161755.jpgalong with some home made pizzas which disappeared before I could get the camera out of the bag! and some scrumptious desserts to follow.

20150323-161908.jpgGJ already has some lovely touches in place

20150323-163058.jpgand I can’t wait for Winter when we’ll be able to sit in front of the open fire to sew!

20150323-163152.jpgTo quote a mutual friend, I do love a friend with a beach house!

Meredithe x

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