Eliott Stitchers

At Elliott’s this week, we welcomed back Carolyn, and also Linda who is back from her USA trip. She had lots of show and tell, but I’ll let her show you that!

We dined on delicious leek and potato soup.

20141120-152552.jpgUnfortunately, Carolyn and Linda couldn’t stay to stitch with us, but I did take this opportunity to show GJ and Heather how to make no-waste flying geese for their Aunt’s Quilt blocks.

I worked out the size squares required (if anyone doing The Aunt’s Quilt wants the dimensions, let me know), and had the girls cut them. Then they drew diagonal lines on the smaller squares

20141120-152937.jpgTwo of the small squares are pinned onto opposing corners, making sure the drawn lines run from corner to corner

20141120-153054.jpgSew a quarter inch seam either side of the pencil lines

20141120-153139.jpgThen cut along the pencil line and press the small triangles away. Place the remaining squares in the corners

20141120-153316.jpgAgain, sew either side of the pencil line

20141120-153346.jpgand again, cut on the drawn line

20141120-153421.jpgPress the small triangles away.

Ta Da! Four flying geese!

20141120-153550.jpgTrim away the doggy ears – scissors can be easier than the rotary cutter.

20141120-153633.jpgThe girls then went on to make their blocks. Here’s GJ’s

20141120-153720.jpgand here’s Heather’s

20141120-153747.jpgDon’t they look great? They were both so excited they were going to sew more…….I’d better get my skates on!

Meredithe x

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In the garden

I can’t begin to tell how much joy the Bottle Brush has given me this year. I showed you a pic last time, but I’ve gone overboard this time!! Indulge me!

In real life, the red is much redder – you’ll just have to imagine that!

20141113-144136.jpgIt is laden with flowers and giving loads of food to visiting wattle birds and the many, many bees that are constant visitors. The tree buzzes all day long as the bees sup on the nectar, flying eagerly from flower to flower – must too fast for me to snap their photo!

Another of Spring’s delights!

Meredithe x

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Having a yarn

GJ took me on an excursion on Monday, no, not fabric related this time, but yarn! We had a fabulous morning exploring two yarn stores on t’other side of town to us.

The first was woolarium where Sharon made us very welcome as we explored her shelves of colour

20141117-142705.jpgwalls of colour

20141117-142828.jpgtubes of colour

20141117-142854.jpgand quirky displays

20141117-143213.jpg(loved this cabled cowl……think I may have to go back and get pattern and yarn!!)

20141117-143255.jpgThey have some great classes and a sit and crochet/knit on Sundays – which sounds very tempting!

Our second stop was Yarn + Co, where again we were heartily welcomed. Chris also has a lovely store, with a great sit and crochet/knit area for Sundays, again a very tempting prospect (don’t you love all the cushions?!)

20141117-143752.jpgbeautiful yarns and lots of samples to peruse

20141117-144037.jpgand ’twas there that I succumbed to the call of Lucy’s CAL, a call which has become louder and louder with each post from her (I know, I should stop reading it…..but who can??!!).

So here’s my chosen 15

20141117-144410.jpgAren’t they gotgeous??!!

No, no idea when I’ll start.

Yes, I do know I have several other things on the go at the moment.

But hey, that never stopped Margaret Olley!

I highly recommend both these stores for a visit if you’re into yarny things…….and even if you’re not, you may very well be inspired to be!

Much love
Meredithe x

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Friday stitching

Before settling down to sew on Friday, we took a tiny little side trip to Gail B’s as Miss Helen needed some more fabrics for her Lemoyne Stars……..and, of course, we couldn’t let her go on her own now, could we?!

It proved a fruitful excursion; Miss Helen found these

20141117-133538.jpgMrs Mac needed these

20141117-133613.jpgand I scored some more backgrounds for Steampunk.

The green Mrs Mac bought is perfect for a small border on her Carpenter’s Wheel

20141117-133815.jpg(love that border fabric!), and Miss Helen has been having all sorts of fun with her Lemoyne Stars, so much so, that she can’t wait to finish one block before seeing how the next one will turn out!

20141117-133924.jpgWe all know that feeling, don’t we!

20141117-133959.jpgbut Helen has finished some, and gorgeous they are too!

We finished the afternoon with a wander around Mrs Mac’s garden

20141117-134153.jpgSo pretty!

Meredithe x

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Secret women’s business

I’ve been working on Secret Women’s Business (ie some new templates!) and can give you a hint of what will be released at AQM – the wholesale market – at the end of the month……

20141112-183313.jpgMean – I know!!

Gotta keep you guessing!

Meredithe x

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Auntlets November report

I nearly had conniptions when I read Anna’s post with a reminder to the Auntlets about reporting in on 15 November. I’d obviously mis-read her previous post! (I think I was actually waiting for a Ready, Set, Go type post…..silly me!!)

And, wouldn’t you know it, today is 15 November, and I’m woefully behind; I can’t get my head around appliqué at the moment – that needs a couple of quiet hours of preparation – but so that I could have something to show, I did make one pieced block today….

20141115-155400.jpgPromise to do better next month, Anna!

Mind you, I’ve prepared two backings and pressed 8 Steampunk blocks and am prepping the centres of those blocks for appliquéing down. So I’ve achieved a bit today.

How’s your 15 November been?

Meredithe x

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Class show and tell


Carole has finished her Star a Day quilt!

20141113-143255.jpgAll hand pieced and hand quilted – just lovely!

20141113-143328.jpgSandra has started putting together her Star a Day quilt with the green fabric she bought last week.

20141113-143429.jpgLooks great, doesn’t it?!

Sue 3′s grand daughter, at all of four years old, chose the fabric combinations for these four stars!

20141113-143533.jpgDidn’t she do a wonderful job? I sense a new quilter in the making!

And Lois was trying her hand at tying this pretty quilt.

20141113-143649.jpgThe others were working on projects which should be ready for pics very soon!


Sue 1 has made these blocks

20141113-145438.jpgand we had fun together choosing fabrics for more blocks!

We’ve created a monster in Carylin, as she’s started Farmers’s Wife this past week and has already made these blocks

20141113-145617.jpgplus put these Star a Day blocks together

20141113-145657.jpgand made this block in class!

20141113-145729.jpgMarilyn has made this sweet top from 1930′s fabrics

20141113-145813.jpgIt’s to lay along the end of the bed and will look so lovely over a white bead spread.

Lisa brought in a quilt top she’s been making with Trish Harper

20141113-150040.jpgisn’t it gorgeous?! What’s that? A few close ups? By all means!



20141113-150202.jpgJane finished off these four tiny stars in class

20141113-150238.jpgChris cut out the first of her stars for Sarsaparilla

20141113-150512.jpgand Marilyn was playing with hexagons!

Meredithe x

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