A trip to Ma Kettle

I’m just back from spending a few days with Ma Kettle, seeing how she’s settling in and checking out the improvements/changes made to her new abode.

It wasn’t totally altruistic; I did have to go via Millrose as I was having withdrawal symptoms having not been for a couple of months.  The shop was so warm and cosy after the freezing weather outsideand such a warm welcome from Lizzie and Nat, and Catherine and Jo were there sewing too;the wool made my fingers itch to knit, but I was on a mission;yes, the fabric rooms were calling my name.I needed a binding for “Wallender” now that the quilting is done (Nat found the perfect end of bolt piece), a few more fabrics for my 100days100blocks (getting a bit tired of the same old, same old after 50+ blocks), and a couple of “Outback Wife” pieces for my “Parsons Geese” quilt.Mission accomplished!

I shouted myself lunch next door

then headed on over to Ma’s.  We had a lovely few days together, getting out and seeing “half Autumn leaves”

and what looks like blossom buds already – ??? it is only the first month of Winter, isn’t it??

Ma’s new sofa bed had arrived and was where I slept, and very comfy it was tooand Pa’s orchids are looking happy in their new home; he’d be so pleased.The front garden needs a little TLC, but hopefully LittleBigBrother will attend to that in the next week or sobut in the meantime, Ma is making the most of what she can glean from this new little garden.All in all, Ma is settling in well;  still a few things to be done, but they’re slowly happening.

Meredithe x

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10 Responses to A trip to Ma Kettle

  1. frayedattheedge says:

    An excellent trip, a little bit of retail therapy (I know that you really, really needed the fabric!) a delicious lunch, then a visit with Ma ……. bliss!! I am so glad that Pa’s orchids are happy in their new home …….. I remember being taken out into the garden to see them!
    Big hugs to you and Ma xoxo

  2. Linda Tiernan says:

    Wow, what a lovely few days you had, and a great “fabric fix” at Ballan! I have treated myself to the Sweet Sunday pattern, templates, and fabric starter kit……looks like heaps of fun coming up with the other Thursday girls.

  3. I meant to tell you already that I love the way you have corralled your quilts into that lovely looking cupboard. Perfect! Such lovely quilting projects from all the groups and inspiration and this shop is so beautiful. Mom’s place looks lovely too.

  4. Good to know Ma Kettle is settling in well – and that you can report Mission Accomplished!

  5. Carrolyn v says:

    Such a lovely little bungalo…..lovely transition home! And a trip to one if yourfavorite shops too? Is this a coincidence that you found your moms new home in that area! You devil, you! Truly looks divine!

  6. Shasta says:

    We’ve had some cool days here, but we are heading into summer. That leaf is really interesting – I don’t think I’ve seen one like that (half green) fall off a tree before. It is beautiful. Glad you had a fun outing.

  7. audrey says:

    Glad your mom is doing well in her new surroundings. It’s more difficult for some and you just never know! Some stores are like a candy shop. Lots of irresistible goodies.:)

  8. Cheryl SERAFINI says:

    Meredithe, I love reading your updates. It warms my heart to know your mum is settling in well, not an easy adjustment to make for any of you. Such a loving daughter you are 💟

  9. Helen F says:

    AAAWWWW you went to BALLAN!!!!! Ma’s house is looking sooo lovely can hardly wait to see it!!!

  10. Judy says:

    So happy to hear your Mum is settling in so well, pretty little bouquet already. That was a nice little stop over on your way, fabrics and lunch looked luscious!

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