A bit of stitching

It’s been daaaaaays since I’ve picked up a needle! But before QITB adventures I did get an iron onto this block

20140927-214704.jpgI did think it looked very interesting without the centre circle, but it has been stitched on!

This one is nearing completion too

20140927-214845.jpgI shall get back to them………!!

Meredithe x

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Squishy parcels

It’s been delivery time again! Ooh, I do love it!!

From Material Obsession

20140927-213042.jpgAren’t they fabulous? I suspect some will find themselves Steampunk-ing! Especially those bees!

These I’ve received from Sarah Fielke

20140927-213254.jpgHand quilting thread for big stitch – can’t wait to try it!

The latest copy of Quiltmania definitely has an Aussie flavour!

20140927-213458.jpgwith an article on Helen Hayes, and another on my lovely friend Judy,

20140927-213833.jpgand super photo of our Miss Kaye’s Award Winning Quilt from this year’s show!!

20140927-213923.jpgplus a precise of two of my favourite shops! Editions should be in Australian news agencies in a month or so, so keep an eye out!

Meredithe x

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Sun, shadow and scenery

I’m so glad you all enjoyed participating in the “14 Day Contest”. I know I certainly stitched for more than 1 hour each day……and I suspect it’s time to let you in on the secret of my success!! The Golfer took me away to Merimbula for quite a few of those 14 days – cheating I know! Sorry.

As you can see from these pics, we had a mixed bag of weather

20140927-205307.jpgsunshine, rain, storms, clouds and rainbows, and some lovely displays at sunset

20140927-205435.jpgWe visited our favourite cafe in Tathra. This time we had to sit inside; despite the sunshine the breeze was brisk and quite cool.


Spring flowers were way ahead of Victoria

20140927-205849.jpgWhile I was merrily stitching, The Golfer spent a bit of time outside, practicing his swing……with some friends!!

20140927-210036.jpgI’m sure they thought he was mad and would be much better off joining them for a good feed, than chasing a little white ball…….

We enjoyed a lunch at Pambula Beach

20140927-210326.jpgand took great delight in watching a young family of mum, dad, two toddlers and a baby playing on the sand and chasing/running away from the gentle waves on the beach

20140927-210503.jpgThe squeals of pure joy from the toddlers as their fat little legs took them in and out of the water, racing to dad to “save” them from the waves caused us just as much amusement!

20140927-210737.jpgEven on a gloomy day, there were still sights that are definitely not found in suburbia!

20140927-212344.jpgCafe coffees were a regular event in between golfing and stitching.

20140927-211326.jpgWe only had about 3 days of sunshine where we could sit out on the patio of our apartment, but even still it was a lovely, relaxing, restful time.

20140927-211548.jpgI do like it up there!

Meredithe x

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Missing in action!

Posts may be few and far between over the next few weeks, as all the fun at Quilts in the Barn starts!!

Last night a group of 70 ladies were highly entertained by the very funny, and totally adorable Brenda Papadakis of “Dear Jane” fame as she spoke about her journey of “discovering” Jane Stickle’s quilt and the writing of the book and all the adventures that have followed on. The Barn was regularly rocked with laughter as Brenda told of her exploits, with lots of side stories too!!

GJ and I are helping Linda with the catering

20140927-111005.jpg and with the workshops too.

Clever GJ made us aprons to celebrate the auspicious visit.

20140927-111145.jpg(me, Brenda, GJ, Linda)

Two lovely ladies brought along their finished Dear Jane quilts, and they look stunning hanging in the Barn

20140927-111311.jpg(Elizabeth’s and Helen’s)

The ever chirpy Mrs Martin (Karen) had her shop visiting

20140927-111648.jpgand we all had a fabulous evening!

Workshops started today, and the ladies are having a ball! Must away to get their lunch ready!

Meredithe x

PS there are still some vacancies in the workshops and for Patty’s lecture (which will be equally as entertaining!) next week – check out Linda’s blog (link above) for more details.

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Signs of Spring

The days are gradually getting longer and warmer and around the neighbourhood gardens are awakening. There’s lots of new growth, buds and unusual plants!

20140925-182245.jpgBlossom is everywhere


20140925-182436.jpglooking so pretty against Spring skies of blue with fluffy clouds


20140925-182600.jpgMy azaleas are blooming

20140925-182651.jpgand my roses are budding!

20140925-182717.jpgah, lovely!

Meredithe x

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Class Show and Tell

Jane has a layout set out for her quilt

20140925-180633.jpgand is starting on the next border, which is tiny little stars!

20140925-180724.jpgMarilyn had appliquéd her stars to the background

20140925-180802.jpgand she had a lesson in paper pieced hexagons for her next border

20140925-180901.jpgPeggy put the last borders on her Log Cabin quilt

20140925-180941.jpgNanette is back from a holiday and busied herself with these blocks


20140925-181052.jpgCarilyn set up her appliqué border and started stitching it down

20140925-181140.jpgand she’s made lots of blocks at home

20140925-181228.jpgSue 2 was busy piecing another block

20140925-181313.jpgLisa had lots of blocks to show us, like this one

20140925-181419.jpgthis one

20140925-181446.jpgand this gorgeous block. Can you see the bird in the window?

20140925-181534.jpgand Sue 1 was wearing this fabulous Sophie Digard scarf


Meredithe x

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More Steampunk – ing

I’ve had a very productive weekend!

:: Twelve more Steampunk blocks cut out, ready to stitch

20140922-093922.jpg(Like my sewing basket? It’s a Cath Kidston, and I love it!!)

:: One more block finished

:: Another block nearly done

20140922-094137.jpg(Bit worried about this one; I’ve cut the corners on the bias to get the effect of the stripes and hoping it won’t stretch. It is quite a stiff fabric, so fingers crossed!!)

It’s a gorgeous Spring day here – hope you have a lovely day!

Meredithe x

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