Templates – Signature Collection

I design templates under the “Meredithe Clark Signature Collection” label for Victorian Textiles, exploring old blocks and revamping them, or trying something new. In this space you’ll see the current collection, plus new ones as they come onto the market. For stockists, please see below.

**NEW ** Floristic VT4043MC 12″ finished


**NEW ** Prism VT4045MC 8″across widest point (2 different blocks from one template set)


**NEW** Go-Go Wheels VT4046-8MC 8″ finished

**NEW** Go-Go Wheels VT4046-12MC 12″ finished



**NEW** Rocks and Whetstones VT4047MC



**NEW** Oranges and Lemons VT4048MC



Fossick VT4042   8″finished



Fly Away VT4041  12″ finished




Gateaux VT4040 15″ finished





Saigon VT4039 10″ finished





Alice’s Cross VT4038  14″ finished





Aunt Sophie VT4037  12″finished





Jinxed! VT4036  12″finished





12″ Carpenter’s Wheel VT4034





Back to Basics 5G  VT4033  12″finished

With the pieces in this set, you can make a great variety of blocks, all finishing at 12″





Winter Journey  VT4032  6″and 8″ finished set of triangles; combine with another block or set with plain blocks (as shown).



Parson’s Geese VT4031  13″ finished





12″ Pinwheel Hexagon VT4030MC






Cheddar Star VT4029MC













Back to Basics – 4G From 7 pieces make at least 9 different blocks, all 12″ finished. VT4028MC




Feathered Star VT4025MC 15″ finished



Free Wheelin’ VT4026MC 8″ across widest point


Back to Basics – 3G From 6 pieces, make at least 9 blocks from 9-patch through to Monkey Wrench, Rolling Stone and Card Trick. All 12″ finished. Vt4027MC


Crossroads VT4024


Ferris Wheel VT4023

Timeless Tulips VT4022MC 15″ finished

Splice VT4021MC 12″ finished

Vortex VT4020MC

Elwood Rose VT4019MC 6″ finished

Sunburst VT4017MC 12″ finished VT4018MC 15″ finished

Jackaroo Star VT4016MC 10″finished

Billabong VT4015MC *

Ice-cream Sundae VT4014MC 12″ finished

Carpenter’s WheelVT4013MC 18″ finished

All Pied Up VT4012MC *

Swirl VT4011MC 12″ finished

Dogwood VT4010MC 15″ finished

Sunflower VT4009MC 14″ finished

Prairie Star VT4008MC 12″ finished

Apple Pie VT4007MC *

Hexagon Slices VT4006MC *

Airplanes VT4005MC 9½” finished

Charm Baskets VT4004MC approx 6″ finished

English Whirl VT4003MC 9″ finished

Hexagon Party VT4002MC *

Daisy Days VT4001MC 8″ finished

Victoria Star VT4000MC 8″ finished

*These hexagon blocks are all 8″ finished across widest point and can be used in conjunction.


Ask at your local patchwork store, or contact

In Australia

Sewing Buddies Australia  03 9873 5925

Sewn and Quilted 03 9877 1664

Patch n Quilt (03) 5420 7333


Sewing Mates  (503) 829-4013

6 Responses to Templates – Signature Collection

  1. Carrolyn V says:

    Are your templates available in the states at all? I so love them, but I think the postage from Australia is prohibitive? Any idea what it would be for four or five sets to WA state….zip 99156?

  2. Linda says:

    I also like the elwoods rose but afraid of postage to US, when you get someone here that carries you templates I would be very interested.

  3. Jenny says:

    I’m interested in your parsons geese templates for a project. I need the geese to have a raw finish of 2.5 x 4.5. Please, would your template be suitable?

  4. Verna Groger says:

    So many of these are very beautiful. Let me know if and when you have a US representative.

  5. Hi, This is Barbara from Sewingmates and we now have your templates available for sale in the USA. Juanita at Sewingbuddies is ordering them through Victoria Textiles and sending regular deliveries across to our store. Would you please add Sewingmates.com to your availability for sales in the US? We are excited to have these beautiful templates for our customers and we plan to feature them in tutorials showing how well they work. Thank you very much, Barbara

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