Friday road trip

There’s nothin’ like a road trip with quilty friends, is there?!

Karen, Helen and I decided that last Friday would be good for a road trip (mostly because I’d seen that Treehouse Textiles were having a sale that day!).

The shop was looking fabulous and as neither Karen nor Helen had visited before, was seen with new eyes by them.and after some gleeful shopping we headed next door for a cuppa I realised then that Little Woollie wasn’t that far away, and as none of us had been there that was definitely worthy of a short drive.

A wall of colour was the first thing we saw and it took our breath away – one of each please!There are so many beautiful yarns set out in this storeand crocheted pieces laid casually over tablesand chairsDon’t you just love the old Formica tables and vinyl chairs?!  Julie, the store owner, made us feel very welcome and we made some purchases there too.

By then it was time for (a very late) lunch so we headed down the street to a cafe – the name of which I forgot to get with all our chatter.  They did a great meal and were very friendly even when yours truly spilled water all over the floor….eeek!  The waiter ribbed me about it good naturedly, even telling Helen that she was welcome to come back but not to bring me!!So I guess you’d like to see what we bought, huh?  Helen……

Karen…..Me…… More socks to be knitted soon!!

Back at Karen’s we sat and had a cuppa, too tired to do any stitching having thoroughly enjoyed our outing.  We did take the time to admire this present for one of Karen’s grand daughters thoughIsn’t that sweet?

Meredithe x

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Class show and tell


Marilyn had the blocks for the body of her quilt nearly ready and had done a layoutand she worked on the last couple in classJo (reluctantly) made more of her stars and did a great job!Carole worked on more of her block, but we discovered she’s set the outer ring at the wrong measurement and it and the leaves have to come undone……”not happy, Jan”!!I showed Leanne how to inset the circle on one of her blocksand with that complete she started on one with lots of tiny piecesDenise enjoyed a little retail therapyin between stitching up one of her Mrs Peach blocks


Four students stayed all day:  Carylin has finished her Quiltmania BOM top and I think I’ve talked her into hand quilting it (!)she chose a backing for it from one of Carol’s new fabricsand worked on her latest block with a little retail therapy in between, finding the perfect “eye” for her bird from the purple fabricFernanda has a finish!  “Dancing Dollies” is all done, including a labeland she worked on the elements for her MSG “Elements” bagLyn tidied up the ends of her last (we hope!) table mat and as a reward turned a long scarf into a cowl – such a great idea, she thinks she’ll get more wear out of it this wayAnita joined us again having made some of her blocksand she cut and started prepping for the next setand the other students were also busy in the afternoon:  Tineke had finished her bag and she worked some more on her bird, getting to join some of the pieces together – the body is forming!Cheryl had done a lot on her bag piece, and added to it during classand she brought in this sweet swan doiley to showFrances worked on the last sets of her blocksand Jane valiantly started on the bias binding of the curved edges of her DWR – fear soon being overcome as it all seems to be working well!Meredithe x

This class is held at Sewn and Quilted

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6and6in2018 | June

I nearly missed this post!  I knew today was today, but not that it was today already, if you know what I mean……

Anyway, we’re halfway through the year – are you halfway through your lists?  Or are you having a slow start like me??

I haven’t done too badly this month.  I’ve started and finished a couple of knitted things; this little jumper for a friend’s grandsonand a pair of socks for me, using my friend Kim’s patternLike the different coloured toes?  Don’t tell anyone but that was more accident than design.  Kim’s pattern is for a longer sock, which I wanted to try, but not having knitted a long pair before I didn’t know how long, long could be (Kim gives optional lengths).  I ended up with this much yarn left – not quite enough to finish the toeso I scrounged through my socks left overs and came across a multi-coloured ball with the green ready to knit on……then had to wind off some of the yarn to get the matching colour for the second sock!Thoroughly enjoyed knitting them and must tell you the yarn I used was Onion Knit, Nettle Sock Yarn, Just Blue (Colour 1010)  from Sarah at Say! Little Hen.  It was lovely to knit with and so soft on the hands but feels like a strong yarn.  Looking forward to seeing how they wear.

On the quilting front, I did finish one off my list……hmm, just been to check that.  Ahem……On the quilting front, I did finish one off my list from last year(!) “Brompton Road”.  It’s what I was binding last weekend up at Millrose on the Friday. So very pleased with how this looks as a finish.  Quilted by Carol in my favourite pattern,the fabric for the long strips was bought at Millrose, then I scrounged through my Fabric Library for pieces which had the colours from the main print in them.  Added the plains (again from Millrose) and voila!  The backing was bought at a sale, and I made a scrappy binding from the left over fabrics used in the quilt (do love me a scrappy binding!).(Hmm, better get going with some things from this year’s list next!)

So how did you go this month?  Working hard on ufo’s?  Looking forward to starting something new in July?  Let Anne and I know what’s been happening in your part of the quilting/fibre world!

If you have a blog, please add your link below (link will be open for a week); if you don’t have a blog, list your month’s achievements in the comments, or add a post to Instagram with the hashtag #6and6in2018 Can’t wait to see what everyone has done! And if you missed out on posting last month, please join in this month – we’d love to have you along on the challenge.
Meredithe x
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:: Please link directly to your post on your 6and6in2018 not to your home page
:: Please link back to this post somewhere in your post
:: Visit other linkers to see what they’re going to be working on for 2018
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:: If you haven’t already, pick up the 6and6in2018 blog button from my side bar

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A very Millrose weekend

(I’ll just start by saying you would have had this yesterday except I’ve had computer problems…..grrrr…..’nuff said!)

Am back from the loveliest of weekends spent at Millrose and being a student all weekend!

I set off mid-morning Friday, arrived about lunch time, settled into the roomwith all our bags (this is just the sewing for GJ and I!)had lunch at the cafe, walked up the street, bought a magazine, had a read on the bed, decided to go next door to the shop, started working on a binding (Sue had said to bring in my sewing if I wished), chatted with customers, (spied on the class that I’d be taking the next day(!!) and had a lightening bolt idea about it which pleased me no end), back to the room, snacked for tea, went to pick up GJ (she had to work and came up on the train), shivered in 4 very chilly degrees at 7.30pm at the station, back to the room for a chat, finished my binding (yay), into bed, and sleeeeeep.

Saturday saw us up bright and early, dressed and off to the cafe for brekky, then into the shop for the start of our class with the amazingly talented Lisa from Forage by Lisa Mattock, the class being “Slow Stitching”.  Lisa started with the very interesting story of her journey to this point, then showed us lots of her work.  This collage is just a snippet of what she’s done/doingthen it was up to us – with guidance from Lisa.

The tables had all been set out with beautiful roses, a goody bag, chocs and a bowl of scraps to share, and thread, Liberty and needles courtesy of the shopinside the goody bag was an assortment of threads, a fabric pack, pins and discount cards – yay! – all slow stitching necessitiesI dived right in and soon had my panel going and Lisa stopped by to draw up some “botanicals” for me to embroider.  I did have a hard time with the “raw edges” concept and was a very bad student (because in class you should do as the teacher suggests even if it’s not what you usually do or you have a “better” way – you’re there to learn from the teacher; you can do as you please at home) and did stitch a couple of pieces together, and turned under a seam allowance and appliqued others, however I was brave enough to leave the linens with raw edges…..gulp!

Lunch time beckoned and we tore ourselves away for a spot of nutritionThere were 13 students in all, and I didn’t know half the class, so I only took pics from those I knew (the other had packed up before I could get to them too!).  At Jan K’s workspace, she had this fabulous tin filled with lacesand a beautiful really old box of silk threadsand this is her amazing Slow Stitching pieceMichelle’s is stunning reds and neutralsLynne chose subtle neutrals and blues with pops of vibrant red which just sing in her blockGJ worked her magic in orange tones using antique Suffolk puffs for flowers (from her own stash)and Miss D stitched these gorgeous pears – luv ’em!A little afternoon tea helpedand GJ found this tin for me – which I adore and it is now my slow stitching tin.Too soon class was over, and we reluctantly made our way out of the shop, but back at our room GJ and I thought we might work on more slow stitching……….


Sunday was to be Woolly Bits class but as it was only GJ, Lynne and myself with Lizzie, we all decided to slow stitch instead.

I finished block 1and started making a Caddy with a new kit/pattern from l’uccello and a beautiful Liberty from Millrose (and lots of help from GJ)then started to set up block 2 with a “B” for Ma Kettle (mwah Ma!)GJ foraged through her fabric packs choosing fabrics, doilies and lacesand by day’s end had set up 7 more stunning blocksLynne drew lines in for stems on her first block to be embroidered in black threadthen set up for block 2 which will have pops of blue flowersLizzie worked on one she’d already preppedand I took my time (neatening edges!) as slow stitching suggestsand by class end had the basics in place…… for some embellishments!

We did stop and go next door for lunch and had a spot of afternoon tea.Disappointingly the day came to an end!  How does that happen??

I can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed a class/stitching so much.  Lisa’s method of working/using fabrics, doilies, laces and embroidery has opened up a new world for me; all those “bits” that I’ve collected over the years, just ‘cos I liked ’em, finally have a purpose and can be used instead of just sitting in boxes.  Plus it’s blissfully creative, soothing to stitch and good for the soul!  I drew up that lightening bolt idea for a quilt I had on Friday and can see it finished in my mind’s eye.  Now to carve out some time to set up more blocks and slow stitch to my heart’s content………..

A big thank you to Lisa for a fabulous class;  she really is a treat; funny, compassionate and very encouraging.  If you get the chance to take a class with Lisa I would highly recommend it.  For you peeps o/s, Lisa is visiting the UK at the end of the year I believe so keep an eye out on her Workshops page.

And a huge thank you to Sue, Lizzie and all the staff at Millrose for excellent hospitality, food, friendship and generosity.  Always such a pleasure to stay/stitch in this fabulous environment.

Meredithe x

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Class show and tell


Marilyn decided on the corner blocks for her quilt and started to stitch themCarole was stitching leaves onto her next blockJo had some trouble with the concept of “free stitching” this block, but she’s made the first one!Sue E was fussy cutting more gorgeous squaresAnne-Maree and I, with the help of her newly purchased book, played with more stitches for her blocksand Carylin did a little more shopping for other projects in  between stitching the last of her blocks


Three students stayed all day; Linda and I worked on her latest project and she nearly has a house ready to applique to her backgroundand she’s made two sweet little bags from this patternFernanda started a “Take an Element” bag using the most gorgeous rabbit and toadstool fabricand Lyn has finished the last (she hopes!) of the table mats – congratulations Lyn!and has this lovely scarf which we’re turning into a cowl next timeTineke had a few problems with a bag which we sortedJane and I, after a false start(!), worked out how to efficiently cut bias binding, which Jane went on to joinCheryl is trying her hand at a woolly bits projectand Frances started cutting for the last of her blocksMeredithe x

This class is held at Sewn and Quilted.

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Mirjam’s 6and6

Ooops!  Nearly forgot to post Mirjam’s 6and6 progress for May…….

1. I didn’t work on my Polak stars.😔

2. With the “winterse hexjes” I’m working on week 16. So I’m lagging behind a little bit.

3. The Midwife Blanket.

This is going well. I am in any case about half.
4. I started a babyquilt.  
I only cut the background.

5. The “Hadjememaar” quilt.

This quilt was on my WIM-list. This month a course started and I signed up.
I only did the colouring.

That’s all still progress Mirjam!  Well done you.

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Friday stitching

An invitation to spend a cold Friday afternoon all toasty and warm in front of Karen’s fire was too good to resist!

Helen showed us her finished candlewicked quilt that she’d revisited, doing the cross hatching in each of the blocks and it’s made such a difference to the look of the quilt, so much more texture and Helen has started hand quilting another, this time a Kaffe projectMaree is up to quilting the last of the borders on her quiltI’ve been a little lost since finishing “Woodlands” so I’ve picked up an “oldie but a goodie” from many years ago to hand quiltand Karen was………crocheting??…what??  She didn’t feel like hand quilting…….

Meredithe x

PS no food pics – too busy quiltin’!

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