Squishy parcels

In the post of late have been this new pattern from Liz at Broderiecalled “Dear Little Dillies” from a new range by Liz “It’s in the Bag”.   They look so cute, don’t they?and the new mailing from Treehouse Textiles – always so great for scrappy quilts!  Ooh, and perfect for a little Dilly Bag!

Anything interesting dropped through/into your letterbox lately?

Meredithe x

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Pannier – week 2

Got to use a template set for the bigger basket this week; it’s my Art Deco Basket template set, and two more of the Charm BasketsEnjoying this so much!  Linking up with Cecile on her QAL

Meredithe x

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Had our first Squealers get together  for 2018 yesterday.  Yay!  Of course there was heaps of food for afternoon tea!and lots of show and tell, including this pretty yarn that Miss E found when clearing out her Mum’s stuff which she’s kindly donated to me (Ma Kettle might be getting another cardi!)Miss E also has a gorgeous old box which belonged to her grandmotherit’s an old apothecary box which held her grandmother’s embroidery cottons, and now holds Miss E’s (the “holes” were for little bottles of potions – it did sit higher up but the ledge is long gone) Irene joined us for the day bringing her stunning show and tell, two new quilts which I have permission to show you.  Can’t wait for these Irene Blanck patterns to come out! We did do lots of sewing/yarn work too.  I made another basket block (or two!)Miss E is making use of those embroidery threadsJen was trying to teach herself to ripple crochet (Helen where were you??!!)Irene worked on yet another new quiltand had a gorgeous hexi bag for her “stuff”Karen is working on some embroideries to go with her star blocksand she has been doing some embroidery on a “supper cloth”Andrea is appliqueingMaree is working on her bordersand a “thank you” to Miss Lynnie for a pair of cute thumb/finger pincushions!  So tiny!(We missed you H)

Meredithe x

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A Friday class

Yesterday GJ and I headed down the freeway to Treehouse Textiles to take part in a class, with Di from Verandah Crafts as our tutor.  Something new and different!

As we were a little early we stopped for a coffee at a new (to us) cafe that’s opened up right next door to Treehouse, Javier and Sam’s Kitchen.  Was the Best hot chocolate!then a wander around Emma’s lovely shop before settling down to our task with a kita tin (which Ma Kettle used to keep her darning threads in) and a little Liberty and not a needle or thread in sight!By  lunchtime, we were a room full of happy students with gorgeous lined tins.  Here’s mine – I’m so delighted with it!  Beautiful tin……now lined inside…….and on the lid…….and even on the bottom!Wanna see the others?  GJ’s gorgeous tinwith fab hexagon (wouldn’t be right with anything else, would it?) liningKerry’s sweet tinand pretty lining with button tooSusan’s cute dog tinwith the animal theme continuing insideMarilyn’s faded beautynow with fabulous bright insidesDebra’s more modern tinwith classic insideBronwyn’s conservative outsideand stunning insideand lastly Leanne’s gorgeous floral tinwith equally gorgeous floral liningIt was such fun to be on the other side of the table as a student learning something that I had no knowledge about and something so different to do and so enjoyable to do!

After lunch and another hot chocolate for me and GJ (mine matches my tin!)Di took us through the makings of some accoutrements for our tins.  Unfortunately GJ and I had to leave early, but we have the knowledge and have started the makings for a thimble keeper, a scissor keep and a pincushion.  Hope to show you those soon.

A fabulous fun day (the roses are from GJ’s garden).Thank you to Di a great teacher, and Emma a wonderful hostess, and the gorgeous group of ladies in the class!Meredithe x

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A Wednesday jaunt

Wednesday was a stunning Melbourne Summer day and The Golfer and I decided to head out to the Yarra Valley.  I forgot to take the camera so these are all phone pics.  Our first stop was the viewing point for the Maroondah Damthen through the Black Spur with its tall, tall treesand gigantic lush tree fernsOur lunch stop was the bakery at Marysville, sitting outside under the treeswhere a honey eater thought for a moment he might join usfor a chicken schnitzel with home made relish and coleslaw (who needed tomato sauce with the home made relish??)We had a walk through the park next door

spotting this little train and a huge log (the engine is for you Anne and the log for Malcolm!)We had a walk around the town too, which from this pic you can see is nestled in a valleythen it was back to the park for a read on the rug (thoroughly enjoying the new Jane  Harper)with thisand this as our viewIt was so peaceful with the gurgle of running water from the nearby stream in the background

Marysville was catastrophically devastated by the Black Saturday fires in February 2009 and it was wonderful to see the township having risen like a Phoenix after such an horrific disaster.

We came back via Warburton, accidentally going down a road which half way along turned to gravel and we laughed at the sign saying ‘Rough surface ahead’ at one point; I wanted The Golfer to go back so I could add an ‘er’, and the 70kms just before a hairpin bend – someone had a sense of humour putting up the signposts!  And more massively tall treesIt was a shock to hit the city roads with all the rushing traffic after our quiet interlude, but a delightful day.

Meredithe x

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Pannier – week 1

As part of my “new” in 6and6in2018, I’m joining in with Cecile’s Sew-A-Long and making basket blocks.

The first blocks for week 1 are made; we’re asked to make 2 per week, more if desired and I’ve managed 3.  But, shock! horror! I had to make my own templates from template plastic for the first one!  How spoilt am I??Luckily I’m also using my “Charm Baskets” template set for the smaller blocksNot quite sure how this is going to end up; there’s a sort-of-plan in my head!

Are you joining in too?

Meredithe x

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My goodness, it’s easy to get out of routine in this Summer holiday time, or maybe it’s that it’s hard to get back into routine!

Did you have a lovely Christmas and New Year?  We did.  Ma Kettle came and stayed for 2 and a half weeks and I’m just back from staying with her for a few days.  While Mum was here we had visits to and from various rellies; watched some tv I’d taped for her  – The Great British Bake Off and the movie “Hidden Figures”; went to the movies and saw “Goodbye Christopher Robin” which we both enjoyed; went shopping and helped the economy along and had some r and r too.

Our Poppet came over (with her parents) on the Saturday before Christmas to help us decorate the tree.  Her face was a picture of delight when we turned the lights on and she’s now demanding that their tree have lights next year!  She was our entertainment on Christmas Day arriving dressed as a fairy, wings and all, relishing all the attention and flummoxing us with her knowledge of antonyms and synonyms (at not yet 4 years old!).

We visited them too and Poppet treated us to a trampoline display, a dress up parade, a ballet concert and educated us on PK Masks (she’s Owlet and has the costume – a Christmas present – to prove it);  who knew??

I gardened, tidying up and weeding, and picking more hydrangeasand started reading my Christmas books.  I also tried my hand at baking gluten free bread rolls for Mum and had great success with this brandWe visited Carol at Sewn and Quilted as she was having a sale, including some items from her Mum, so we were able to purchase some wool, the blue for socks for me and the dark pink for a cardi for MumUp at Mum’s it was SO hot, culminating in a 45 degree day last Saturday during which we hibernated under the air conditioner and watched DVD’s all dayThat evening we both felt the need to go for a walk; it was still very hot and a north wind was blowing, but we walked around her village admiring the gardens of the other residents – thought you might like a look too.  The flowers are somewhat weather beaten after the heat, but pretty nonetheless. We also shopped while I was there, me for some clothes in the Summer Sales and Mum picked up this pretty glass Water Lilly which is perfect for the Dresden Plate mat she was kindly given by one of my students, Cheryl.There were quite a few chores to do for Mum, both business and around her home so I just may have visited Honeysuckle Patchwork as a reward to myself!Love the template set from Jen Kingwell (could become one of my “new” in 6and6), a bit of Kaffe and Zen Chic (Brigitte Heitland) never goes astray and I can’t find the name on the bees, but they’re very cute.

I made some more rolls for Mum too and we found a packet of muffin mix from the same people which Mum is going to have a go with.

So it’s already been an eventful time!  I’ll be back tomorrow with the beginnings of my basket quilt, “Pannier”.  Until then lovelies……

Meredithe x

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