A pause

Hi Lovelies, just a quick note to let you know that I’m not going to be blogging for a while. Time wise it’s getting difficult to fit everything into my days and I know I’m not giving this space the time and effort it needs. Family comes first but I hope it won’t be too long before I’m in this space again.

Take care and sending you all hugs

Meredithe x

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Class show and tell

At the quilt shop.…..


Rosalie and I did a layout of her hexagon blocks

and in class she was appliqueing the border

Denise worked on her EPP for “Little Sweetheart

Michelle had lots of her EPP done too

and in class we chose some background fabrics and Michelle had a lesson in how to stitch them down

Jennifer finished another couple of blocks

Gillian tried out EPP doing Tumbling Blocks

and Val brought in her amazing Double Wedding Ring back from the quilters

and she started prepping her bias binding


Rosalie worked on her “Steampunk” blocks

and we chose fabrics for and she traced out for another couple of blocks

Michelle worked on her “Steampunk” blocks too

Francis has chosen a lovely doiley to use as the centre for her version of Judy Newman’s “Settle” quilt from Judy’s second book

Denise worked on making the EPP components and a bit of applique for her “Hampton Bag

Gillian hand pieced this mammoth block

I gave Jennifer an embroidery lesson and we chose some beautiful threads for this piece

Val made a start on machine sewing her binding

doing a great job with the corners

and we welcomed Joan to class and she had a lesson in rotary cutting in preparation for some machine stitching next time

Meredithe x

This class is held at the quilt shop, Eltham

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Poppet day

Apologies for the radio silence here at p and c but I was struck down with my Winter Nemesis – Mr Laryngitis – and while I don’t need to “talk” to you with my voice, I was extremely tired and spent the time blobbing on the couch and in bed. Much better now, back at class and some activities, so I’d better catch up……

Miss Poppet came for another day with her Auntie MJ and brought along her new playmate. Please meet Cinders the dragon

On my meeting Cinder, I was informed that she was very cold and please Auntie MJ could she have a hat to keep her head warm. Of course, said I, thinking how on earth do you knit a hat to fit this head??

After a little bit of start, undo and start again Cinders had her hat, complete with a pom-pom made by Poppet

While I was knitting the hat, Poppet asked if she could knit Cinders a scarf, so in between hat rounds I was reminding Poppet of how to knit and helping pick up stitches. It all became Too Hard Auntie MJ so we turned the start of the scarf into a bag (perfect Auntie MJ!) and I crocheted a handle and Poppet added a ladybird

In the interim, Poppet decided Cinders needed a tail warmer

so here’s Cinders thus far

It turned out to be one of those amazing sunny and mild Winter days and the pull of the outdoors was too much by this stage. Armed with a basket Poppet wanted to “garden” so we picked lemons, flowers and “some greenery please Auntie MJ”

We both “cooked” with the lemons, me making Lemon Curd and Poppet making three different “Lemon Drinks” (one pure lemon and sugar, one lemon, sugar and water, and one just lemon and water), oh and a “spread” of lemon and sugar which Poppet put on a piece of bread – eeeuuuurrrrgh!!

I made our lunch and Poppet set out our places on the outside table

and we enjoyed frittata

and Poppet ate that sugar/lemon/bread concoction (shudder!!!)

After lunch I finished a little button scarf for Cinders, Poppet pondering studiously over which precious button to choose, and Poppet also decorated Cinders’ hat – and here she is in all her glory. (“Oh, Auntie MJ, she’s just adorable”!!)

I showed Poppet how to hand stitch a little basket using 5″ squares and she played with another piece with a find from the button tin and one of the earlier picked flowers

Too soon her Dad arrived to take her home and while LittleBigBrother and I were talking out the front, Poppet was doing cartwheels along the naturestrip and running and jumping. I apologised for not wearing her out enough, but he sent me a photo later of her fast asleep in her carseat – her aunt felt the same way!

and I had a lovely little bunch of flowers (and the occasional weed) to remind me of another lovely day with my gorgeous niece.

Meredithe x

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In the garden

On Friday nights I watch “Gardening Australia” and convince myself I’m a gardener – yes, I can do all that! Then I wake up on Saturday morning and realise I’m really a quilter!

However, on the last show the wonderful Millie Ross presented a segment on pruning roses. The next morning, Saturday, I followed her advice, took heart in hand and pruned, Really, Heavily pruned the roses, fed them and mulched them with leaves.

The Golfer gasped when he saw what I’d done – eeek! Finger crossed they survive and thrive!

The daphne is set to bloom soon

The sweet peas are growing apace

After re-potting all the orchids I wasn’t expecting any flowers this year but I have not only one

but two spikes!

I think I told you I’d made a “bulb lasagne” and the bulbs are starting to sprout – so exciting!

and the wheelbarrow is giving endless joy, seeming to change every day I look out the kitchen window with more and more flowers appearing

Gotta love a Winter garden! How’s your garden looking?

Meredithe x

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Class show and tell

Last week at Sewn and Quilted…….


After seeing the “Ronda Dechardo” BOM‘s and hearing the story of its inception, Cathie brought in the souvenirs she picked up in Ronda – wouldn’t this make a great quilt?

Cathie is proceeding well with her new quilt

Sue M has her “orange” block worked out for her “Joy” quilt

and we worked on choosing fabrics for the “blue” block

and the “purple” block

and I helped Linda sort out her bits for her “Lovely Liberty Cushion” and she set about polyfusing the pieces


Sue S worked on her new “Fossick” quilt all day and here are the blocks she cut out – with a little help from yours truly with colours and block design 😉 so she has lots of stitching to do at home!

plus this one which I think is my favourite so far

Tineke had one of her filler blocks nearly finished for her “Ronda Dechardo” BOM

and the first section of “Oranges and Lemons” almost done – we worked on the final “S-seam” in class

then she started on the next bit

Cheryl has her “Sweet Sunday” top finished! Woohoo!!

and in class I showed her how to polyfuse the hearts she working on, as an alternative applique method, and she pieced some tumblers as well

Linda worked on more of her little squares

and Frances did more applique

Meredithe x

This class is held at Sewn and Quilted, Blackburn

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June round up

~ Gosh it’s been a cold start to Winter! 3 degrees when I went out for my walk on Thursday morning. We had a couple of milder, sunny days a week or so go and I was able to take Mum for a walk in a wheelchair to the end of the drive and the park next door to where she lives, but otherwise it’s been far to cold and/or wet for outings with her. She’s still not too good so I’m visiting 4-5 times a week so she has another face to see and someone different to talk to.

~ I finished a pair of socks from “52 Weeks of Socks” and the observant among you will notice that one leg is shorter than the other, despite my careful counting. And would you believe, I did have extra rows knitted but then convinced myself that was not correct……. Ah well, who will see them once they’re on?

~ It’s been the month for mistakes. Students please note: This is a do as I say, not do as I do moment! I bought the “Hampton” bag kit, made the applique blocks, didn’t read the pattern and joined them together without trimming them. Of course, the zip didn’t fit then, so bought another. Went to pick up the backing fabric and realised I’d used it for the borders on the front piece. Pieced the back together with left overs and finally put it together. Note to self: Don’t make ANYTHING when worrying about Mum!

Still, with a few of them around, I’ll always know which one is mine just by looking at the back!

~ Had more success with the “magnetic buckle clip satchel” pattern that came with the magnetic buckle clips from Chandler’s Cottage. Leesa helped me with fabric/clip choices – so hard to do with just photos on the web. It was the first time I’d used foam batting and after a little wrestling I came out the winner!

~ This satchel turned out to be the the perfect thing for carrying “stuff” for a class with the lovely Tatiana learning modern crewel work – yes! I got to be a student for a change!

Had a wonderful class over 2 days with Tatiana, and the other ladies in the class were just as excited and keen as me so we’re continuing on and will have another class in July. Tatiana is such a talented teacher, excellent in demonstrating and explaining the stitches, full of knowledge and very sharing. Still a little bit to do to get it finished….. but such fun!

~ The new young lass on reception at Mum’s is struggling with cold hands; with the door constantly opening to let in visitors, staff and deliveries it’s not the warmest of environments. So I made her some fingerless gloves and she was delighted

~ On the bed this month, we’ve had a quilt I designed using two of my templates, “Parson’s Geese” and “Fly Away“, lots of different fabrics – modern, repro, linens, Liberty, 1930’s – and lots of greys/blacks for sashing

~ One of my students lent me “Apples Never Fall” by Liane Moriarty. She’s back to great writing! Kept me guessing to the last.

How was your June?

Meredithe x

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Class show and tell

Nearly caught up – here’s a couple of weeks of classes from Sewn and Quilted…..

Some of the photos look a little washed out – we were without electricity for a good part of the morning class….brrrr… Linda had her centre all finished (“Bits and Pieces” by Karen Cunningham)

and she started laying out the next round

and piecing them together

Sue M worked on her next “Joy” applique block

and she appliqued a little more in class

Louise had some show and tell – a quilt she’d started, captured and finished by her sister and given back to Louise for a birthday

the borders are all finished on her 9-patch applique quilt

and she did some more “Sweet Sunday” in class

Cathie brought in her chook quilt, made during lockdowns, to show us – just needs a binding

and she’s started a new quilt, inspired by this one from Material Obsession

with Cathie’s version looking like this

with perhaps this as the borders

in the meantime, lots of applique to do

Sue S brought in her “Museum Medallion” with the chinoiserie border attached

and she continued working on circles for the next round

Sue E continued on with her DWR blocks

and Carole did more applique

The power came back on !!!

Tineke had two “Floristic” blocks from her “Ronda Dechardo” BOM finished

and worked on the next one in class

Inspired by Linda’s quilt, Cheryl decided she’s like to cut out some diamonds

and I had fun placing them

while Cheryl stitched more “Sweet Sunday” blocks

Then a week later……..

Leanne had her “Go-Go Wheels” blocks read to join together for her “Ronda Dechardo” BOM

Carole prepped for the next stage of “Vermont Summer Medallion

and inspired after seeing Leanne’s blocks, Cathie is thinking of a “Go-Go Wheels” border for her quilt

Tineke had finished all four “Floristic” blocks

and moved onto “Oranges and Lemons” on her “Ronda Dechardo” BOM

Cheryl had pieced together some small and some smaller diamonds

and in class she was adding edging blocks to “Sweet Sunday

Helen added some hand quilting to her machine quilted quilt

and we looked at the next round for this block of “Beehive” (we chose the pile on the right)

and I laid out another for her

Frances and I worked out sets for these blocks of “Jardin de Poche

and after a little oops getting blocks sitting the correct way, Jane had another short column finished

Meredithe x

This class is held at Sewn and Quilted, Blackburn

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Saturday sewing

Had a delightful day christening Maree’s new “good room”. Previously used as a bedroom, Maree and Mr Maree have been working to turn it into a room which Maree plans to use for her sitting/sewing room, complete with new sofa, rug, paint work, quilt hanging and lovely quilt storage (just waiting to find a suitable “bottom” for it) and lots of lovely cushions!

As usual, our afternoon tea was scrumptious

Maryanne brought along a framed piece made by her mum

and a “run of the mill” shopping bag which she’s covered to use as a sewing bag, complete with covered rose button!

Maryanne, Maree and Andrea are all making Trish Harper’s “Dancing Dollies” and this is their progress.




Helen has lots of her “Hoshi” blocks together

Karen’s been playing with this kite shape

and I was hand quilting – will show you in a bit.

Meredithe x

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Class show and tell

Back to Sewn and Quilted this time……

Carole had finished all the applique for this section of “Vermont Summer Medallion

and started on the next bit

France has finished the diamond applique on her quilt

and in class worked on more embroidery for “Jardin de Poche

Louise had these blocks made for her “Sweet Sunday

started cutting for another

and begged to be able to use this sweet apron cross-stitched in the past by her (now) 96 year old mum……after saying no to her cutting up her mum’s beautifully embroidered supper cloths I relented – reluctantly.

and Louise put the final borders on her other quilt

and Cheryl played with more “Sweet Sunday” blocks

Meredithe x

This class is held at Sewn and Quilted, Blackburn

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Class show and tell

This time from the quilt shop……..

Sue has finished the applique on the first of her “Joy” blocks

and we had fun choosing fabrics for the second one

Deirdre basted a quilt

and prepped the binding

Paula is close to finishing these strips so we chose some border fabrics

Lois was busy marking up background for her stars

Peggy put more of her stars together

and Ann-Marie prepped the other two backings for the alphabet quilts she’s making

with the first one just needing a little bit more of the binding stitched to get it finished

Meredithe x

This class is held at the quilt shop, Eltham

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