I’ve been…..

:: having lots of Poppet cuddles! Happy, happy Sigh! She’s so beautiful; still so little; her skin is sooo soft; she smells delicious. What is more wonder filling than a new born babe?

20140423-143228.jpgAs I nursed her I was chatting to her, telling Poppet that when she was a little bit older we’d make quilts together, go to the zoo, buy fabric……at which point Poppet smiled! (I know, probably only wind; don’t shatter a girl’s delusions illusions!!). And yes, she’s lying on the baby blanket I made!

:: playing with fabrics

20140423-143455.jpgand making lots of blocks

20140423-143606.jpg(yes, I know the block looks odd – meant to be, wait and see!)

I’m two thirds of the way through

:: receiving a squishy parcel

20140423-144929.jpgthe next instalment in the Material Obsession Fabric Club. Hmmm, should cover up that centre

20140423-144154.jpgThat looks better!

What have you been up to?

Meredithe x

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Weekend Stitching


Our perfect Autumn weather turned decidedly Wintery over the weekend. I changed three times before heading out to Mrs Mac’s for sewing on Friday; long sleeves first as it looked cool outside, then short sleeves ‘cos it seemed quite mild, then long sleeves again as the morning cooled considerably! I did draw the line at boots though.

Luckily Mrs Mac had a fire burning for us

20140422-153126.jpgand some of my friends had succumbed to the call of the boots!

20140422-153505.jpgMiss M had a pretty new bag

20140422-153545.jpgand Miss Kaye had a lovely old basket, complete with round handles,

20140422-153628.jpgon legs

20140422-153650.jpgand with the inside lid still in relatively good condition.

20140422-153725.jpgApart from a good chat, there was lots of stitching

20140422-154105.jpgand, of course, what sewing day of mine with friends would be complete without…..food!

Delicious home made dip

20140422-154324.jpga variety of scrumptious slices and scones

20140422-154409.jpgand even though it was a bit early, some Easter eggs



Earlier in the week I’d been out with GJ to IKEA to hunt down some storage for GJ’s sewing studio. We came back with four CD units (put together by clever GJ!), an idea spotted by GJ on Pinterest.

20140422-155421.jpgand I thought this rug would be perfect…..

20140422-155511.jpgOn Saturday we started sorting and folding, placing the fabrics in the spaces, colour coding on the way

20140422-155644.jpgand doesn’t the rug look great with it?!

GJ also has a wardrobe from her growing up years now in use for storage too. I love the “appliqué” pattern on the doors!

20140422-155800.jpgThere was food here too; the astute among you (surely that’s all of you!), will notice that it’s the same photo as Sunday’s!!

20140422-160010.jpgand for those who asked, yes, the hot cross buns were made by GJ’s own fair hand (with a little help from her new Thermomix!), and yes, they did taste as good as they look……

20140422-160257.jpglight, tasty, with just the right amount of spices….and very moorish!

Hope you’ve had a lovely Easter break……it’s back into the swing now!

Meredithe x

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Happy Easter

Wishing you all a lovely, safe, and happy Easter!


Meredithe x

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Bagging it up

I had a delightful squishy parcel in the mail last week, which reminded me that I’ve missed showing you something.

For our MSG Sydney trip, we were asked if we would like to participate in a sewing bag exchange. Sounded like a great idea to me, so I got to and stitched up a bag.

20140414-171907.jpgNot knowing who the recipient would be caused a little angst, but I figured I couldn’t go wrong with Kokka fabric! Then I went a tad overboard and made/bought some little bits and pieces to go in it!

20140414-172023.jpgAll totally necessary and useful, of course!!

In Sydney, all bags were secretly wrapped in brown paper and given a number. A number was drawn from a bucket by each participant and the corresponding bag received. It was amazing how this random system actually delivered appropriate bags! Like the one I received – lots of my favourite colours!!

20140414-172702.jpgA sweet, practical design and I love it! It’s now housing the appliqué pieces I cut out on the weekend and as I know the bag is from that weekend, they “shouldn’t” get lost in my sewing room!!

20140414-172803.jpgMy bag ended up with my Sydney friend, JenR. It was lovely to catch up with her again, and in the course of (one of several!) conversations, it transpired that she had a little bit extra of a fabric I’ve lusted after for some time. Hence my delightful squishy parcel…..

20140414-173057.jpgwhich contained not one, not two, but Three different fabrics!!

20140414-173146.jpgAren’t they all gorgeous??!! (the donkey is the one I’ve lusted after!!), plus a lovely card

20140414-173244.jpgin which JenR suggested the ribbon could be kept for Poppet to use in her hair! Thanks JenR!!

Now, what to do with my treasured donkey fabric??

Meredithe x

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Obsessing over Material Obsession!

On our recent trip to Sydney, I mentioned that one of the shops we visited was Material Obsession.

Since returning home, I keep thinking how I’d like to go back and explore this shop some more. It was a tad crowded with all of us vying for fabrics and notions, and it seems to me that this is a store which deserves more than a flying visit.

In the meantime, I can savour in part with Kathy’s latest book, which I bought while there

20140414-165507.jpgThis is another beautiful publication from Kathy, with some stunning photography by her husband, John

20140414-165826.jpg(often begging the question, how??!)

20140414-165922.jpgFabulous quilts with clear instructions

20140414-170131.jpgand Kathy’s trademark, informative explanations of how each quilt came about

20140414-170446.jpgplus chapters with insightful commentary, complete with Kathy’s urgings to push our boundaries!

There is much to ponder in this book, fabulous quilts to admire, new techniques to try, and the sheer joy of wondering at Kathy’s use of colour and fabrics which I so admire about this quilter.

I’m enjoying this read immensely and hope to explore some of the quilts in my own way before too long!

Meredithe x

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Class Show and Tell

Lots to show you today…..

Lorraine has another two Farmers Wife blocks finished

20140417-143458.jpgclever fussy cutting on this one

20140417-143529.jpgMarilyn brought in her crochet; the yarns are the “Lucy” colours. Don’t you just love it?!

20140417-145941.jpgMarilyn has decided it’s time to begin her Robin’s Nest

20140417-144008.jpgand started cutting, and stitching up a star

20140417-144108.jpgCathie is appliquéing

20140417-144149.jpgand she’s finished another baby quilt top

20140417-144239.jpgKerryn put some more borders on her baby quilt top

20140417-144343.jpgCarolyn has lots of 6″ stars made

20140417-144421.jpgand Chris is working steadily on Mrs B

We had the Friday Girls join us as they will miss their Friday (Good Friday), and it was a treat to see what they’re working on too!

Anna is nearing the end of her Mrs B adventure

20140417-144720.jpgLeigh is “Lucy Boston-ing”

20140417-144915.jpgRos is working on woolly bits

20140417-145046.jpgMiriam, apart from having a beautiful block, had a very pretty little bag!

20140417-145319.jpgand Dorothy is MSG-ing

20140417-145511.jpgit’s a stunning centre with Kathy’s fabric – love it!!

And Dorothy also induced some bag envy with this beauty!!


Meredithe x

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Daylight Saving Time ended a couple weekends ago, and the evenings are consequently drawing in very quickly. Last week we had days and days of, much needed, rain; yep, that wet stuff that we haven’t seen much of yet this year. This week we’re having a run of typical, beautiful Melbourne Autumn weather – cool nights and warm, sunny days.

Trees are starting to change their look,

20140414-163220.jpgsome are a little reluctant,

20140414-163304.jpgand the colours are going to be spectacular…..


20140414-164005.jpgAnd to keep my Poppet snugly, I’ve finished another blanket

Meredithe x

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