Class show and tell

Classes for 2023 have started!

The first class for 2023 was at the quilt shop, Eltham, and an all-day class which most students stayed for. And just lovely to see my students so keen to start another year of sewing!

Val was adding the last of her applique borders

and we cut out her final border in preparation for a finish!

I also helped Val choose some fabrics for a class she’s taking in April at AQC (more on that later in the year)

Jennifer has been busy over Summer making lots and lots of arcs for her Double Wedding Ring. I asked her to pair them up in preparation for adding them to the melon shape

and soon thereafter melon construction began…..

Denise is taking a radically different tack with the DWR she’s making for her daughter, and after a bit of cutting we had a little trial run

and she started sewing bits – this will be a row by row proposition

Gillian dug out an oldie she wants to finish, so we had a trawl through the pattern and worked out how best to tackle various aspects of this construction…..

Sarah just stayed for the morning and quickly machined up more of her pieces which she’s making from a Missouri Star Quilt Book pattern

Frances came for the afternoon and wanted to make a quick cot quilt for a friend and we had the top made by class end!

Meredithe x

This class is held at the quilt shop, Eltham

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5 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. June. says:

    Great to see you back .Have missed “spying “ on everyone’s projects , and drawing encouragement & ideas from them

  2. Jennifer Farmer says:

    So enjoyed our first class…..great to see what everyone else is doing and to hear everyone’s news. Meredith is always a great teacher and encourager to each of us….so thankyou Meredith and looking forward to another year of sewing!

  3. Joan says:

    Oh Meredith you have whetted my appetite… my quilt making appetite that is! I am so glad you are back on screen!!! Thanks for your enthusiasm. Joan

  4. Wendy Reed says:

    Oh, I am so happy to see class fun again! I too am trying to get back into blogging after months away. Now I realize how much I have missed your class antics and glorious quilts.

  5. It has occurred to me that the biggest challenge of fishing out paused projects is stuffing back into your head all the details about them that were there at the top of your mind when you were working on them last…!

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