June round up

~ Gosh it’s been a cold start to Winter! 3 degrees when I went out for my walk on Thursday morning. We had a couple of milder, sunny days a week or so go and I was able to take Mum for a walk in a wheelchair to the end of the drive and the park next door to where she lives, but otherwise it’s been far to cold and/or wet for outings with her. She’s still not too good so I’m visiting 4-5 times a week so she has another face to see and someone different to talk to.

~ I finished a pair of socks from “52 Weeks of Socks” and the observant among you will notice that one leg is shorter than the other, despite my careful counting. And would you believe, I did have extra rows knitted but then convinced myself that was not correct……. Ah well, who will see them once they’re on?

~ It’s been the month for mistakes. Students please note: This is a do as I say, not do as I do moment! I bought the “Hampton” bag kit, made the applique blocks, didn’t read the pattern and joined them together without trimming them. Of course, the zip didn’t fit then, so bought another. Went to pick up the backing fabric and realised I’d used it for the borders on the front piece. Pieced the back together with left overs and finally put it together. Note to self: Don’t make ANYTHING when worrying about Mum!

Still, with a few of them around, I’ll always know which one is mine just by looking at the back!

~ Had more success with the “magnetic buckle clip satchel” pattern that came with the magnetic buckle clips from Chandler’s Cottage. Leesa helped me with fabric/clip choices – so hard to do with just photos on the web. It was the first time I’d used foam batting and after a little wrestling I came out the winner!

~ This satchel turned out to be the the perfect thing for carrying “stuff” for a class with the lovely Tatiana learning modern crewel work – yes! I got to be a student for a change!

Had a wonderful class over 2 days with Tatiana, and the other ladies in the class were just as excited and keen as me so we’re continuing on and will have another class in July. Tatiana is such a talented teacher, excellent in demonstrating and explaining the stitches, full of knowledge and very sharing. Still a little bit to do to get it finished….. but such fun!

~ The new young lass on reception at Mum’s is struggling with cold hands; with the door constantly opening to let in visitors, staff and deliveries it’s not the warmest of environments. So I made her some fingerless gloves and she was delighted

~ On the bed this month, we’ve had a quilt I designed using two of my templates, “Parson’s Geese” and “Fly Away“, lots of different fabrics – modern, repro, linens, Liberty, 1930’s – and lots of greys/blacks for sashing

~ One of my students lent me “Apples Never Fall” by Liane Moriarty. She’s back to great writing! Kept me guessing to the last.

How was your June?

Meredithe x

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3 Responses to June round up

  1. Helen f says:

    You have been busy M! – I haven’t done a thing since maree’s!! Luuuv the sox😁🤣💖

  2. I love your bag! June wasn’t very productive for my part, too much work at school…

  3. That satchel is an absolute triumph! Good to know you enjoyed being a student again!

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