Saturday stitching

It’s about a month since I’ve seen any of my sewing buddies, so luckily we’d scheduled a sewing day at the quilt shop on Saturday.

As always there was a load of lovely goodies for morning/afternoon tea

and a little bit of shopping happened too, including this bag for Miss Sand Helen’s selectionto add into her appliquéMaree’s version of Judy’s “Emma Mary” quilt is growingKaye excitedly showed us two tops that she’s certainly Substantially Progressed as part of her 17ufosin2017, the first I think from a pattern in an Australian Patchwork and Quilting magazine from several years ago, “Boston Commons”and this one “Civil War Bride” from ThreadbearMiss E knitted a hat for one of her daughters on huge needlesand had enough yarn left over to make a Pom Pom, then she kindly modelled it for us Kaye and Jenny spent most of the day at the cutting table, Kaye working on “Dear Jane” (another on her 17ufosin2017 list)and Jenny on an old pattern from Susan Smith “The Civil War Quilt”Andrea was hand quiltingDonna was doing EPPKaren blanket stitchingand me, a bit of “Ruby MayIt was so lovely to catch up on everyone’s news and to spend time chatting and laughing with these  friends.

Meredithe x

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Class show and tell

There was also class at Sewn and Quilted this last week and here’s what my students were up to there…….


Beth has her “Carousel” (pattern by Sandra Boyle “Everyday Quilt”) blocks togetherand she was working on her Barbie doll shower caps Suffolk PuffsLeanne is only doing four blocks and she’s starting to put them togetherCarole continued on with her borderMarilyn is well on her waySue E has two rows togetherand Jo started piecing her blocks together tooand on a different note, Carylin has machine pieced this “Hamilton Place” quilt top in two weeks!  It will be well and truly ready for its September deadline. Afternoon

Lyn stayed all day and finished piecing her block togetherHelen started on her “Sweet Sunday” blocksLois joined us and we sorted out the edges and a backing for her “Lucy Boston” table runnerTineke decided she’d like presents under her tree, so we cut and started embroidering someand Cheryl finished sewing all her Drunkard’s Path blocks and we chose some borders for it.Meredithe x

This class is held at Sewn and Quilted

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Class show and tell

It’s the beginning of the month, so I was over at the quilt shop for class this week.  We had a few away sick, so it was just a small class, but my students kept me busy!

Beth stitched one border together and got it pinned to the quilt topSue S joined us for the first time, bringing some left over blocks, bits of blocks and fabrics.  Together she and I hatched a plan and Sue sewed theseThey will be sashed with the green, and the floral will be the cornerstones.

Denise had her star appliqued on, so we looked at the next step, which will involve a rabbit (or two)Elizabeth (or four)and some lovely additions to her fabric stash for this quilt!Meredithe x

This class is held at the quilt shop, Eltham.  If you’d like to join us, class is the first Wednesday of the month 10.00 til 1.00.  Love to see you there!

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Class show and tell

Classes are back in swing, so let’s get to it…….


Sue E is starting to put together her “Carousel” (pattern by Sandra Boyle, Everyday Quilts)as is Marilyn Denise is working on her blocksJo is cutting out background piecesCarole is working on a borderand Sue W made her blocks and set up her appliqué for the next month of her BOM


Lyn stayed all day, finished her blocks and joined them into rows and  Linda stayed all day too, finishing all the big blocks and making heaps of small blocks for her “Welsh Quilt” (pattern by Sandra Boyle, Everyday Quilts)Frances has her quilt (“Sweethearts” by Susan Ambrose) back from her quilter, stunning custom quilting by Vicki Jenkins and we chose this stripe for the binding which Frances cut, prepped and sewed onCheryl finished sewing all her Drunkard’s Path blocksHelen continued with her appliqué and Jane’s on the last third of her DWRMeredithe x

This class is held at Sewn and Quilted

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Where and what revealed

Oops!  It’s taking a little longer than I anticipated to get back into the rhythm of posting again.  But here I am, better late than never.

My story will take a little while, so sit yourself down with a cuppa (or indeed a glass of something stronger) and I’ll tell all about where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing.  Are you ready?  Ok, here we go.

Ma Kettle has been contemplating for a little while now a move into a retirement village.  The house she and Pa lived in for 27 years was proving too big, and the garden, once her pride and joy, just a little too large to look after.  Having explored several villages in her town, she decided on the one that she liked and it was just a matter of waiting for a home to become available.  At the beginning of January a call came, but this house proved to be too dark and with a strange layout, so we rejected that one.  Then in February Ma was notified that a home was to come onto the market shortly and would she like first viewing?  I jumped a train and went up to look at it with her and we both left feeling that this was “the one”.  You know, that feeling of contentment and being able see yourself in it, to make it your own and settle happily there.  (Stunning trees nearby)Thankfully Ma’s youngest brother went up the next day and, bless him, took on the task of negotiating the purchase, then organising the sale of Ma’s house.  And would you believe Ma bought her new home and sold the old one after the first Open For Inspection – all within 11 days!  (Check the size of these leaves!)The whirlwind continued with Ma starting to sort out cupboards and drawers, and as you know, I was up there at Easter when I started the sorting and packing, organising for removalists, and achieved quite a lot.

However, there was more to do, so that’s where I headed a couple of weeks ago, and for five days finished off the sorting and packing, had half a dozen trips to the op shop, sorted mail and connections, and moved us into a motel for four nights (settlement dates went a little askew – don’t ask!)It was then Moving Out Day and I left an exhausted Ma at the motel while I supervised the young lads who came to pick up Ma’s goods and chattels.  Not that they needed any supervising as they were very efficient and charming lads.  Next came the cleaner and the Salvo’s to pick up the white goods and beds, as we decided Ma needed new ones of these.  It all went very smoothly, thankfully.After everyone else had left I walked around Ma and Pa’s first ever home they owned , seeing the rooms bathed in sunlight and feeling the love and peace of the house; even one of the removal lads had commented that the house had a really nice feel.  Needless to say, I left there in tears after locking up for the last time.We had the next day free, and Ma and I spent the day at Lake Weerona in nearby Bendigo, relaxing, reading, dozing and walking.  (We needed to escape the motel room which we named The Dungeon as it was very dark and depressing;  too tired to do anything about it and we knew we would only be there to sleep).Then it was Moving In Day.  LittleBigBrother came up on the train, and our cousin L and his wife W who were visiting nearby came to help.  Settlement went through, the key was collected, the removalists arrived with the goods and chattels and moving in commenced.  It was lovely to catch up with the cousins and much laughter accompanied the unpacking.  LittleBigBrother stayed the night at the new home and Ma and I went back to The Dungeon for one final night.Next day Ma’s new fridge and washing machine arrived and we finished unpacking all but four boxes; we need to get Ma a desk and a narrow bookcase to unpack the last of the boxes.  And Ma had her first night in her new home.So now Ma is settling in nicely to her lovely home.  She has Pa’s chair by the window where sunlight comes in, and she can see out to the village.  This was one of the first things to come off the truck and LittleBigBrother sat her in it on Moving In Day and said “don’t move, we’ll sort it”!  (And I bought the roses to welcome Mum to her home)and she has her new bed (thanks Jan K!) and a quilt I made some years ago for Ma fits perfectly on it.So there you have it.  There are still some things to be done; some little bits and some bigger bits, but we’re slowly getting there for her.  Already Ma has met her immediate neighbours, and she knows the couple across the road, and five others already living in the village, so she won’t be short of company.  And I feel very comforted that she has company, easy access to shops and the library, and a lovely, lovely home.

Meredithe x

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17ufosin2017 | May

I’m Back!  I was going to use this post to tell you where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing, but I realised it’s the last day of May which means it’s 17ufosin2017 time, so you’ll have to wait a day or two to find out about my last couple of weeks.

So, on with our Substantial Progress.  Regrettably, I haven’t achieved much in May.  I did finish “Saigon” and I did take away some projects to work on (haha!), so there’s not a lot for me to show.I do hope you’ve fared better……over to you, lovelies!  Show us what you’ve achieved.

If you have a blog, please add your link below (link will be open for a week); if you don’t have a blog, list your month’s achievements in the comments, or add a post to Instagram with the hashtag #17ufosin2017  Can’t wait to see what everyone has done!  And if you missed out on posting last month, or you’ve just discovered this challenge, please join in this month – we’d love to have you along.

Meredithe x

When linking to your blog for 17ufosin2017

::  Please link directly to your post on your 17ufosin2017 not to your home page
::  Please link back to this post somewhere in your post
::  Visit other linkers to see what they’re going to be working on for 2017
:: The link will be open for a week
::  If you haven’t already, pick up the 17ufosin2017 blog button from my side bar


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Taking a break

Well my Lovelies, this is it for me for a couple of weeks.  There are some family matters that need my attention – all good – but I know I won’t have time or head space to be in this space.

I’ll be able to share all with you when I return here at the end of the month.

Until then, taken care, stitch/knit lots and I’ll see you back here for a round up of May’s 17ufosin2017……you have been warned!

Much love, Dear Peeps

Meredithe x

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