QITB – Brenda’s final workshop

Brenda had one more workshop, another “Dear Jane”, and with the class not full, Linda, GJ and I were able to participate!! So exciting!!

The shop for this workshop was Sewn and Quilted

20141015-151319.jpgWe saw more lovely show and tell

20141015-151408.jpgand at the end of our two day workshop, we had these blocks

20141015-151453.jpgI particularly love the star blocks

I was so appreciative of all I learnt from Brenda; I will now approach making my blocks in a new light! Brenda explained some great techniques and gave us fabulous tips on how to deal with some of the trickier ones. Lots learnt and lots to inspire! A nicer lady would be hard to find; Brenda is so generous with her knowledge and sharing all that she has discovered in her Dear Jane Journey, and she’s a great raconteur with a very dry wit. Makes for a fun workshop!

So there you have it! Four very successful workshops, two fabulous, informative lectures, and the Mastermind behind it all? Our own Quilts in the Barn hostess, Linda!!

20141015-151814.jpgI was so thrilled when Linda asked if I would help out with these events, and it’s proved a most rewarding experience. Linda has the perfect venue in The Barn, and is a wonderful organiser and hostess. Thank you Linda for asking me along on this journey!

I’ve been though all my photos and I’m missing two; one is the goody bag that each student received and the other is Linda’s scones. Each workshop morning Linda baked scones; hot from the oven, they were ready for the students’ arrival and eagerly devoured. Succulent savoury scones on Day 1 and delicious date and orange on Day 2…..yum!! I think Linda deserves the title, “Queen of the Scones”!!

We were very fortunate to receive some considerable donations for our goody bags, including magazines from Homespun, gift vouchers from Betty McDowell, and larger Betty McDowell gift vouchers and template sets from Victorian Textiles for door prizes. Thank you for these generous donations.

As well as having fun at the workshops, part of each student’s fee helps towards a cause very dear to women’s hearts, and the main reason Linda holds all these events at QITB, Breast Cancer Research.

I know I had fun!

20141015-153423.jpgI think we all did!!

Meredithe x

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QITB – Patty’s workshop

The next workshop was with Patty Harants, and with Patty these students explored appliqué techniques, tips and tricks while starting on the “Rebecca Kohler Quilt”

20141015-145426.jpgPatty had some wonderful quilts on display



20141015-145643.jpgall helping to inspire her students.

The shop in attendance was Millrose

20141015-150342.jpgThere was more beautiful student show and tell


20141015-150449.jpgand a gorgeous crocheted rug

20141015-150526.jpg(Serious rug envy!!)

By the end of the two days, Patty’s students had achieved…..



20141015-150720.jpgWell on their way!

Meredithe x

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QITB – Brenda’s second workshop

Brenda’s second workshop was an appliqué class entitled “Gracie’s Garden”, and over the two days these students learned some new appliqué skills, lots of tips and techniques, and at the end of the second day, some Sashiko skills too!

20141015-103113.jpgThere was more show and tell for us all to see from these students too, including another couple of “Dear Jane’s”

20141015-103310.jpg(sorry, can’t remember who this one belonged too!)

Cleverly, Margaret had cut out two inch squares of the fabrics she wanted to use in her Dear Jane; she played with the colour arrangement and once satisfied, followed that sequence to complete her Jane

20141015-103554.jpgBut what of the two inch squares? Well, they became this little quilt!

20141015-103639.jpgHere’s more student show and tell


20141015-103835.jpgsuch beautiful work!

Of course, there was plenty of food too!

20141015-103913.jpgStill more to come, so stay tuned!

Meredithe x

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QITB – Brenda’s first workshop

It’s been an amazing few weeks; amazing, rewarding, tiring and inspiring. Quilts in the Barn is over for another year, and with the added bonus of workshops and lectures from this year’s featured artists, there’s lots to report on! So grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy these next few posts. And a warning – they’re picture heavy!

In the days prior to kick off there was lots of cooking and baking happening, and then, of course, the setting up of the Barn ready for the students

20141014-185740.jpgand there’d been a little bit of sewing done too, with GJ whipping up these fabulous “Dear Jane” aprons, especially for us to wear for the duration! (Cue sensible pic!)

20141014-185920.jpg(Cue crazy pic – can you tell we were excited??!!)

20141014-190022.jpgbut we weren’t the only crazy ones! Don’t try this at home!!

20141014-190927.jpg(Karen Martin from Mrs Martin’s Quilt Shop)

On Day 1 we served two bagels to each student, one chicken and one smoked salmon

20141014-191429.jpgfollowed by a fruit platter

20141014-191506.jpgand a cheese platter

20141014-191533.jpgDon’t they look scrumptious?

20141014-191605.jpgWhile we’d been fussing with food, the students had been studiously stitching

20141014-191705.jpglearning new skills and trying new techniques

20141014-191745.jpgThere was a little bit of bag envy

20141014-191833.jpgand sewing box wonder as this

20141014-191917.jpgopened to this

20141014-191941.jpgand rolled out to this!

20141014-192007.jpgisn’t that clever?

All too soon Joanne had made this

20141014-192140.jpgCan’t see it? Here it is!

20141014-192213.jpgElaine had this


20141014-192311.jpgand Marie had one too


20141014-192402.jpgAren’t they so sweet!

Then it was time for afternoon tea


20141014-192457.jpga little bit of show and tell

20141014-192530.jpgand a look at what all the students had achieved on Day 1!


On Day 2, the students were ultra keen to get back to their sewing. We interrupted them to serve lunch

20141014-193050.jpgthen just before afternoon tea there was some show and tell of Jane’s underway


20141014-193509.jpgthen some stunning student show and tell, which really impressed Brenda!



20141014-193644.jpgthen a look at all the blocks worked on over the two days

20141014-193803.jpgpretty impressive, huh?!

Finally, some afternoon tea

20141014-193856.jpgand then time to pack up and head home. Don’t know about the students, but we slept well that night!

More tomorrow.

Meredithe x

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Out to the Dandenongs

(Or as Patty 2 would say….out to the daddy-dogs!)

<a href="http://Patty Harants and her friend Patty (Patty 1 and Patty 2 to avoid confusion!) have arrived for Quilts in the Barn and Patty 1 entertained an enthusiastic crowd on Thursday evening with her lecture.

On Friday we left Patty 1 and her students in the capable hands of GJ, and Linda, Brenda, Patty 2 and I spent a glorious Spring day up in the Dandenongs (Patty had trouble with our accent and understanding the name!)

20141003-185108.jpgOf course it was a must to take our visitors to Miss Marple’s Tearoom for lunch where we shared a couple of Ploughman’s

20141003-185953.jpgand between the four of us this wicked indulgence!

20141003-190040.jpg(Good thing we’d eaten our veggies and greens!)

Then it was a short walk to tealeaves, a shop filled with all manner of “tea” related products, pots, pieces and particulars!

20141003-190231.jpg(one of the red and white spotty teapots – middle, right hand pic – came home with me!)

The shop next door had buckets of stunning daffodils, some of which I’d never seen before!

20141003-190419.jpgA short drive took us to the Skyhigh Lookout for views over Melbourne and suburbs


20141003-190646.jpgyou might just be able to make out the city skyscrapers in the centre of this pic.

20141003-190705.jpgThis peacock (peahen?) was strutting his (her?) stuff around the cafe

20141003-190746.jpgand these girls posed for a pic!

20141003-190814.jpg(Patty 2, Brenda, Linda)

Our last stop was a lookout over Silvan Reservoir

20141003-191008.jpgI’m so glad Melbourne turned on the weather for our US visitors.

Meredithe x

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Away from the Barn

On Wednesday we decided Brenda probably needed to see a little bit more of Australia than the inside of the Barn!!. And what better place than a drive through a bit of country Victoria to Millrose.

The day was a tad cold!

20141002-145732.jpgbut inside the shop was warm and inviting, as always

20141002-145854.jpgwith lots to see, and new bits and pieces to discover

20141002-145944.jpgJudy was teaching and it was lovely to briefly catch up with her, and for Judy to meet Brenda (it’s very funny introducing Brenda, ‘cos all we need to say is, this is Brenda – no surname required!!).

One of Judy’s students, Colleen, was sewing on this beautiful machine

20141002-150320.jpgit’s 51 years old and weighs a hefty 30kgs! But Colleen loves sewing on it, and it performs beautifully!

After an initial fossick, we headed next door for lunch

20141002-150505.jpgenjoying more of the Millrose delicious fare

20141002-150559.jpgthen Sue took us to the Millhouse so Brenda could see the set up for retreats

20141002-150739.jpgWe had a fabulous day, and after finalising our purchases, there was the all important photo to remember the day

20141002-150920.jpg(Lizzie, Brenda and Sue)

I’ll get pics of our show and tell when I can.

Meredithe x

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Class Show and Tell

Sue 1 has (almost*) finished her next quilt

20141002-142312.jpg(* yes, we know about the bottom right hand corner…….darn it!!)

So Sue started working on her new project

20141002-142635.jpgwe chose fabrics for 17 blocks, and Sue cut out this little beauty

20141002-142754.jpgthis is going to be fun!!

Sue also had on another gorgeous scarf. The pineapples first caught my eye

20141002-142444.jpgthen I noticed the colourful ladies!! Aren’t they fabulous?!

20141002-142508.jpgSue 2 was “churn dashing”

20141002-142939.jpgLisa was cutting bits for her next star block

20141002-143059.jpgand Carilyn finished her centre

20141002-143131.jpgLast week Chris was telling us about her up coming trip to the Royal Melbourne Show with the nieces and nephews and we reminisced about shows when we were younger! Chris took note of my waxing lyrical about the old Bertie Beetle show bags, and look!

20141002-143438.jpgChris bought me one!!

20141002-143519.jpgThank you Chris – so sweet!

And Karen has received a very special parcel in the mail.

20141002-143741.jpgThis beautiful sewing basket uses Karen’s new fabrics (due for release soon!) and was made by Max from l’uccello.

20141002-144538.jpgIt’s all hand made and you can have one too!

And I bought some more backgrounds for Steampunk (and some secret women’s business!)

Meredithe x

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