Woolly bits day

Hoorah, Hooray! We’ve finally had a Woolly Bits Day! It’s been some 18 months (and for some of us a bit more) since we’ve had a Woolly Bits day. Millrose is no longer open on Sundays so we booked a Saturday for an impromptu get together and it was Just Wonderful!

The shop is looking great – lots of changes have happened structurally and how/where goods are now laid out

and the cafe is now in the shop (rather then down the road) in a lovely new room and still with the same great food

After lots of catching up on what everyone has been doing and how we all coped with 2020 (can you imagine how much chatter there was??), some of us settled down to some stitching in one form or another.

Jacinta made this quilt during 2020 which she’s now hand quilting

and she’s started making these beautiful blocks, with one idea in mind that she just wasn’t sure of

and after much discussion with everyone putting in their two-penneth worth, GJ came up with this idea for a layout which we all loved

GJ has been stitching up Christmas decorations (getting in early!)

and was embroidering this pretty pattern on linen

Joy started an Anna Maria Horner pattern (can’t remember what it’s called – sorry)

Ginny was covering squares using EPP in preparation for some embroidery

Lynne was the only one of us doing any woolly bits

and I’d taken my “Daisy Days” blocks

but I was too excited to settle to stitching, although after much persuasion I did (at the end of the afternoon!) finally put 4 blocks together – so unlike me!

It really was a special day and a joy to catch up with these wonderful women. So much so we’ve made another couple of dates for during the year (and fingers crossed we will be able to keep them!).

Meredithe x

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5 Responses to Woolly bits day

  1. How lovely to be able to get together again!

  2. sueodonn says:

    Love your “Daisy days”CheersSueSent from Samsung tablet.

  3. treadlemusic says:

    Such lovely, diverse projects. These certainly have been odd times……..looking back, most agree (with amazement) that time has moved so quickly! Staying focused on a single project, though, seemed to be the common challenge. Those who were used to starting and finishing a work before starting another found themselves with several in-progress items that helped give good variety to otherwise days of same-ness. My challenge has been in the blogging world……mine! Hopefully, this will pass and I’ll post all the projects.
    The shop is wonderful, and the eatery location within is grand!! Sweet times of sharing for sure. Hugs………Doreen

  4. audrey says:

    So happy for you having the girl/stitchers time. I bet there was LOADS to talk about! Love the quiet hand quilting project and so many more. Your Daisy Days are very sweet! Definitely worth progressing on!

  5. frayedattheedge says:

    How wonderful, such gatherings are still not possible here!!

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