17ufosin2017 | June

Wow!  we’re half way through this year!  Can you believe it?  So, are you halfway through your list?  Have you attempted Substantial Progress on half your nominated UFO’s?

I’ve had a very good month, certainly not halfway through my list or attempted half, but I have made some progress.

This month I have:

::  put the label on “Saigon”, so it really is finished, finished!  Yay!  That’s Substantial Progress for sure!

:: done a little more applique on “Rainy Days”:: (If you’re reading this, Ma – look away!)  the back of Ma’s jumper is almost done.::  the hand quilting on “Wallender” is done, and the binding is purchased – just need to bind and label.::  and 192 of 366 circles are on, just need to make up my mind on the layout and get appliqueing on the other 174How did you fair in June?  It’s not too late to be joining in; nominate some projects and see how much Substantial Progress you achieve with them in the remaining six months of 2017.  Now it’s time for you to brag on your achievements for this month.

If you have a blog, please add your link below (link will be open for a week); if you don’t have a blog, list your month’s achievements in the comments, or add a post to Instagram with the hashtag #17ufosin2017  Can’t wait to see what everyone has done!  And if you missed out on posting last month, please join in this month – we’d love to have you along on the challenge.

Meredithe x

When linking to your blog for 17ufosin2017

::  Please link directly to your post on your 17ufosin2017 not to your home page
::  Please link back to this post somewhere in your post
::  Visit other linkers to see what they’re going to be working on for 2017
:: The link will be open for a week
::  If you haven’t already, pick up the 17ufosin2017 blog button from my side bar

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10 Responses to 17ufosin2017 | June

  1. Pamela says:

    You’ve made great progress! Hard to believe the year is half way through!

  2. Annie Gunn says:

    Happy to add that I have completed 11 & 12 is so close. Working on three biggies, then hopefully I can come in at the end with two smaller projects. I can’t thank you enough Meredithe for inspiring us to achieve some goals that were set many years ago, I must admit that I have also had great thinking time to plan 2018. I will try not to be impetuous about my future projects. I love anything craft & need to get back on to other things like embroidery, crocheting etc, Good luck everyone and any project completed has to be a great achievement, even if you can’t make the 17.💐

  3. anudge says:

    I’m hoping to sandwich my Carolina Christmas and then I’ll have done work on 9 of them – some even finished. This is turning out to be a good challenge. Thank you.

  4. Helen F says:

    Crikey M you are going great guns!! – I have finished ZILCH!!

  5. Emily says:

    I’ve done some sewing on an Easter quilt that was on my 17 in 17 list, however I certainly started about ten new projects that were spur of the moment ideas and I can not find a fat quarter of special fabric, it’s got to be somewhere!

  6. Well, you’ll be surprised to know that I have in fact made progress on a project….!

  7. frayedattheedge says:

    Good progress, especially as you were visiting Ma, and then were poorly!!

  8. Linda says:

    Great progress, always so satifying crossing one or two things off!

  9. Well, One carpal tunnel surgery down and the next one to go in August. Not sure if I will ever catch up! Maybe in August I can catch up with all of you.

  10. eileenkny says:

    I didn’t do anything in June related to your UFO challenge. I was away from 6 June through 23 June. I went to the UK and Ireland. I’ll try to get something done for July.
    Meredithe, you’re making great progress, and I love your color sense.

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