Class Show and Tell

Carylin (I’ve been spelling her name wrong!!) has made these fabulous pieced blocks

20140724-184313.jpgand Lorraine brought in her beautiful appliqué blocks

20140724-184413.jpgLisa has another star block done

20140724-184457.jpgPeggy is “Log Cabin-ing” again; different layout and different colours

20140724-184625.jpgMarilyn did lots of cutting out and stitched this

20140724-184704.jpgand what is this little crocheted thingy of Chris’s?

20140724-184813.jpgIt’s a tape measure holder!

20140724-184853.jpgIsn’t that sweet!

Meredithe x

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I spent a day over the weekend getting my Quilted Crow BOM blocks up to date

20140722-142528.jpgthese are two of the ten I prepped. Just in time too, ’cause the next lot have just arrived!

20140722-142639.jpgI was banished to “The Good Room” over the weekend as The Golfer watched The Open. I do love being in that room, particularly when it’s cold, wet and miserable; in front of the fire I stitched nearly all of this down

20140722-142909.jpgready to be embellished for the woolly bits block keeper.

And this has arrived in the mail

20140722-143016.jpgso I have some lovely reading to look forward to!

Meredithe x

PS I’m not making good decisions at the moment, so I’m sitting on my TAW waiting for inspiration to hatch!

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Quilts in the Barn 2014

There’s a buzz around town about this year’s Quilts in the Barn exhibition, as Linda is also hosting workshops and lectures with the guest exhibitors, Brenda Papadakis and Patty Harants!!

This post re-blogged with permission from Linda at Quilts in the Barn

The bookings are coming in at a steady rate.
We have had great interest in all our workshops
and we still have vacancy’s in all of them at the moment,
though we expect that to change in the near future.
So if you are still wanting a place we should be able to accommodate you.

These are the only workshops Brenda and Patty
will be doing during their visit here to Australia.

l have listed below all the workshop dates and what each class entails.
The cost of the workshop is $300 for the 2 day classes.
A $50 non refundable deposit is required to secure your spot.

Morning tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea is provided with all workshops.
There will also be a few surprises you!

Email myself or Meredithe at if you require a booking form,
and/or require bank details.

Workshop dates for Brenda Papadakis

Saturday 27th Sunday 28th September – Dear Jane ( Book required )

Monday 6th & Tuesday 7th October – Dear Jane ( Book required )

Morning tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea is provided with all workshops.
There will also be a few surprises you!

Spend two days learning “Jane Tricks” for applique,
accurate rotary cutting, machine piecing and paper piecing.
Master some of the more difficult blocks in Jane’s Civil War quilt,
such as Papa’s Star, Nan’s Naidad, Wagon Wheel and
Junko’s Rose Garden. Machine and hand.

Monday 29th &Tuesday 30th September – Gracie’s Garden ( Pattern included )

Learn all the tricks and techniques of Back Basting Applique
while stitching this pretty folk art vase with the different
elements contained in the Susanna Culp 1848 quilt.
Never need freezer paper, overlays, glue, starch or templates again!
If you’ve tried other methods of applique´ with little or no success,
or if you’re looking for a simpler way to enjoy hand stitching,
this class is for you. Curves, points, circles, stems, even a little
embroidery are all taught while you back baste Gracie’s Garden.
Beginner to Advanced. Two days, all hand.

Workshop date for Patty Harants

Friday 3rd &Saturday 4th October Rebecca Kohler Crib Quilt.
(Pattern included)

Morning tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea is provided with all workshops.
There will also be a few surprises you!

Spend 2 days learning Patty’s tips for successful applique.
Hear the story’s behind The State Museum of Pennsylvania,
where the original Rebecca Kohler Crib Quilt lives.
This class is based on Patty’s reproduction of the Rebecca Kohler Crib Quilt.
Requirements list at a later date.


Lecture dates

Brenda Papadakis –– Friday 26th September 7pm – 9pm “My Journey With Jane”
Patty Harants –– Thursday 2nd October 7pm – 9pm “Here l am….how did l get here?”

These are also filling fast. The cost of the lecture is $15.
You can secure your place by filling out a booking form, and paying in full.

Email myself or Meredithe at if you require a booking form,
and/or require bank details.

Please feel free to share this post on your blog or other social media.
We want to give Brenda and Patty a wonderful time with our Aussie quilters.

Hope to see you there!

Meredithe x

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Class Show and Tell

Back to class today and Sue 1 has her hexagons made

20140717-160150.jpgnow to join them together!

Sue 2 has finished a top for her granddaughter

20140717-160411.jpgand has started on the 9-patch blocks for Kendall Farm

20140717-160603.jpgwith the help of a cute tin!

Lisa has another star block finished

20140717-160709.jpgMarilyn has put her Robyn’s Nest centre together

20140717-160908.jpgand Peggy put the borders on her quilt, got the backing together and handed it over for quilting

20140717-161018.jpgA very satisfying day all round!

Meredithe x

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Eliott Stitchers

20140716-093911.jpgAfter a couple of weeks with absentees, we had a full compliment yesterday for Eliott Stitchers and were able to catch up with the doings of Bea and Evie!

But before we took ourselves back to early last century (and swooned over the beautiful fashions!), there was show and tell. Some of our group have been away and, of course, indulged in a little shopping, of the quilt and op shop variety!

20140716-094324.jpgSome serious container envy here!!

20140716-094432.jpgand some great quilting related buys too

20140716-094523.jpgWe enjoyed delicious soup

20140716-094624.jpgand a scrummy crumble, served on beautiful china

20140716-094728.jpgLinda is pushing on with her hexagons

20140716-094812.jpgand shocked us with a show and tell of her latest fabric purchase – so un-Linda!!

20140716-095014.jpgHeather is still sequin-ing

20140716-095130.jpgand has started a TAW too

20140716-095213.jpgand GJ’s TAW is growing like topsy!

Meredithe x

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Friday stitching

Managed to drag myself out for a short visit on Friday afternoon to Mrs Mac’s. Miss V was there and had lots of show and tell:

This for her brother

20140714-134432.jpgthis for her daughter

20140714-134502.jpgwith a backing made from all the “leftovers”!

20140714-134534.jpgand this snugly flannel one

20140714-134601.jpgagain with a leftovers backing

20140714-134624.jpgMrs Mac has been alternating hand quilting

20140714-134653.jpgwith some appliqué from Irene’s “Message in a Bottle” quilt (I defy you to now get that song out of your head!!)

20140714-134849.jpgand little Miss M (aged 9) is learning to knit!

20140714-134946.jpgAs usual there was afternoon tea…..

20140714-135021.jpg…..but I’m still not eating much! No doubting it was delicious!

Meredithe x

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FAL 3rd Quarter

Time to nominate my hope-to-finish-up’s for the 3rd quarter of Katy’s FAL.

I’ll have to start with my three roll overs:

1. Dashing Hues20140413-123935.jpg(Gee, if I could just get this basted at the very least this quarter and carry it through to the 4th for quilting that would be good!!)

2. X and +20140423-143606.jpg(Nearly all the blocks are made, so if I could get it together and again carried it forward to the 4th quarter, I’d be happy!)

3. Bright Star20140712-122526.jpgNearly all the quilting is done on this – just the corners to go.  So shouldn’t take too long!

And the new ones:

4. Elephant Walk20140712-122713.jpgPoor Poppet doesn’t have a quilt yet – plenty of bunny rugs, but no quilt.  (Bad Aunty M!)

5. Hexagon Bag20140712-122822.jpgThe outside for my version of Judy’s bag is made, and I’m using the fox fabric for the lining.  Just need to put it together.

6. Woolly Bits Block Keeper20140712-123113.jpgI loved GJ’s idea for her woolly block keeper; I too have two of these blocks.  They are prepped,  just need a bit of embellishment and then making up.  How hard can that be??!!

7.  Hand Quilting20140712-123432.jpgThis Needs to be finished.  Its been hanging around for far too long!  I’ve quilted 6 blocks…..only 90 to go!  So, let’s work this out…….   If I quilted three a day… could be done in a month!!  Yeah right – let’s see how it goes!!

Wish me luck!

Linking up with Katy for the FAL 3rd quarter.

Meredithe x

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