17ufosin2017 | May

I’m Back!  I was going to use this post to tell you where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing, but I realised it’s the last day of May which means it’s 17ufosin2017 time, so you’ll have to wait a day or two to find out about my last couple of weeks.

So, on with our Substantial Progress.  Regrettably, I haven’t achieved much in May.  I did finish “Saigon” and I did take away some projects to work on (haha!), so there’s not a lot for me to show.I do hope you’ve fared better……over to you, lovelies!  Show us what you’ve achieved.

If you have a blog, please add your link below (link will be open for a week); if you don’t have a blog, list your month’s achievements in the comments, or add a post to Instagram with the hashtag #17ufosin2017  Can’t wait to see what everyone has done!  And if you missed out on posting last month, or you’ve just discovered this challenge, please join in this month – we’d love to have you along.

Meredithe x

When linking to your blog for 17ufosin2017

::  Please link directly to your post on your 17ufosin2017 not to your home page
::  Please link back to this post somewhere in your post
::  Visit other linkers to see what they’re going to be working on for 2017
:: The link will be open for a week
::  If you haven’t already, pick up the 17ufosin2017 blog button from my side bar


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12 Responses to 17ufosin2017 | May

  1. frayedattheedge says:

    Don’t worry ……. my progress is even more insignificant this month ……. I’ll be posting this evening!!

  2. I don’t think I’ve managed a single stitch on anything on my list for the year. Sigh. I do want to get to them…

  3. Annie Gunn says:

    Your Saigon Quilt is superb Meredithe. You should be very happy with it. Welcome back. I am poking away slowly at all of my remaining 17 UFO’s. They are all biggies and will take the rest of the year to complete, but I am pretty confident that I can make it. I have to, as I roped in so many friends, so can’t be seen to be slacking off. I won’t be reunited with my sewing machine until about November now, so it will be running hot I expect trying to get my Quatro & Aunty Greens Garden quilts all together. No stitching today, but I did find two little nuggets of gold – my other passion as you know is gold prospecting.

  4. elainesuller says:

    Saigon is amazing, that would be enough for me! I keep telling myself, some progress is better than no progress 🙂

  5. Kyle says:

    You had an incredible finish. Saigon is awesome. I’ve linked up what I finally finished. It was the biggie at the top of my list!

  6. Joanne P says:

    I got a finish this month, and it was a big one! But not as big as your quilt. Which is beautiful

  7. anudge says:

    Your quilt is beautiful. I’m happy to report I have worked on 8 UFOs so far this year and we’ve only finished the 5th month. Woohoo.

  8. Emily says:

    Has another month flown by? I think that May went super fast! I actually don’t think I’ve made substantial progress on any ufo’s, perhaps just a few stitches here and there. I’ve been learning to hand quilt with big stitches (so much fun!). I also got swamped with school dance outfits! I jumped in with both feet and volunteered to make 11 waistcoats! I totally enjoyed it so that’s made me happy. Thanks for hosting this link up it’s inspiring and I will get focused once again! It’s been a good feeling to acknowledge the ufo’s!

  9. audrey says:

    Thanks for the linkup Meredithe! It’s keeping me on track and every single time I realize there’s more checked off than I realized! Or at least a bit of forward progress.:) Love your Saigon quilt! So pretty. I need to play with gray again. It’s such an interesting color to play off of.

  10. stitchydragon says:

    Well done on getting Saigon finished it looks great on your bed! Sometimes life just gets in the way but all progress is good 🙂 Hope your break away was good, look forward to reading about it,

  11. Wow that is one awesome quilt top you are working on. First time visitor and going to try to finish my project and link up.

  12. Gail Davis says:

    Lovely to see you back and hear about the endearing time you’ve had with your Mum. Sadly, I lost my mum nearly 20 years ago, and have missed out on those times of growing up and old together. It is fabulous to see your Saigon quilt in its entirety and finished! I think you should give yourself a well-earned pat on the back, given that you’ve had some pretty busy times. I have moved on with some of my UFOs, albeit they are not necessarily those on my list. I am, however, happy that they are reappearing back out of the cupboard! I am hoping to have a couple of other ‘oldies’ in to be quilted next week. Celebrations!

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