Class show and tell

I’m back!  I had an extended break over Easter, and now there’s lots to catch you up on.  The first is the class before Easter……..


And as it was just before Easter we had hot cross buns (raspberry and white chocolate!)and Denise made delicious apricot and almond biscuits (biscotti?)I helped Sue choose her backgrounds/bordersand she stitched more centres into her blocksBeth cut some of her background piecesCarole worked on more blocksas did Denise…….who did a little shopping too!Afternoon

Linda stayed all day, and she chose a backing for her cot quilt, which has the start of the final borders on ittogether we chose the “joiners” for this version of DWR and Linda tried them outand she worked on more of her “Welsh Quilt” blocksFernanda finished putting on the final borders for her quiltand started a woolly bits cushionHelen and I laid out her blocks onto her background fabric and she started appliqueing the pieces onto itand Jane almost has another row of her DWR ready to go onoh yes, we had Easter eggs too, in anticipation of Easter Sunday.

Meredithe x

This class is held at Sewn and Quilted

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Here and now | April 

Sunday and Monday the weather looked like this

At stages the rain was horizontal and I believe it was freezing cold, so I (wisely!) stayed inside both days and stitched and relaxed.

By Wednesday it was like this


Loving //the colour of the Autumn leaves on the slowly turning trees

Eating //a high fat / low carb diet and am losing weight!  (Not suitable for everyone – get a doctor’s check/ok before starting)

Drinking //cups of licorice (herbal) tea – smells divine and tastes as good (not that my friends think so!!)

Feeling //happy that the hot weather is over and cooler nights are bringing restful sleeps

Making //inroads into my next project for 17ufosin2017

Thinking //that I really should clear out my sewing room and reorganise it

Dreaming //of the result of the above!  It looks so nice in my dream vision (just, where do I put all the extraneous “stuff”??!!)

Wishing you all a happy and safe Easter, dear Peeps!

Linking up with Sarah for Here and Now.  Are you?

Meredithe x

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Tuesday sewing

Just a small group of Allsorts met at the quilt shop on Tuesday, but we had lots of gorgeous work to admire.

“Saigon” is finished and ready to be taken to the quilter, so I’ve dragged out “Rainy Days” from the list Ann has heaps of stripes cut out ready to piece, and lots pieced tooToni is hooked on her little hexiesas is Kim on her big onesNarelle has her MSG top finished and basted and has started hand quilting it – stunning, huh?Heather cut out lots of blocks ready to hand pieceand she’s found this lovely hexagon work box she made many years agowhich will now be put to good use!  So pretty.Meredithe x

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sew, stitch, snap, SHARE

I’m joining in with Linda and Julie in this new link-up.

On Monday evening I put the last stitch into the “Saigon” top, and having already bought a backing – my favourite wide-back Tula print, in a different colour way this time – it’s all packed up and ready to go to the quilter, well before my booked-in time.  Yippee!  I call that great progress for 17ufosin2017!Now I’m off to see the other peeps participating in ‘sew, stitch, snap, SHARE’…….are you taking part?

Meredithe x

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Several of the Squealers hadn’t visited the quilt shop, so we made a booking and all lobbed there for a day of stitching on Saturday.  As always the shop was looking fabulous with some new fabrics in from Kaffe and Tilda, as well as lots of other lovelinessWe brought along goodies to share for morning/afternoon tea which we all enjoyed(now you know that’s not mine, because I don’t drink milky tea!)

Miss E recently scored this stunning teapot from the Camberwell Market

and she’s currently playing with pretty hankies and a bit of embroidery……you’ll have to wait to see what it will be!Maree spoilt us each with an early Easter treat (just love the patchwork serviettes)and she’s finished her hexie bag (slightly different to the original pattern)and is making more hexie blocks for “Emma MaryKaye had this huuuuge pile of blockswhich in true Kaye style, was cut and trimmed in an orderly fashionHelen is making these sweet blocksand, desperately missing her applique, bought some fabrics to start on a new projectMiss S has made this fabulous quilt top for her sonand she too continues her love of hexiesEllen joined us and finished a cardigan (she’s just a little short of buttons!)and promptly started a new oneI hadn’t done any sewing for about a week, and still had two flowers to applique – now just one(like my new glasses?)

Karen has gone a little “Farmer’s Wife” crazyLouise is making this stunner (which I think is this pattern)and has a new sewing boxand Andrea’s applique was very apt as the leaves are just starting to turn ’round hereEveryone had such a lovely time, me thinks we’ll be doing this again…….very soon!

Meredithe x


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More class show and tell

Back to Sewn and Quilted for this next post; we had a few away on grandma duty for school holidays, but lots for you still to see.


I helped Denise choose the background and border fabrics for her “Carousel

Carole cut and stitched more of her background piecesand I think(!) we’ve talked Beth into making all 16 of the blocks (she was stopping at 12)Afternoon

Linda stayed all day and we sorted out a border issue on her baby quiltwhich was all tucked very neatly into this cute tinand between classes, Linda has spent some time cutting for her next projectand making blocks, several more of which she made during the day; she’s aptly making “The Welsh Quilt” for her Welsh brother-in-lawLyn stayed all day too, and she has her first row of blocks togetherHelen brought in all the blocks she’s been working on and we tried a layout Jane did more DWRand Fernanda chose borders, we cut the corners of her quilt and trimmed up the sides, then she added the first border and cut the secondMeredithe x

This class is held at Sewn and Quilted

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Class show and tell

Being the beginning of the month means you’re getting double show and tell!  This first post is from the class at the quilt shop, in Eltham.

Beth had put the borders on her quilt topwe worked out the measurements for, and cut the setting triangles, then did a layout and Beth started piecing this next border Denise had finished piecing her starand we cut the background and centred the star for Denise to start appliqueing it downRhonda had machine pieced all her pieces togetherand she played with how the next phase is going to lookand after a slight panic about having sufficient background fabric, we worked out a solution and Jennifer valiantly sewed more of her blocks togetherMeredithe x

This class is held at the quilt shop

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