Photo play

Last week Anne let me play with the fabulous telephoto lens on her camera and of course, just when I wanted close ups of birds they all disappeared!!

However, I did manage to snap a few; here’s the results……

20141028-162847.jpgI had no idea the markings were like this

20141028-162922.jpgThe clarity is amazing! Check out this crow’s feathers

20141028-162953.jpgGuess what I’m asking for this Christmas!!

Meredithe x

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Cook or chef?

Do you like to cook? Me? I have to be in the mood.

But I’m a great recipe collector; you know, the trawling through the weekend newspaper’s magazines, admiring the photography, reading the recipe, whetting the appetite…….

Trouble is, I end up with a pile like this, shoved into the back of a recipe book

20141025-115109.jpgSo, high time to do some sorting. There were several “why on earth did I clip that one?”, and anything with extraordinary ingredients got the chop, and some “I don’t even like crime caramel – why is this here??!!”

20141025-115420.jpgEventually they were sorted and trimmed

20141025-115447.jpgand duly pasted into the recipe book/s set aside for the purpose.

20141025-115521.jpgThere are several tasty looking salad recipes, and with Summer coming up, they’ll be good to try out! The ones with the tick have already been tried and approved.

20141025-115616.jpgNow I just need to remember to consult the book before going shopping!! Remind me, huh?! Thanks!

So, are you a recipe collector too?

Meredithe x

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Class show and tell

I’ve been asked to teach a second class at Somerset, so now you’ll be getting a double dose of show and tell!

Wednesday Class

Carole has hand pieced and hand quilted a Star a Day and I was able to show her how to put the binding on

20141030-153916.jpgand Anne-Maree (there are two Anne-Maree’s though the second has a slightly different spelling – don’t get confused now!!) has some beautiful fabrics from Rotterdam and has made a quilt top

20141030-154112.jpgTogether we worked on a pieced back – more to be revealed soon!

The other Anne-Marie is working on a Christmas project and we explored the beginnings of button-hole appliqué

20141030-154320.jpgSandra is working on some sweet hexagons

20141030-154350.jpgThere’s another Mrs B in the making; this one is Adrienne’s

20141030-154446.jpgPearl was also binding a quilt, this one a Japanese style

20141030-154546.jpgand Lois was too quick for me and had all her project packed up……so here’s a snap of her pretty project box

Thursday Class

Sue 1 has been working hard and hand pieced this block

20141030-154928.jpgand all of these too!

20141030-154954.jpgCarilyn has a pile of blocks

20141030-155055.jpghere’s a few to see

20141030-155132.jpgYes! Another Star a Day. And Kim, who’s minding the shop at the moment, is working on one too, and brought in her show and tell for us. Her pile looks like this

20141030-155242.jpgand she’s done some fabulous fussy cutting

20141030-155315.jpgSue 2 has more blocks stitched too

20141030-155355.jpgJosephine is working on the final border of her quilt

20141030-155427.jpgand Chris, who treated us to some yummy chocolates

20141030-155504.jpg(Warning:: do not think you’ll be able to stop at one!!), chose some fabrics for a new quilt……with a little help. (Lisa and I pushed Chris waaaaaay out of her comfort zone!!)

20141030-155800.jpgIt’s going to be goood!!

Meredithe x

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(nearly) Wordless Wednesday

The first of our roses

Meredithe x

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Set and ready to go!

I received an SOS email from Anne a couple of days ago, hoping I could help her with a problem.

The problem you ask?? Well, our other bloggy friend Anna fell in love with The Aunts’ Quilt when she visited Amitie on her recent Australian visit. Anna is now hosting an Aunts’s Quilt Quiltalong, and Anne would like to join in, so Anne’s request to me was, could we possibly take a trip to Amitie to purchase the pattern before she went back home to Scotland? Well……let me think about this for a minute of two…….me? voluntarily visit a quilt shop?……..golly gosh, twist my arm…….oh, ok!!

So today, after twisting GJ’s and Miss Heather’s arms, instead of Eliott Stitchers, we picked Anne up and cruised on down to Amitie

20141028-164554.jpgwhere the lovely Carol, Louise and Judy were only too happy to help us all (yes, we’ve all decided to partake of Anna’s Quiltalong!! More arm twisting!!) choose fabrics and purchase the pattern.

After such strenuous exercise we were in serious need of sustenance and chanced upon this fabulous eatery

20141028-165020.jpgThe food was so delicious, and the service spot on!

20141028-165242.jpgGJ and I both had the grilled chicken salad (the centre photo) and I can’t begin to describe how tasty is was! We will definitely be going back. Hmm, it could become a tradition to eat here after an Amitie visit! Highly recommended.

So Anna, I have pattern

20141028-165546.jpgI have fabric

20141028-165611.jpgand I’m ready and raring to go!!

Anyone else joining in??

Meredithe x

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Saturday stitching

Sewing on Saturday was at Miss Kaye’s. It’s a pleasure to visit her beautiful home; Kaye is a collector and there is always so much to see, look at, behold!

20141026-115434.jpgSuch a delight!

20141026-115504.jpgAs well as a feast for the eyes, there’s always a feast for the taste buds too!


20141026-115758.jpgI could have indulged my sweet tooth

20141026-115905.jpgbut chose fruit instead

20141026-115946.jpg(Can you see my halo shining??!!)

On the stitching front, Kaye has this old cigar box

20141026-120130.jpgwhich she’s filling with hexies.

20141026-120158.jpgAnd at Quilts in the Barn, Kaye picked up these sweet little blocks

20141026-120354.jpgMiss Helen has bought a Hoshi Star template set and with fabrics purchased last week started a Lemoyne Star.

20141026-120533.jpgMrs Mac (thankfully!) brought along her lozenge quilt she started last week so you can see it now.

20141026-120707.jpgMiss R was stitching in a different way with this pretty cross stitch

20141026-120815.jpgI got to lay out all my Steampunk blocks!

20141026-120903.jpg25 to go!!

As mentioned earlier, Kaye is a collector and one of her indulgences has been wash boards. This passion started with this little one

20141026-122051.jpgand grew,

20141026-121314.jpgand grew,

20141026-121404.jpgAnd grew!

20141026-121020.jpgAs you can see the laundry wall is full; there was room for another little one on the other wall

20141026-121541.jpgbut, That’s It!!!

Another of Kaye’s passions is flying geese…….or variations thereof!


20141026-121724.jpgSuch fun!

How was your weekend?

Meredithe x

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A special week – part 2

On Wednesday we had another road trip, this time to Millrose. I think Anne was a little overwhelmed at the size of this beautiful store! Maree was able to join us here, and we all had a ball shopping.

20141025-124018.jpgAt the cafe next door, we chose to sit outside under the pergola for lunch.

20141025-124213.jpgThe food, as usual, was scrumptious!

20141025-124246.jpgTuesday and Thursday we stitched in the studio, and in between eating, drinking, laughing and talking, we actually achieved quite a bit!

Miss Helen finished off the last of her hand pieced blocks

20141025-124813.jpgand started piecing them together. She also made lots of plans for the new fabrics purchased!

Maree had fun finishing off blocks for her “Message in a Bottle” and putting them together.

20141025-125223.jpgAnne started an embroidery block

20141025-125324.jpgand before the week was out, had finished it!

20141025-125356.jpgI think she’s happy!

Mrs Mac achieved heaps! Two boy quilt tops machined up


20141025-125616.jpgand stitched her hand pieced “Carpenter’s Wheel” blocks together

20141025-125711.jpgplus another hand project I’ll show you soon (yep, forgot to photograph that one!).

I pulled this put of the bag

20141025-125832.jpgnot realising I’d done so much! Nice surprise! I did spend nearly a whole day cutting out more tumblers

20141025-125926.jpgand hand pieced together another row. When I saw these luscious linens at Mary’s,

20141025-130133.jpgI knew I had to have some, so with some Kaffe’s from Mary’s too

20141025-130238.jpgthey were soon turned into giant pinwheels

20141025-130320.jpgLoving it!! The linens are these

20141025-130357.jpgOn the food front, Anne treated us to a ploughman’s lunch

20141025-130445.jpgand Mrs Mac baked some of her famous scones

20141025-130521.jpgsoooo delicious with a cuppa!

20141025-130555.jpgAnne was fascinated with our colourful bird life

20141025-130626.jpg(I think there’s a bit of gossiping happening here!)

20141025-130705.jpgSpring really is a contrary season; on Wednesday we’d had the air conditioner on, but Thursday dawned overcast and we needed the heater on!

20141025-130907.jpgWe watched the iris turn from buds at the beginning of the week, to blooms by the time we left on Friday morning

20141025-131002.jpgThank you Anne (and Malcolm!) for coming ALL the way to Australia to go on retreat with us! We had a ball!!

Meredithe x

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