Class show and tell

Nearly caught up – here’s a couple of weeks of classes from Sewn and Quilted…..

Some of the photos look a little washed out – we were without electricity for a good part of the morning class….brrrr… Linda had her centre all finished (“Bits and Pieces” by Karen Cunningham)

and she started laying out the next round

and piecing them together

Sue M worked on her next “Joy” applique block

and she appliqued a little more in class

Louise had some show and tell – a quilt she’d started, captured and finished by her sister and given back to Louise for a birthday

the borders are all finished on her 9-patch applique quilt

and she did some more “Sweet Sunday” in class

Cathie brought in her chook quilt, made during lockdowns, to show us – just needs a binding

and she’s started a new quilt, inspired by this one from Material Obsession

with Cathie’s version looking like this

with perhaps this as the borders

in the meantime, lots of applique to do

Sue S brought in her “Museum Medallion” with the chinoiserie border attached

and she continued working on circles for the next round

Sue E continued on with her DWR blocks

and Carole did more applique

The power came back on !!!

Tineke had two “Floristic” blocks from her “Ronda Dechardo” BOM finished

and worked on the next one in class

Inspired by Linda’s quilt, Cheryl decided she’s like to cut out some diamonds

and I had fun placing them

while Cheryl stitched more “Sweet Sunday” blocks

Then a week later……..

Leanne had her “Go-Go Wheels” blocks read to join together for her “Ronda Dechardo” BOM

Carole prepped for the next stage of “Vermont Summer Medallion

and inspired after seeing Leanne’s blocks, Cathie is thinking of a “Go-Go Wheels” border for her quilt

Tineke had finished all four “Floristic” blocks

and moved onto “Oranges and Lemons” on her “Ronda Dechardo” BOM

Cheryl had pieced together some small and some smaller diamonds

and in class she was adding edging blocks to “Sweet Sunday

Helen added some hand quilting to her machine quilted quilt

and we looked at the next round for this block of “Beehive” (we chose the pile on the right)

and I laid out another for her

Frances and I worked out sets for these blocks of “Jardin de Poche

and after a little oops getting blocks sitting the correct way, Jane had another short column finished

Meredithe x

This class is held at Sewn and Quilted, Blackburn

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  1. What a truly epic catch up! Congratulations to all, especially considering the absence of electricity!

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