Class show and tell

At the quilt shop last week, we did a layout for Deirdre

then I helped her choose some surround fabrics for a pink/red version of the above which Deirdre started to cut out ready for machine sewing

Anne-Maree’s table topper is finished and been used!

and in class she was hand quilting

Sue T joined us for the first time and I helped her with cutting out some fabrics given to her by a New Zealand friend, choosing extras and then laying them out (there’s sashing to go in between)

Sue M started another applique block

Andrea stitched up more small stars

Peggy was piecing her blocks together

Pearl was painstakingly prepping and cutting out her matching triangles

and Ann-Marie and I basted her quilt and she started machine quilting it.

Meredithe x

This class is held at the quilt shop, Eltham

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2 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. sueodonn says:

    Hi MeredithI love it that your group is all doing ” their thing”Lots of wonderful creations in the make.Sue 😚😚😚Sent from Samsung tablet.

  2. Isn’t it wonderfully useful to be able to take photos of a layout once you’re happy with it, and be sure you have a record in case of a momentary brainstorm…!

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