Saturday sewing

Had a delightful day christening Maree’s new “good room”. Previously used as a bedroom, Maree and Mr Maree have been working to turn it into a room which Maree plans to use for her sitting/sewing room, complete with new sofa, rug, paint work, quilt hanging and lovely quilt storage (just waiting to find a suitable “bottom” for it) and lots of lovely cushions!

As usual, our afternoon tea was scrumptious

Maryanne brought along a framed piece made by her mum

and a “run of the mill” shopping bag which she’s covered to use as a sewing bag, complete with covered rose button!

Maryanne, Maree and Andrea are all making Trish Harper’s “Dancing Dollies” and this is their progress.




Helen has lots of her “Hoshi” blocks together

Karen’s been playing with this kite shape

and I was hand quilting – will show you in a bit.

Meredithe x

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2 Responses to Saturday sewing

  1. Lovely to see the Dancing Dollies turning out so differently for each maker!

  2. Helen f says:

    Was a lovely arvo of stitching! 💖

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