Eliott Stitchers

For our last Eliott Stitchers of the year, we decided on a road trip, so on Tuesday we headed down to Mornington. Our first stop on arriving was for a coffee at the Blackbird Cafe

20141218-161633.jpgor in my case a decadent hot chocolate!

20141218-161704.jpgNext door was this shop

20141218-161811.jpgwhich looked very interesting, but we had no time to explore this trip – great excuse to go back!

Where we were really headed was Treehouse Textiles.

20141218-162024.jpgThis was my first visit since Emma moved the shop into Mornington. The shop is situated in a quaint courtyard type area off the main street, and the shop itself is a delight! So light and airy with an eclectic range of fabrics, an interesting mix of patterns – patchwork and dressmaking – lovely gifts and a good habby range.

20141218-162428.jpgAnd, of course, the delightful Emma and Cathy helping us, plus the added bonus of Emma’s daughters who were pressed into action putting away numerous bolts!!

We piled up our fabrics and Emma kindly cut and packaged while we travelled a short way down the road to Lilo Cafe for a spot of lunch. This cafe is fabulous! All the decor is greeeeen!!

20141218-162706.jpgand at this time of year, Christmas is greeeeen!

20141218-162807.jpgand on the wall leading to the bathrooms, there are green aprons on a green wall!

And the food was sumptuous!

20141218-162912.jpgAfter lunch we headed back to Treehouse Textiles to pick up our parcels (and try to studiously avoid seeing more fabulous fabrics to buy!!), have one last chat with Emma and Cathy and then it was back on the road to home.

So that’s it. Last social party. Prepping now for Christmas Day……house…..presents…..guests……food………

Meredithe x

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Monday Ya-Ya’s

Another lovely Christmas break up, this time with the Ya-Ya’s. There was yet more food (a serious change to eating habits has to start…….soon!)

20141218-155259.jpgand as a Christmas-aholic, Linda’s home is beautifully decorated

20141218-155436.jpgOn the show and tell front, Trish has 201 Liberty Stars made.

20141218-155544.jpgWho knew there were 201 pink Liberty’s?!

Deb has done a great job in quilting one of GJ’s quilts

20141218-155831.jpgSandra brought along her latest finish

20141218-155902.jpgwhich she has made from a 9-patch block swap.

20141218-155937.jpgIsn’t that a great way to play with 9-patch blocks? Sandra made some bigger ones for the back to help eek out the backing fabric!

20141218-160044.jpgSandra is also in a swap for these tiny blocks.

20141218-160117.jpgThat’s a teaspoon there for perspective. Sandra has also been spinning some wool.

20141218-160243.jpgand Fiona has been hand piecing these sweet blocks

20141218-160549.jpgShall I tell you? Well, not one stitch was made by anyone on the day! We were Far too full from food; we only just managed to get out of our chairs for the show and tell!

Meredithe x

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December Auntlets Report

Dear Anna,

How did it get to be the 15th of the month so soon??…….again???

With the realisation that the 15th was looming, yesterday I applied myself to some Aunts’ homework and have cut, ready for piecing, five sets of flying geese blocks.

20141215-085938.jpgI also worked out that these blocks will use 48 fabrics and if I cut two scallops from each that will give me 96, just over the required 92. So, scallop template made and two cut from each fabric used so far.

20141215-090112.jpg(There’s a decided aqua theme happening here, don’t you think?)

Beg pardon?? I didn’t quite hear you?? Was that an “a” starting word?? Oh, yes…….appliqué. Hmmm, need some brain space for that, and that ain’t gunna happen before January!

With love,
Your Delinquent Auntlet

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Saturday stitching

Stitch Sisters had their Christmas breakup on Saturday. We met at Suzie’s home, greeted at the door with her latest beautiful Christmas quilt

20141214-132051.jpgand another in the family room

20141214-132128.jpgas well as a tree and the beginnings of a Christmas village.

20141214-132742.jpgThe dining room was all decked out too.

20141214-132219.jpgIt was a hot December day, and we enjoyed pre-lunch drinks on the deck before all the food was unveiled.

20141214-132912.jpgAfter devouring some of that lot of deliciousness, the canny among us had left room to partake of the scrumptious desserts

20141214-133110.jpgTotally sated, we rolled into the family room, and for those that could move, a little stitching was undertaken

20141214-133157.jpgToo quickly the afternoon vanished amid laughter, present exchanges and diary dates for next year (eek!). I, for one, ate not a thing last night!

Meredithe x

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Giveaway Winners

Oh My Goodness!!  The Giveaway Winners!!  I’d totally forgotten  It had just temporarily slipped my mind……..

Without further ado, and with the help of my Random Number Generator – aka The Golfer – calling out numbers between 1 and 67 inclusive, here they are:







Congratulations!  I’ll be contacting you each shortly.

I do wish I had enough to give everyone a set; thanks again for participating and for all your lovely comments about my new templates and my blog – much appreciated!

Meredithe x

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Class show and tell


This was our last week of class for 2014 – very hard to believe!

Lois brought in her 1930’s quilt……I don’t know what happened but as I loaded the photos, the three I took of the front slowly disappeared from the screen!! So annoying! I do have one of the back, however.

20141212-135056.jpg(Sorry Lois!)

Adrienne is progressing with her elongated pyramids

20141212-135154.jpgDeirdre trimmed her strips, laid them out “in a pleasing manner”, then stacked them up ready to sew.

20141212-135303.jpgAnn Marie continued with her embroidery

20141212-135410.jpgand Sandra was working on a Christmas themed project too

20141212-135537.jpgWe finished the morning with delicious food and Christmas chatter




Sue 1 has another of her blocks made

20141212-135844.jpgCarylin has more blocks stitched together

20141212-135937.jpgLorraine is starting a new hexagon project

20141212-140021.jpgSue 2 has a woolly bits block finished – love the beads!

20141212-140102.jpgJosephine has made all her hexagon pieces

20141212-140218.jpgso we cut the background to size and starting pinning them into place ready to appliqué

20141212-140306.jpgWe had some exciting finishes in this class…….

Nanette stitched the final seams on her quilt top

20141212-140433.jpgmade up the backing and left it with Karen for quilting.

And Karen had some quilted quilts for the girls; this is Marilyn’s elegant quilt

20141212-140652.jpgThe plain area for quilting works so well with this great feather pattern

20141212-140744.jpgand Karen was particularly chuffed with how the backing came together – can you see the seam??

20141212-140829.jpgThen we had Josephine’s Mrs Billings


20141212-140933.jpgand Sue 1’s Mrs Billings too


20141212-141034.jpgWe kept the quilted quilts out so we could all have a good look at them (until some customers wanted to look at some fabrics!!)

20141212-141126.jpgAren’t they all wonderful!

Again we finished the morning with fabulous food


I’m so proud of all that my students have achieved this year. I think they’ve done marvellously, and we’re all looking forward to more fun in classes in 2015 (now that just sounds wrong!!).

Meredithe x

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The Golfer and I decided to put aside the cares of the world today and head out to our favourite escape destination, with the ubiquitous fish ‘n’ chips for lunch.

20141208-174109.jpgThen, instead of a walk around Sorrento’s shops, we opted to go on to Portsea, then to the Point Nepean National Park. Until recently, this was a military area and not open to the public, but it’s now a beautiful park with walks and the original Quarantine Buildings which have been opened as museum type areas.

We took just a short walk to the Observation Point, where the authorities could view ships coming in through the Heads

20141208-174824.jpgand if the ship showed a yellow quarantine flag, could direct them to the wharf

20141208-174701.jpg On our walk there and back, we were the only ones on the track; all we could hear was the breeze through the tee-tree, cicadas and birds – so restful. The highlight of the day, though, was spotting an echidna. I’ve never seen an echidna in the wild. By the time I got my phone set up in camera mode he’d ducked down a burrow. On the way back he was out again! I tried to be very quiet, but they must have acute hearing……this is the best I could do. You can just make out his spines in the middle of the photo.

20141208-175846.jpgWe drove onto the Quarantine area, parked the car and took a stroll around the buildings in the sunshine.

Can you see the words on this flag?

20141208-175025.jpgIt reads “Foul Luggage Store”; not only were people quarantined, but all their clothing and luggage too. There’s some interesting information and photos about lots of early ships that were quarantined, mostly for influenza around 1918 (Spanish flu?), but quite a few for smallpox too.

These buildings were the hospitals

20141208-175322.jpgGotta love this government gobble-de-gook!

20141208-175409.jpgThere’s an information centre too

I shall do an Anne now and show my attempts at “arty pics”!!


20141208-180043.jpgThe rusty barbed wire is for you Anne!

20141208-180122.jpgFeeling relaxed and refreshed now, ready to face a busy week!

Meredithe x

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