For the next two weeks I’ve decided to set my self, um…………can you wait there a moment? just off to check the thesaurus……

(Hmmm, an ultimatum? Could be…… Requirement? No…… Perplexity? May very well be! Dare? Ooh that’s a bit confronting! Contest…..contest?……..contest……yes…..)

Apologies for all that muttering. Ahem, as I was saying; for the next two weeks I’ve decided to set myself a contest.

What’s this, I hear you ask??

I want to see if I can sew something, anything, be it prepping, hand piecing, hand appliqué, embroidery, hand quilting for at least 1 hour each day and post about it. Surprisingly, I do find that there are days where I do no sewing At All! Sacrilege, I know!! I get caught up in domestics and have evening commitments, or I’m just not in the mood after a busy day out. I know many of you already achieve this, setting aside part of the day and stitching to your heart’s content. So I want to see if it’s possible….probable…..practical…..

20140830-113359.jpgWant to play along? It starts tomorrow, Sunday, the start of the week – what could be more appropriate!

Enjoy your weekend peeps!

Meredithe x

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Squishy parcel

Check out this group of lusciousness from Material Obsession!!

20140829-104916.jpgHave a lovely day.

Meredithe x

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Class Show and Tell

We had some fabulous “Ta-Da!!” moments today!

Firstly Sue 1 put the first set of borders onto her latest

20140828-141804.jpgfor Lisa a quilt back from quilting

20140828-141845.jpgand Josephine Has Finished Mrs Billings!!

20140828-141935.jpgwhich she was very pleased to hand over to be quilted!

Sue 2 has some more blocks made

20140828-142052.jpgand Chris popped her class made block in between two of Lorraine’s Farmers’s Wife blocks!

20140828-142210.jpgIt was also bag envy day, with this new one of Josephine’s

20140828-142242.jpgand this work bag of Lisa’s

20140828-142309.jpgand Josephine brought in this beautiful orchid for me!


Meredithe x

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A Finish……or two…..

Last week I was a little bit productive……and it’s taken me a week to post about it!

The first finish is my first for this quarter’s FAL and it’s my Woolly Bits Block Book (say that three times quickly!!)

20140827-111808.jpgfront above and back below

20140827-111841.jpgI also finished my Hitchhiker scarf

20140827-111936.jpgjust in time to wear it a couple of times before Winter ends! Could be handy on chilly early Spring mornings though!

Last Wednesday evening I went with GJ to Sunspun (sporting my new Hitchhiker scarf!) for a crochet class with Raynor. Raynor is a great teacher, and such a sweet guy, very patient and very knowledgable. Sunspun has recently changed hands and changed its look to a bright, modern wool store. Under Raynor’s expert tuition we learnt how to read a graphic crochet pattern – sooo exciting!! – and crocheted up these pretty flowers!

20140827-112654.jpgIt’s so exciting to have a new skill!

I’ve been playing with fabric and blocks too and machine pieced this

20140827-112755.jpgAnd these little chaps were a gift from Maree – another sweet reminder that Spring is on its way!

It’s a glorious, sunny, Spring day; two loads of washing out and another lot ready to hang, so must away. Enjoy your day my lovelies!

Meredithe x

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Eliott Stitchers

Lots of show and tell at Eliott Stitchers today!

GJ has finished her woolly bits block keeper

20140826-174347.jpghas had a little splurge on gorgeous fabric

20140826-174430.jpgis that teasing?? Here’s a sampling…..

20140826-174511.jpgand a pattern too

20140826-174554.jpgthere’s another quilt getting a binding!

20140826-175038.jpgand most importantly there are two new chairs, of which I’ve claimed this one (and requested GJ’s now finished French General quilt to be on!!)

20140826-174706.jpgsooooo comfy!!

Linda is half way there with her hexies

20140826-174951.jpgand deserves to be congratulated for sticking with this project!

FB has finished her Dilly Bag, all in Liberty

20140826-175409.jpgand is playing with Liberty hexies

20140826-175450.jpgFB also had this little cutie

20140826-175515.jpgwhich opens out to this!

20140826-175539.jpgI’ve dragged out this hand piecing from – dare I say it! – last decade!!

And lunch? Delicious pea and mint soup

20140826-175939.jpg(I love the green spotty knife with the serviette – great colour combo for a quilt, huh?) with all the accompaniments

A very satisfying day!

Meredithe x

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Saturday Stitching

There have been several birthdays over the last month for our Stitch Sisters and we celebrated with one cake and three lots of “blowing out the candles” and three rounds of Happy Birthday! Consequently I forgot photos until the cake had been cut and distributed……

20140824-124716.jpgyou get the idea though!

Sue has made a quilt from Australian fabrics for her sister in the UK

20140824-124833.jpgso that will be a little bit of Aus in England!

20140824-124936.jpgMrs Mac had another Message in a Bottle block

20140824-125135.jpgand Sue has bought the same pattern and started one too!!

20140824-125204.jpgDuring the afternoon Mrs Mac finished another Carpenter’s Wheel block

20140824-125253.jpgI love the “house” fabric!

Helen has been hand quilting – just look at her beautiful work

20140824-125339.jpgso precise and the patterns work so well

20140824-125402.jpgAnother delightful day!

Meredithe x

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A hint of Spring!

There’s been a distinct feeling of Spring in the air the last couple of days; white clouds in pale blue skies – such a change from miserable grey skies – mild temperatures and fresh Spring breezes, which encourage opening doors and windows and letting that air flow through the house. While I love Winter, it’s been so nice to see sunshine and have the house open.

20140824-121853.jpgA bit of Spring sunshine brings a smile to faces, a cheer to hearts and a lift to spirits! Down the street, everyone seems to be happier and smiling!

Friday sewing was at mine, and something I’ve been longing to do all Winter, and thought that as Spring seems to be just around the corner I’d better do, is to make bread.

20140824-122121.jpgI have to say, I’m inordinately pleased with how my loaf turned out! I’ve been addicted to The Great British Bakeoff (and can’t wait for this year’s to programme here!), and decided to try one of Paul Hollywood’s bread recipes. (Ooh that man is good eye candy!!). So thanks Paul – I hope he’d approve!!

To go with my bread, I made the girls’ favourite Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup

20140824-122644.jpgThe bread was such a success there was only a slice each left for The Golfer and I for our dinner!

20140824-122739.jpgand so much fun to make, there’s another loaf on its second prove as I write this!

I also made Anzacs and Velvet Muffins (chocolate and beetroot)

20140824-122930.jpgAs to sewing, Maree is obsessed with her Message in a Bottle

20140824-123122.jpgand it’s looking so good!

20140824-123148.jpgMrs Mac is using my Carpenter’s Wheel template for these stunning blocks

20140824-123254.jpgHelen has just become a great-great-aunt! So this is for the new babe

20140824-123337.jpgMaree scored this Cath Kidston bag from her local op shop!!

20140824-123421.jpgIt was such a lovely day

20140824-123453.jpgAnother sign of Spring is surely daffs

20140824-123535.jpgThanks GJ!

Meredithe x

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