Class show and tell

Before I launch into the show and tell can I just say – please be careful out there folks. There’s still so much COVID going around; Poppet and her parents have had it (and still recovering), as have several of The Golfer’s mates, and we’ve had so many last minute cancellations from classes with students close contact isolating or waiting for PRC confirmations/isolating. Scarily it was announced last week that Victoria has had 3,000 COVID deaths half of which are from this year – HALF!! Stay safe! Enough messaging – now to the good stuff!

Last week at the quilt shop, which, for this class, is now running all day…….


Pam has been working hard and had this section together

and she set up another lot for stitching in class

Michelle starting prepping her EPP pieces for appliqueing down

Gillian hadn’t done EPP before, so we had a lesson in that and explored fussy cutting too

Frances cut out the last of her applique pieces and pinned them ready to stitch

Val zoomed along on her machine piecing arcs together for her Double Wedding Ring

I helped Elizabeth cut her background for the centre of her “Windermere“, she basted as instructed and then set her centre in place ready to applique

Jennifer had a lesson in curved piecing (using her new Lap App!)

and Denise started a new project, “High Tea with Hattie” from Margaret Mew’s book


From those who stayed all day……

Frances worked on her “Jardin de Poche

Val had brought an oldie (one from a class with Di Ford) which she’s hoping to finish and we discussed how to go about it (she’s such a good student – lots of stuff was together in bags and labelled so it was easy to work out!)

Gillian had a lesson in hand piecing blocks that are designed for machine piecing

Denise finished one basket and was well on the way with another

and Jennifer worked on another “City Sampler” block

and I have to show you Alison’s fabulous new boots (which I may have ordered for myself after class!)

Meredithe x

This class is held at the quilt shop, Eltham

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6 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. Linda Tiernan says:

    If you have not ordered those beautiful pink boots for yourself, then I suggest you do so immediately! They will look just gorgeous on you….how funky are they! And please let Denise know that I am doing Margaret Mew’s Hattie’s High Tea also! 🤗

  2. nicolette says:

    So sad to hear about COVID still causing victims. DId you have the 2 booster shots? It seems to have disappared from the news here, as it’s all about devistating war in Ukraine. So lovely to se all the students’ projects!!

  3. karenfae says:

    so sorry covid is affecting your country so much now and for so long you all were fairly safe. Please get your booster shots if you haven’t – so many in the US refuse to get the vaccinations which doesn’t make any sense to me at all. We go through cycles here it will be really bad for awhile and then starts to clear up and then gets bad again. For months we had seen very few cases where I live and now I can see by watching the news that in another month or two we will be seeing more cases here.
    It has been a long while since I dropped by your blog to look – all of your work is fantastic as usual.

  4. Yes – my MIL, near you in Blackburn North, has just had it, but being vaxxed and boosted, she’s on the way to recovery. Stay safe!
    And how lovely to see all your students producing delights in spite of such anxieties. Thank you to all of them!

  5. I like EVERYONE of the projects – reminds me I have Windermere! I am wanting to do a Wedding ring quilt again! The first one I did was gifted to a dear friend. hugs

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