Woolly Bits Class

Sunday was Woolly Bits Class, well, technically it wasn’t our Woolly Bits Class, we gate crashed the First Sunday Class, but they were lovely and didn’t seem to mind us joining them, just the once, at all!

GJ is doing the current Sue Spargo BOM, so I can’t show you that, but she did have her circles with her

20160208-195914.jpgMegan is a new First Sunday girl and she started with the basics with these leaves

20160208-200021.jpgMegan’s young teenage daughter came too. I loved how Scarlett had her hair done

20160208-200117.jpgand she did a great job with her leaves too

20160208-200144.jpgKatrina is making another bag

20160208-200210.jpgand she’s made this gorgeous zippered bag too (and looks like she did some shopping!)

20160208-200249.jpgCharmaine (First Sunday girl) is stitching “Flower Bed” blocks

20160208-200431.jpgCarol (First Sunday) had her blocks finished and she started putting them together

20160208-200528.jpgand during class she put it all together

20160208-200559.jpgCarol’s next project is “Bird Dance” and she’s made a start there too

20160208-200643.jpgSally (First Sunday) has her “Flower Bed” together

20160208-200735.jpgand she’s working on her borders

20160208-200803.jpgGail is stitching a tree

20160208-200830.jpgLynne’s “Bird Dance” is finished and quilted

20160208-200909.jpgand she spent class attaching her binding – should be finished to show you by next class.

Lunch, as always, was delicious!

20160208-201008.jpgand I studiously sat with needle and thread in hand, instructions handy and book at the ready and finished another block


I know I say it every time, but it was a delightful day; so relaxing and rewarding. A special thank you to the First Sunday Girls for letting us join them.

Meredithe x

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Squealers is back too!

As always we had a shared afternoon tea and a surprising number of Squealers brought fruit (obviously we’re all on a health kick after bingeing over Christmas!) and even more surprisingly none of it was duplicated.

20160206-212313.jpgHelen is working on the last block of her appliqué and this is the sashing between the blocks

20160206-212430.jpgand for something diametrically opposed, Helen is also working on this Japanese style appliqué

20160206-212534.jpgMrs Mac has been hand quilting, between hot spells

20160206-212612.jpgand when it’s too hot for quilting, she’s been piecing

20160206-212640.jpgAndrea is travelling overseas this year and is making this as a gift to take

20160206-212832.jpgKaye is cutting appliqué shapes from Liberty fabrics and feed sacks

20160206-212908.jpgMiss V was knitting for a grandchild

20160206-212934.jpgand Miss E was knitting for a friend’s child

20160206-213016.jpgMaree quickly sewed buttons on to complete this shirt

20160206-213053.jpgbefore playing with some gifted feed sack diamonds

20160206-213139.jpghmm, not enough so substitutes will have to be made – in the best spirit of make do and mend.

Helen’s gorgeous granddaughter Miss J was with us too and she started making a monster

20160206-213303.jpgand if only Granny had remembered the glue he would have been finished!

20160206-213345.jpgInstead Miss J drew Granny a picture with her new pencil set.

20160206-213454.jpgAnd while we stitched we solved the problems of the world! Such a fun day.

Meredithe x

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Eliott Stitchers

Eliott Stitchers is back for 2016, and Heather kindly offered her home for our first get together.

20160206-210126.jpgWe (well, some of us!) enjoyed morning tea

20160206-210248.jpgand some show and tell.

Carolyn was cutting triangles to add to this lovely quilt top

20160206-210349.jpgand in a clean up she’s found this bag which she made, with Dresdens on two sides

and embroidery on the others

After lunch

20160206-210620.jpg(with very cute serviettes)

20160206-210647.jpgHeather showed us her quilts


20160206-210753.jpgThen it was down to some stitching; Heather was working on her circles

20160206-210910.jpgso too was Amanda

20160206-210932.jpgand GJ was cutting more centres for her La Passacaglia

A lovely day!

Meredithe x

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Quilty 365

So, what do 31 circles look like?

Well, a little like this……

20160205-213424.jpgor this…….

20160205-213447.jpgor, better still, this…..

20160205-213514.jpgThat’s one circle for every day of January. I made it!

I needed to find somewhere for them to live while waiting for the rest to join them, so here are those first 31 settled into their new home awaiting their brethren.

Want to see what other Circlers are doing? Click this link to see some wonderful circle happenings. How are your circles going?

Linking up Audrey for Quilty 365.

Meredithe x

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Class show and tell

Classes are back for 2016! Here we go……..


We had some great show and tell with quilts/quilt tops; Jenny finished her 1930’s top

20160204-153331.jpgEllen finished this EPP top

20160204-153407.jpgand Sue 3 has her GTSB quilt done!

20160204-153604.jpgand Sue also participated in Summer School and is up to making these blocks

20160204-181020.jpgPaula spent part of the holidays piecing her diamonds

20160204-153013.jpgLook how they’re going to make up

20160204-153040.jpgLois found this handy container at the supermarket

20160204-153928.jpgand she spent some time cutting out for not one, but two new quilts

20160204-154036.jpgAfter Summer School, Pearl is a convertee to hand piecing – yay! – and she cut out lots of blocks

20160204-154208.jpgJenny had more fun with her stars

20160204-154243.jpgAnne-Marie was drawing and pressing to her “heart’s content”

20160204-154339.jpgEllen stitched on another border

20160204-154410.jpgCarole started adding borders and laying out her appliqué on her GTSB

20160204-154532.jpgand Adrienne’s stitching more long bits



The Thursday girls had some finishes over the holidays too; Lorraine finished this quilt top

20160204-181231.jpgand Marilyn this one

20160204-181305.jpgMarilyn has also garnered these fabulous feed sacks

20160204-181336.jpgand wants to start the “Circle a Day” project, so we thought they might go together…….somehow (we’ll work it out along the way!), so we started with a lesson in circles

20160204-181518.jpgJane went to Summer School too and has these blocks

20160204-181622.jpgand worked on these in class

20160204-182232.jpgFiona did too and has these

20160204-181659.jpgSue 1 has her blocks made

20160204-181730.jpgand we started work on her centre

20160204-181821.jpgJosephine has been busy with hexies

20160204-181907.jpgSue 2 has tried her hand at free motion appliqué and quilting

20160204-182014.jpgand was working on these blocks in class

20160204-182102.jpgand Peggy cut borders and sewed the first of them on, mitring the corners.


Meredithe x

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Our visitor

Last Saturday morning The Golfer dragged me out of bed, bade me put on my slippers (which he’d laid at my feet), took me by the hand and lead me out the front door, along the verandah, through the gate and into our back yard. Stumbling along, I asked what on earth we were doing and why hadn’t we gone out the back door. “Hush”, whispered The Golfer. “Look!” He slowly pointed a finger at the middle of the Claret Ash where there sat a Tawny Frogmouth. Isn’t he wonderful?

20160201-202136.jpg(Thanks to The Golfer for the great photo.)

All weekend he sat there quietly; we assume he hunted for food at night. I took washing out to the clothes line to hang up and he watched, following my return journey, head swivelling like an owl’s. At one stage I stopped to chat, but he just looked at me unblinkingly, not obliging me with any answers to my questions. At other times he drew himself up, looking more and more like a branch, his plumage already wonderfully blending into the tree. Sunday was very windy; still he sat, his feathers ruffling in the wind. On Monday morning he was gone. We feel a little bereft, silly I know, but we liked having such an exotic creature in our Claret Ash. And we do wonder where he’s gone.

Have you ever had any unusual visitors?

Meredithe x

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Darcy’s Girls

I seem to have hit the ground running; everything is starting again this week and Summer holidays are definitely over! And what fun! Monday we congregated at Judy’s home

20160201-195450.jpgfor a day of talk and sewing, oh and a little food!

Judy has this gorgeous tin

20160201-195600.jpg Rae basted a quilt borrowing Judy’s pins which live in this tin

20160201-195824.jpgand Rae’s quilt?

20160201-195905.jpgSweet elephants and great threads for the quilting.

Judy’s daughter sent this Liberty fabric over from London

20160201-200128.jpgGJ laid out her fabulous La Passacaglia

20160201-200216.jpgand stitched the start of another block

20160201-200254.jpgCarolyn stitched up one of her new blocks too

20160201-200329.jpgJudy made us a delicious lunch

20160201-200505.jpgand some people enjoyed cake too

20160201-200529.jpgSue called in briefly after lunch with her Peony Medallion quilt

20160201-200800.jpgand I stitched up a couple of Elwood Rose blocks

Not a bad way to start the week!

Meredithe x

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