On my walks

It’s been a very cold start to Winter this year, but I’ve been walking (halo shining) and recently MyWalkingFriend has been very busy at work and then caught covid and hasn’t been walking but I’m still getting up most mornings (when it’s not raining) and pounding the pavement on my own (halo positively glowing!).

The majority of the deciduous trees look like this these days

but there are still a few persistently holding on to their colourful leaves and providing a beacon in a dreary landscape

It’s Camellia time! Colourful blooms are dotted around the gardens where I walk

and up until a little while ago, even the roses were still flowering

There’s also an occasional but distinct smell of open fires burning in some parts of the neighbourhood taking me back to my childhood and days spent with Nanna, making toast with bread speared on a toasting fork and held to the flames of her wood burning oven/stove. There’s no better way to make toast, or crumpets for that matter, and they just taste different but sooooo good. Definitely a learnt art – checking regularly for colour but not too often, and don’t wait too long to check or…….burnt!

I’m not sure what this it, guessing it’s a native, and loving the vibrant splashes of red at the tips.

What’s it like where you walk?

Meredithe x

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4 Responses to On my walks

  1. DEIRDRE CASEY says:

    Lovely photos Meredithe. Amazing that some trees, all of the same variety & planted at the same time, colour & drop at such differet rates. Loved sharingyour memories of making toast, tho’ not with my grandma…it was how we did it (until later a toater was purchased. Tho’ toasters can be let unguarded & lead to burning!

  2. I can see the glow from here!
    I remember learning to toast in front of a fire when we didn’t have a cooker…

  3. Helen f says:

    Leaves still hanging on trees down parkhill drive! Smell of wood fire smoke reminds me of yallourn! Toasting bread on the fork in wood fired stove in kitchen for breakfast with my dad!💖 but unlike you I have not been walking – thought about it!!🤣🤪

  4. Yes, we had an open fire in the bedroom – sounds dreadfully dangerous, doesn’t it! – and I well remember toasting bread there on a winter afternoon. Precision and practice, and finding just the right patch of coals…

    That looks a bit like a grevillea, but I’m not an expert about gardens. I enjoy other people’s, and I must say your camellias are gorgeous 😀

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