Finishes 2019


Just a few pairs of socks!

(Winwick Mum socks)

“Muscadine Socks” from the book “Sockupied)and these for my chiro (“Ann’s Go-To Socks” from “Sockupied”) “Leaves” Fingerless Gloves by Valentina Georgieva (from Ravelry) for a friend (apologies for the poor pic)“Gretel” cardi by Pam Allen (available on Ravelry)




“Mid Century Modern Flowers” designed by me.  Hand appliqued and embroidered, machine pieced and hand quilted.  Made for the 2019 challenge by Cecile from Patchwork Inspirations

Mid Century Modern Flowers by Meredithe Clark

“Floristic” from my new templates of the same name.  Hand pieced and commercially machine quilted“Floristic” by Meredithe Clark

“The Pretty Quilt” started in a class with Fiona Linsday back in the early part of this century and finished after much nagging by my besties!  (For which I am grateful)

“The Pretty  Quilt” from a class with Fiona Lindsay