Alison Glass Stitch Club

You may remember that I joined the Alison Glass Stitch Club a little while ago.

It comes as a magazine-style information and project newsletter, filled with beautiful photographs, lots of articles, additional resources to explore, and well laid out details for the project. It’s a joy just to read, again and again.

June’s project deals with Kantha Stitching and I loved the look of a little bag in the newsletter, but me being me, decided to make it just that bit bigger.

I chose some fabrics from my fabric library

ordered these boxes

which contain deliciously coloured threads

chosen by Alison from the Wonderfil range

I cut and stitched together the fabrics, making up the pattern as I went along based purely on the size of the fabric pieces, ditching some and selecting others if they were too small (or I’d cut into them for a previous project!), then choosing a backing and my piece which is 40″ x 60″ was ready to be basted

It fits nicely across the width of a fabric (one of the reasons for keeping it 40″ wide)

and these threads look so good with it

then, following the instructions, it was time to start to Kantha…….

I’ve just picked it up again in the last couple of days, and am now filling in between the initial lines of quilting that I’d already done

It has such a lovely textural look and feel, and being just the top and backing (no wadding) the needle runs through it very easily so it’s quick stitching. Must admit I have cheated a little and have been ruling lines with my Hera Marker; might be brave and go solo for the next rows. Wish me luck!

This obviously won’t be finished by the end of the month, but as Alison says, it’s the journey as much as the finish.

The next issue is out and this time it’s Sashiko…….

Meredithe x

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Quiet times

It’s been very quiet here at p and c lately, both literally and figuratively as I succumbed to an annual bout of laryngitis. This one was so bad that The Golfer took me off to the doctor where I had a telehealth consult in the clinic carpark which lead to a COVID-19 test by a nurse who came to the car gowned, full-face masked and double gloved. A bit of a scary sight and the test is not a pleasant experience but one which, thankfully, gave a negative result.

I’m on the mend but this bout was so bad it zapped me of my energy, enthusiasm and sewing mojo as well as my voice, so I’m badly behind in all my projects. But, I’m well and that counts for everything these days.

The most I was up to was a bit of knitting, and socks are always a go-to for me as they are quick and, now I’ve made so many, easy. My lovely chiropractor is moving down Geelong way, just a bit too far to travel for a treatment! So as a farewell and thank you present I knitted her a pair of socks and also a pair for her partner as he was quite taken with the pair I knitted her for Christmas, so he now has a pair of his own.

I was able to order the yarn from Wondoflex; their range is a bit limited as they’ve sold out of a lot of stock. (Heard tell on the radio that LOTS of people have taken up knitting and crochet during the pandemic and yarn is in short supply Australia wide!!)

I chose this pretty blue and used the “Muddy Daffodils” pattern by Clare Devine for her

and this tweed for him and used “Ann’s Go-To Socks” from the book Sockupied

They both have long feet so it was strange knitting for such a long time on the foot part….would it ever measure the required length???

At the beginning of the year I cleaned up my yarns and put them in a different spot, but now I can’t find my acrylic stock thingies so the above displays are not the best – no doubt they will turn up when I’m looking for something else!

That’s all for today. Hope to be back soon with some pre-illness sewing and walking pics for you. Do hope you’re all well and stitching/knitting/crocheting to your heart’s content. Take care.

Much love

Meredithe x

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Europe 2019 | Cruise

After our brief stint in Copenhagen we took a taxi to the port there to go on our cruise (I know, I know!). Our ship was one of the Princess Line ( I Know, I Know!!) called the Regal Princess, one of their newest and biggest vessels.

This was my first cruise and The Golfer’s second (he was on one in his early 20’s going around the Pacific). We were very impressed with the whole set up; our room was beautiful, the staff were all very friendly and helpful, the nightly entertainment was amazing, food plentiful and delicious, and surroundings sumptuous.

After two days at sea, our first port was Stockholm, Sweden. We boarded a bus which took us to the Vassa Museum to see a resurrected ship that only sailed 1,000m before sinking on its maiden voyage in 1621. The King was most upset! Apparently it was designed/built too top heavy.

Earlier we’d had a quick tour of the “Old Town” and after seeing the ship we were dropped back at the Opera Hours for 3 hours of free time. We firstly went to the Galleria Shopping centre (in the modern town!) for a Swedish panini and, on our guide’s recommendation, a cinnamon bun which was delish!

Back in the Old Town we wandered down narrow streets

incongruously seeing modern wares in old shops

and colourful displays

At one point we stopped at a cafe with a 14th century cellar…..and wifi!! Truly amazing.

From the cobbled, narrow streets we made our way back to our pick up point

admiring statues


and a bit of both along the way.

Meredithe x

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Happy mail

There’s been a bit more happy mail arriving at p and c……

From The Patchwork Pear

and after seeing a piece on Gardening Australia about Utopia Goods Textiles and Bruce Slorach’s beautiful botanical drawings, I just had to get some samples

which I think would look stunning embroidered…….. cogs are turning again!

Are you helping to keep the fabric economy turning over??

Meredithe x

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For a little while now I’ve had the urge to do a bit of gardening – a very rare feeling so best taken advantage of!

The Golfer had been to the garden centre for me coming back with required items, so on Saturday before I put the binding on my quilt, and while the sun was shining ‘cos it’s going to be wet and cold all week, I got out in my gumboots

I noticed that the daphne is starting to get a multitude of flowers and will soon be opening out its fragrant blooms

and last year’s dahlias are now all in one pot – not sure if I need to trim back the greenery, but we’ll see how they go

I planted out some pink

and some white polyanthus – probably needed to get more but…….

We now have some fresh herbs growing; chives, basil, coriander and some self sewn parsley which I rescued

In the other overgrown, weedy herb container I found a tiny mint sprout so it’s now in its own pot……and finger crossed

Also finger crossed for these lavender cuttings that I took. The current lavender must be close to 30 years old and looking a bit worse for wear, so hoping to replace it with at least one of these

It was a very productive day, all in all. Now all this rain will see my new plants well settled.

Meredithe x

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QAL 202 | It’s a Finish!

It’s the 31st May, 2020 and just in time, as this is the deadline date, my QAL 2020 hosted by Cecile and Bea is finished!

This year’s theme was “Stars” and as soon as I saw that word I knew what I wanted to make; a revamp of the Star of Hope block had been brewing in the back blocks of the creative part of my brain for some time. I just needed an incentive to get it down on paper and stitched.

Stars were machine stitched in January and February, then the quilt top put together. I’ve been madly hand quilting since getting it back from being basted and finished that on Friday night

Yesterday I chose some of the fabrics to made a scrappy binding, deliberately choosing only the blues and greens as I felt the pinks would blend into the pink border too much

I cut them up, sorted into sequence

then sewed the binding on the quilt and stayed up until 11pm hand stitching it down. I’ve spent this afternoon taking out the basting (and found one square that hadn’t had all the quilting done!). And, Tada!, here is “Hopes and Dreams”

When I worked out the design I was one short of the 16 required blocks so I made a little Evening Star to go in the bottom right hand corner and so happy with that

It shares the fabrics in the bigger star

I chose this Kaffe wideback for the backing which works perfectly for the blue/green scrappy binding

and used Quilters Dream wadding which hand quilts like a hot knife through butter – devine!

The Golfer is at golf so these are the best pics I can muster without help!

Hand quilting, and the wadding, has made this the softest, drapiest (new word!) quilt and I’m delighted.

Thank you Cecile and Bea for hosting this QAL and I’m very happy that you’ve given me the push to complete my “Hopes and Dreams”.

Meredithe x

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Monthly Makes | May

Well, the last half of this month has just flown by, don’t you think? Luckily I finished my Monthly Make for May a little while ago.

I chose the “Daisy Love Purse” from Treehouse Textiles which I bought at a show last year. All components packed in the kit, ready to go.

Really enjoyed the process of making it; prepping the background, cutting up the daisy petals (which I did outside in the sun one lunchtime)

and finally getting to the finish.

I say finished……I know it looks unfinished (because it is, technically, unfinished) but I’m counting it as a finish because this little piece is going to have another life, one that will not be bag bound. I do love the look of the bag, but really I have more than enough bags (until next time!), so this piece, along with Emma’s “Sunday Stitch Sampler” which she’s been running through lockdown, will form part of a new quilt……ideas are brewing!

Did you get a Monthly Make finish for May? I’d love for you to share it either here and/or on Instagram at #monthlymakes2020

What’s on for next month??

Meredithe x

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Wet morning walk

A few images taken a week or so ago, for you to enjoy…….

Have a lovely day, Dear Peeps

Meredithe x

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Sew a little happiness……update

Further to my last post on this project, I’ve made progress!

There’s now a bird……

I’ve added clouds and sunshine to my rainbow and added in a caravan

a pomegranate has been appliqued

and some button flowers embroidered

Lots of fun!

Meredithe x

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Europe 2019 | Copenhagen

It’s a year ago today that The Golfer and I set out for an overseas trip to Europe (remember them?) and I just wondered if you’d care to indulge me in some reminiscing? I shan’t bore you with every day of our 6 week holiday, but just pop a post in here and there.

It’s a looooong way to the other side of the world involving two flights (we won’t discuss the part where we were coming into Doha and the plane hitting an air pocket and dropping several [hundred??] feet eliciting a gasp from the entire cabin, nor will be talk about the plane then bucketing and rolling through the clouds and yours truly having a mild panic attack [I’m not a good flyer at the best of times] and losing the little breakfast I’d had earlier – horrible! It took A Lot for me to get back on the plane for the second half of the journey). But it is a means to a very delightful end.

Our first destination was Copenhagen, Denmark. The days were cool and perfect for walking and admiring the beautiful architecture of this city.

This is the cobbled square in front of the Town Hall (the columns you can see on the right) with lots of outdoor eateries

We just wandered, turning down curved streets

and were staggered by the number of bicycles – for every 4 citizens there are 5 bikes!

We strolled through Kings Gardens which were very pretty and green (it was Spring time). Along one side of the Gardens are gorgeous houses – I’d like to live there! It looks so European doesn’t it?

I loved the look and name of this shop

We found ourselves down by the waterfront

and as an old yatchie, The Golfer was in his element perusing the various vessels. I liked the houses…..again, many of which are cafes/restaurants on the lower floors.

Back closer to our hotel one afternoon we stopped off at a cafe called La Glace for coffee (The Golfer) and cake (me) – delish!

The sun had started to come out on our second afternoon so we boarded the Hop-On-Hop-Off bus for a tour around the city seeing this statue/fountain which is The Gefion Fountain, depicting a Norse goddess

and The Little Mermaid which I vividly remember in association with Hans Christian Anderson’s story, and she’s very little.

More boats for The Golfer

then we jumped off at Orsteds Park for a stroll around the gardens and small lake

More architecture

Coming back to our hotel, we would stop for a drink at Ristorante Frascati next door; I’d write up my diary and we relaxed and people watched.

The main roads have enough room for 2 lanes either way, parking and a wide bike path. The traffic lights cater to cars, bikes and pedestrians and everyone obeys the signals and traffic flows smoothly. We saw a number of bikes with front “carriers” on them, big enough to transport a couple of children or shopping. Cyclists rarely wear helmets and the women are very fashionable dressed and many of the men ride in business suits.

The Danes were super friendly and spoke excellent English. Being blonde and blue-eyed I was taken for a Dane on several occasions with people speaking Danish to me and even when I’d said “Sorry, I’m Australian” they kept talking in Danish!

The Tivoli was just up the street from our Hotel, but it was always so crowded we didn’t go inside, but I did like this painting on the outside.

Meredithe x

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