Bits and bobs

Just a couple of odd photos that I had on the camera, apropos of a day where I should have taken more pics and didn’t and an “odd man out”.

~ One Friday Karen’s friend Miss B was down from Queensland and she showed us some blocks she’s making as a newbie to quilting~ Helen floored me at a recent trip to the quilt shop by buying this kit.  Floored me because she doesn’t usually like small bits, yet here they are and were all cut out on the night of our visit to the shop!~ and finally another of Dad’s orchids, this time one that Mum chose, has flowered.  It’s much smaller than the others and I love the dark colouring of it.

Jut a bit of randomness for today!  Have a great one Peeps!

Meredithe x

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Class show and tell


Sue W finished putting together her stars quiltSue E had all her 9-patch blocks made, so together we cut the setting triangles and she started stitching them onDenise started prepping for a hexagon bagCarylin was hand quiltingand Jo stitched some more squares


Four students stayed all day; Lyn brought in these “samples” from a mill in Manchester to show usand she’d been busy and stitched up all her blocks at homeso she then cut and started sewing on the sashingsFernanda had all her “Ruby May” blocks finished, so she marked out the linen background and we placed the blocks and she appliqued 3 in place…..only 22 more to go!Linda continued on with some more of her appliquethen in the afternoon we looked at fabrics and chose some sets for a new project “County Claire” (a new pattern by Judy Newman)and Leanne prepped her borders, ready for mitreingand with the other afternoon students, Susan M worked on her next blockas did CherylFrances chose a different border for her quilt and worked on thatand Lynette joined us and together we interpreted a pattern and she was able to start cuttingMeredithe x

This class is held at Sewn and Quilted

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An outing or two

At the end of the week before last I had a couple of days out with friends – the camera was forgotten on both trips so you’ll have to make do with the purchases and not the food, sorry!

On the Friday Helen, Karen, Maree and I visited the quilt shop and had a lovely time indulging in some retail therapy, then had lunch at Lilies on Brougham.

Apart from some fabrics, which I’ll show you soon, I bought this book and patternThen the next day GJ and I went out to a new (to me) shop at Warrandyte set in the delightful surroundings of Warren Glen nursery called Clair’s Fabrics.  Such a large shop with oodles of fabrics to choose from.  Found these for the borders of “Sketchbook Geese”and this for the backing which I’ll mix with the left overs from the front.Bought a little bit of other fabric there too, which will also be revealed shortly and then had lunch at the cafe.  Fabrics shop, garden centre and cafe – what more could one want!

We also visited the relocated Bustle and Bows and I picked up these sweet embroidery kits.Both were delightful days; always fun to shop and lunch with friends and we were having beautiful Spring weather so there were blue skies and lots of sunshine too.

On the Monday I ventured on my own over to Cutting Cloth, a quick visit for a Woman On a Mission!  I needed to get the cotton for the edging of the bunny rug and they had a pattern there for the same thing – bonus!  And that was It!  Quick, go!Unfortunately, the phone rang while I was waiting to be served.  I tried valiantly to avert my eyes but they alighted on…….so these fabrics came home too……..they’re all for a New Project that I’ll be starting shortly and will show you.  (I’m a bit afraid that you’ll query my sanity – if you already haven’t – when I tell you what I’m going to undertake!)

Meredithe x

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(International) squishy parcels

After finishing my “Kramarev” quilt, I posted it on Instagram and the lovely Kate (@modernbasics) got in touch to say she’d seen the same main fabric I’d used in other colour ways and would I like some.  ” Yes please” was my response and soon thereafter, all the way from Singapore arrived these……Not sure how they’ll be used yet, but Thank You so much Kate!  I was very surprised that the fabrics were still around as they originally came out about 15 years ago so they’re very treasured!

The Golfer has been away with some mates on a golfing break and he brought back a present for me – in a bag not a squishy parcel, but same, same…… all the way from Thailand How clever is he??  Such gorgeous fabrics and so me!!  And yes, he did venture into a fabric shop!  There’s a metre of each and I’m thinking the blue could make a gorgeous top of some description…….

One Very Happy Meredithe x

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I finished my “Spice of Life” CAL last week.  The yarn was purchased while I was away with Mum at a craft shop in Stawell.  The yarns were out on special (I’m guessing end of season) and I think I made the shop owner’s day by buying up large!

I loved making this crocheted blanket, learning lots of new stitches on the way with Sandra’s excellent pattern and photos to guide me through the stitches and colours, (although I did choose my own colour way and “matched” my colour choices to the pattern) and enjoying the gentle rhythm of hook and yarn in the repetitive stitches, particularly the new ones, once mastered.  There was a bit of a tussle towards the end; I really wanted to finish it, but I really didn’t want it to end as I was having so much fun!But seeing the finished blanket was the bigger draw card and I hooked on eagerly awaiting the Ta-Da moment!  Eminently satisfying!Yes, it could probably do with blocking but with our cold evenings still here, it’s being used already!  And when it’s not, it sits folded up and I can’t help but pat it every time I walk past.I’m delighted with it; so happy with the colours I chose, amazed that it was finished so quickly, pleased that I’ve improved my crocheting skills and learnt new stitches.

Finishing had, however, left a hole in my evenings and quite a bit of leftover yarn.  My hands were itching to do something else, but fabric just wasn’t going to cut it – it had to be something “yarny”.  So to combat that, I trawled the internet and found a great YouTube tutorial on knitting mitred squares which really appealed and then how to knit them together as-you-go which sounded like a brilliant idea, and then learnt how to do a long tail cast on which was needed, and so I set to and before you could say “mitred square” I had four of them!This too has become highly addictive and grown to this already!  I just can’t seem to leave it alone.  You wouldn’t think I was a quilter, would you?  What is it in our my personality that “hooks us me in” and makes us me so keen to do nothing else but this?……for the moment!  There wasn’t enough grey left from the crochet, so I have bought a dark and a light grey which I’ll keep randomly alternating as I go.  Knitting the squares this way means I can stop at any stage, when it’s big enough, or I tire of it – whichever comes first!   Thinking I might do a crocheted edge around it…….

What’s your current “addiction”?  I’d love to know!

Meredithe x

(Am tempted to try the “A Spicier Life” blanket!)

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Class show and tell

This class is held at Sewn and Quilted……


Denise brought in a delicious coconut slice for all to shareand she fussy cut some more for her new project and we may have changed some of the fabrics too….Anne Maree has finished the quilt she and her daughter made for their grandson/sonand together we chose fabrics for some more blocks and Anne Maree prepped themCarole finished off some of her little blocks and I did the pen work so this little group is now done!Carylin had a little retail therapy with new fabrics (Baltimore House)and worked on her hand quiltingand Sue E was working on the last of her squares borders


Two students stayed all day; Lyn has her little quilt all finishedand she wanted to make something with this fabric sent to her by an English friendand so we worked out best cutting and she stitched the first of these blockswhich will probably have some of this sweet fabric in it too (also from England)Fernanda has finished this quilt top which she started in last week’s classand is progressing well with her “Ruby May” blocksand in class she finished her sweet MSG bag Susan M has finished both her grand daughters’ “Woodlands” quilt tops (so lovely to see one’s pattern made up by others!) and she worked on an “Aunts’ Quilt” blockFrances finished putting the first borders on her quilt topHelen worked on more “Sweet Sunday” blocksCheryl started another “Pele Mele” blockand Tineke did more of her bagMeredithe x

This class is held at Sewn and Quilted

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Class show and tell

It’s the beginning of the month so double show and tell…..

First up from the quilt shop.

Rosalie has finished making her wall hanging and just needs to quilt it now – it’s all sandwiched and ready to go after some suggestions from yours trulyso she was able to start something new….well, something that she started a while ago, and the new will be to learn some applique methods; the first part is reverse appliqueVal worked hard over the month, with one border finished and lots of pentagon flowers madeand in class she started the “greenery” for the second borderJennifer finished her quilt top in class and we set about cutting borders for itFrances decided on borders for this quilt topand worked out where she’s up to with this oneand Denise started something new, which meant choosing fabrics (ooh, I do so love helping with that!) and then making a start, and look how the centre is going to beMeredithe x

This class is held at the quilt shop, Eltham

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