In the garden

On Friday nights I watch “Gardening Australia” and convince myself I’m a gardener – yes, I can do all that! Then I wake up on Saturday morning and realise I’m really a quilter!

However, on the last show the wonderful Millie Ross presented a segment on pruning roses. The next morning, Saturday, I followed her advice, took heart in hand and pruned, Really, Heavily pruned the roses, fed them and mulched them with leaves.

The Golfer gasped when he saw what I’d done – eeek! Finger crossed they survive and thrive!

The daphne is set to bloom soon

The sweet peas are growing apace

After re-potting all the orchids I wasn’t expecting any flowers this year but I have not only one

but two spikes!

I think I told you I’d made a “bulb lasagne” and the bulbs are starting to sprout – so exciting!

and the wheelbarrow is giving endless joy, seeming to change every day I look out the kitchen window with more and more flowers appearing

Gotta love a Winter garden! How’s your garden looking?

Meredithe x

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1 Response to In the garden

  1. My garden is in a state of benign neglect, so I shall simply take delight in yours. The professional gardeners who take care of the roses near here tend to prune back hard, so I’m sure yours will be fine!

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