It’s Giveaway Time!!

Last weekend AQM (Australian Quilt Market) was on and I worked there for my erstwhile employer. For those of you that don’t know, AQM is like the Houston of Australia but on a much smaller scale; it’s where wholesalers get to show retailers from your LQS new fabrics and products that will be coming your way next year. We were pretty busy, so I didn’t get out much to see what’s on offer, but………..

My new templates were released and I can now show you how they make up AND give YOU the opportunity to win a set!

First, let’s have a look at the blocks.

Number one is “Jinxed!”, so named because you’ll be jinxed if you don’t have one of the templates going the correct way (your block will just rotate the other way – nothing bad!!)

20141125-111730.jpgIt’s a great block to play with colours, and me thinks there could be some interesting secondary patterns once the blocks are stitched together!

The second is “Aunt Sophie”, a sweet block made up of kites, diamonds and triangles.

20141125-111949.jpgA secondary pattern of squares on point should happen at the corners of multiple blocks.

Lastly “Alice’s Cross”. I drafted this block after watching the final episode of ANZAC Girls and was so touched by this fact based series. Alice Ross-King was only one of 7 Australian Army Nurses to receive the Military Medal in WW1. This block is a tribute to Alice and all the other nurses who braved those terrible conditions while nursing our war wounded.

This giveaway is easy – just comment on this post………but please do say if you have a preference for a particular template set. I’ll do my best to accommodate!

Giveaway closes next Tuesday, 2nd December, 2014 at midnight, Australian time.

Best of luck my lovelies!

Meredithe x

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Steampunk update

I’ve been hanging out to show you these!

20141121-120145.jpgStill tootling along with them

20141121-120236.jpgThis brings the count to 21 finished, with three awaiting centres and three cut ready to stitch. (I need 41 in all.) Just about to start on another cutting frenzy!

And for those of you who enquired, the cutting sizes for The Aunts’ Quilt flying geese are

:: goose fabric (big triangle) is a square cut at 4 3/4 inches
:: sky fabric (small triangles) is four squares cut at 2 5/8 inches

For those mathematically minded and wanting to work out your own sized geese, the methodology is

:: add 1 1/4 inches to the finished width of the flying geese unit required – this is the goose fabric – and cut one square this size
:: add 7/8 inch to the finished height of the flying geese unit required – this is the sky (or background) fabric – and cut four this size.

I always do a test unit before going crazy with the cutting, just to make sure I’ve done the additions correctly!!

For my little tutorial with GJ and Heather, I was going to draw up some instructions, but trawling the net, I found this brilliant site by Patti R Anderson already done, so I’m doing as she asks and telling my friends where I found the instructions! Perfect!

Have fun with your flying geese, my lovelies!

Meredithe x

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Class show and tell


Sue 3 has finished her Advent Calendar – just in time for Christmas

20141120-154554.jpgAdrienne has two of her elongated hexagon pyramids done for Mrs B

20141120-154642.jpgSandra made this cute little fella during the week

20141120-154807.jpgand she’s blanket stitching mushrooms houses too

20141120-154852.jpgPearl has her Asian inspired quilt finished

20141120-154929.jpgCarole cut out her first Log Cabin block

20141120-155008.jpgand Ann Marie set up another block in her Christmas quilt


Marilyn brought in this crocheted and embroidered cloth

20141120-155153.jpgIt was made by Marilyn’s Mum about 70 years ago,

20141120-155336.jpgshe didn’t use a pattern for the crochet, just made it up as she went along!

20141120-155431.jpgand Marilyn said her Mum always had a hook and yarn in her handbag……just in case!

20141120-155517.jpgMarilyn finished off these mitred corners in class

20141120-155610.jpgSue 1 has made more blocks


20141120-155704.jpgSue 2 had this gorgeous sewing case

20141120-155739.jpgTres bon!


20141120-155821.jpgthere’s woolly bits bits! Sue 2 is making a Sue Spargo quilt and finished off this block

20141120-155920.jpgand started this one

20141120-155953.jpgCarylin has been a dynamo again, finishing blocks so she could do a layout

20141120-160041.jpgcompleting these at home

20141120-160107.jpgand making these in class!

20141120-160146.jpgLorraine finished another Farmers’s Wife block

20141120-160226.jpgLisa has another star block done

20141120-160259.jpgand did a bit of cutting out

20141120-160326.jpgand Chris made a good start on her first block

20141120-160423.jpg(hope that last square was there, somewhere!!)

Meredithe x

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Eliott Stitchers

At Elliott’s this week, we welcomed back Carolyn, and also Linda who is back from her USA trip. She had lots of show and tell, but I’ll let her show you that!

We dined on delicious leek and potato soup.

20141120-152552.jpgUnfortunately, Carolyn and Linda couldn’t stay to stitch with us, but I did take this opportunity to show GJ and Heather how to make no-waste flying geese for their Aunt’s Quilt blocks.

I worked out the size squares required (if anyone doing The Aunt’s Quilt wants the dimensions, let me know), and had the girls cut them. Then they drew diagonal lines on the smaller squares

20141120-152937.jpgTwo of the small squares are pinned onto opposing corners, making sure the drawn lines run from corner to corner

20141120-153054.jpgSew a quarter inch seam either side of the pencil lines

20141120-153139.jpgThen cut along the pencil line and press the small triangles away. Place the remaining squares in the corners

20141120-153316.jpgAgain, sew either side of the pencil line

20141120-153346.jpgand again, cut on the drawn line

20141120-153421.jpgPress the small triangles away.

Ta Da! Four flying geese!

20141120-153550.jpgTrim away the doggy ears – scissors can be easier than the rotary cutter.

20141120-153633.jpgThe girls then went on to make their blocks. Here’s GJ’s

20141120-153720.jpgand here’s Heather’s

20141120-153747.jpgDon’t they look great? They were both so excited they were going to sew more…….I’d better get my skates on!

Meredithe x

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In the garden

I can’t begin to tell how much joy the Bottle Brush has given me this year. I showed you a pic last time, but I’ve gone overboard this time!! Indulge me!

In real life, the red is much redder – you’ll just have to imagine that!

20141113-144136.jpgIt is laden with flowers and giving loads of food to visiting wattle birds and the many, many bees that are constant visitors. The tree buzzes all day long as the bees sup on the nectar, flying eagerly from flower to flower – must too fast for me to snap their photo!

Another of Spring’s delights!

Meredithe x

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Having a yarn

GJ took me on an excursion on Monday, no, not fabric related this time, but yarn! We had a fabulous morning exploring two yarn stores on t’other side of town to us.

The first was woolarium where Sharon made us very welcome as we explored her shelves of colour

20141117-142705.jpgwalls of colour

20141117-142828.jpgtubes of colour

20141117-142854.jpgand quirky displays

20141117-143213.jpg(loved this cabled cowl……think I may have to go back and get pattern and yarn!!)

20141117-143255.jpgThey have some great classes and a sit and crochet/knit on Sundays – which sounds very tempting!

Our second stop was Yarn + Co, where again we were heartily welcomed. Chris also has a lovely store, with a great sit and crochet/knit area for Sundays, again a very tempting prospect (don’t you love all the cushions?!)

20141117-143752.jpgbeautiful yarns and lots of samples to peruse

20141117-144037.jpgand ’twas there that I succumbed to the call of Lucy’s CAL, a call which has become louder and louder with each post from her (I know, I should stop reading it…..but who can??!!).

So here’s my chosen 15

20141117-144410.jpgAren’t they gotgeous??!!

No, no idea when I’ll start.

Yes, I do know I have several other things on the go at the moment.

But hey, that never stopped Margaret Olley!

I highly recommend both these stores for a visit if you’re into yarny things…….and even if you’re not, you may very well be inspired to be!

Much love
Meredithe x

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Friday stitching

Before settling down to sew on Friday, we took a tiny little side trip to Gail B’s as Miss Helen needed some more fabrics for her Lemoyne Stars……..and, of course, we couldn’t let her go on her own now, could we?!

It proved a fruitful excursion; Miss Helen found these

20141117-133538.jpgMrs Mac needed these

20141117-133613.jpgand I scored some more backgrounds for Steampunk.

The green Mrs Mac bought is perfect for a small border on her Carpenter’s Wheel

20141117-133815.jpg(love that border fabric!), and Miss Helen has been having all sorts of fun with her Lemoyne Stars, so much so, that she can’t wait to finish one block before seeing how the next one will turn out!

20141117-133924.jpgWe all know that feeling, don’t we!

20141117-133959.jpgbut Helen has finished some, and gorgeous they are too!

We finished the afternoon with a wander around Mrs Mac’s garden

20141117-134153.jpgSo pretty!

Meredithe x

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