Poppet day

Apologies for the radio silence here at p and c but I was struck down with my Winter Nemesis – Mr Laryngitis – and while I don’t need to “talk” to you with my voice, I was extremely tired and spent the time blobbing on the couch and in bed. Much better now, back at class and some activities, so I’d better catch up……

Miss Poppet came for another day with her Auntie MJ and brought along her new playmate. Please meet Cinders the dragon

On my meeting Cinder, I was informed that she was very cold and please Auntie MJ could she have a hat to keep her head warm. Of course, said I, thinking how on earth do you knit a hat to fit this head??

After a little bit of start, undo and start again Cinders had her hat, complete with a pom-pom made by Poppet

While I was knitting the hat, Poppet asked if she could knit Cinders a scarf, so in between hat rounds I was reminding Poppet of how to knit and helping pick up stitches. It all became Too Hard Auntie MJ so we turned the start of the scarf into a bag (perfect Auntie MJ!) and I crocheted a handle and Poppet added a ladybird

In the interim, Poppet decided Cinders needed a tail warmer

so here’s Cinders thus far

It turned out to be one of those amazing sunny and mild Winter days and the pull of the outdoors was too much by this stage. Armed with a basket Poppet wanted to “garden” so we picked lemons, flowers and “some greenery please Auntie MJ”

We both “cooked” with the lemons, me making Lemon Curd and Poppet making three different “Lemon Drinks” (one pure lemon and sugar, one lemon, sugar and water, and one just lemon and water), oh and a “spread” of lemon and sugar which Poppet put on a piece of bread – eeeuuuurrrrgh!!

I made our lunch and Poppet set out our places on the outside table

and we enjoyed frittata

and Poppet ate that sugar/lemon/bread concoction (shudder!!!)

After lunch I finished a little button scarf for Cinders, Poppet pondering studiously over which precious button to choose, and Poppet also decorated Cinders’ hat – and here she is in all her glory. (“Oh, Auntie MJ, she’s just adorable”!!)

I showed Poppet how to hand stitch a little basket using 5″ squares and she played with another piece with a find from the button tin and one of the earlier picked flowers

Too soon her Dad arrived to take her home and while LittleBigBrother and I were talking out the front, Poppet was doing cartwheels along the naturestrip and running and jumping. I apologised for not wearing her out enough, but he sent me a photo later of her fast asleep in her carseat – her aunt felt the same way!

and I had a lovely little bunch of flowers (and the occasional weed) to remind me of another lovely day with my gorgeous niece.

Meredithe x

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7 Responses to Poppet day

  1. Linda Tiernan says:

    What wonderful memories being made for Poppet and yourself! Just beautiful! 🤗

  2. Sandi says:

    What a fun day for you both! Cinders look amazing!! Very stylish. Hugs,

  3. Jennifer Farmer says:

    Glad you are feeling better Meredith. Thanks for sharing your wonderful day with Poppet it bought a smile to my face as I sit here with my Mum who is receiving palliative care.

  4. Kyle says:

    What a delightful day ☺️

  5. Cinder was already adorable, and is now a completely lovely!

  6. glendajean says:

    Sounds like the perfect day. Sure made a lovely story to read.

  7. Helen f says:

    Fantastic day M and cinders is the best accessorised dragon I have seen!! Cant wait for the next visit! 💖🍨🐇

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