May roundup

Before June rolls over into its second week (what? already?) I thought I should regale you with my May roundup…….

~ Movies: Been a little more adventurous over the past month with The Golfer and I going to an early evening session at the movies to see “Operation Mincemeat” (his choice!) which we both enjoyed and then a late dinner at Tao in Camberwell. I’ve also been to see “Downton Abbey” with Helen; the scenery, costuming and mansions a feast for the eyes.

~ Reading: At the movies I saw a poster for an upcoming screening of “Where the Crawdads Sing”. On mentioning it in class, two students highly recommended the book, so I bought it and despite the slow start, thoroughly enjoyed it, even staying up until after midnight to finish it. It’s one of those books that stayed with me for days after, and even now something will prompt a memory from the book and I’m transported back into the pages. I’d like to see the movie, going with open mind and prepared for it to be different to the book, but mainly to see if my imagining of the landscape is the same.

~ Garden: One morning on my walk I noticed that the gutters and footpaths were heavily strewn with Autumn leaves. As I was yet to feed and mulch the lemon tree, figured the leaves would make great mulch. Went home, dutifully fed the lemon tree, not enough time to gather the leaves so thought I’d wait until the next morning. Waking early the next day, got into my gardening gear, dragged out Mum’s wheelbarrow (now mine) and on the way out noticed our front lawn covered in leaves. Perfect! Set about raking them up and that barrow load went around half the lemon tree. Off down to the next street, terribly conscious of the loud noise the barrow was making on the footpath so early in the morning, so wheeled it along the nature strips as and when I could. Rounding the corner I thought to myself that the gutters were looking awfully clear and clean. Leaving the barrow I investigated further. The street sweeper had obviously been through in the intervening 24 hours! Thoroughly put out I wheeled the (noisy) barrow back home but noticed our neighbour 2 doors further up had a nature strip and gutter full of leaves. Knowing she wouldn’t mind, I raked up half the nature strip which filled the barrow and now my lemon tree is mulched!

~ Cooking: tried my hand at a new vegetable/pasta soup. Very delicious, thick and nourishing

and accompanied it with some filled flat breads – yes, watching too much Great Kiwi Bakeoff!

The flatbreads were so easy and tasty just as flatbreads without a filling too. Definitely be doing those again. Left over soup and flatbread dough in the freezer for ‘ron.

~ Quilting: having finished my “Rambling Rose” QAL2022, I was feeling a bit bereft! So it was easy to pick up “Enigma” and start the quilting on it. After three years of saying “this Winter I’m going to quilt” it’s finally happening. Cannot Leave It Alone!

~ On the Bed: we’ve been sleeping under “Kaffe and Linen Pinwheels” and very cosy it is too on these chilly Winter nights

So, how was your May?

Meredithe x

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3 Responses to May roundup

  1. Goodness, there’s a challenge. I feel rather as though I didn’t notice as much of May as I should have done! I’ll try to do better in June..

  2. tinaor says:

    What a busy May you’ve had. I giggled (briefly, promise!) when I read the leaves had been cleared up – but was happy to see you could do the neighbour a good turn by gathering their leaves and get what you needed at the same time. I read Where The Crawdads Sing earlier this year – after a little reluctance at seeing what I thought was a little over-hyping on other sites – then I loved it, like you did. I agree, a slowish start but glad I persisted and a great book for discussion with friends. Lovely quilting there. I wish I had some crafting to share – been a lean month in that way, just had other things to be getting on with.

  3. Lovely, colourful work, and just what you need on a cool May day (even more on a cool June day), I’ve just finished reading Victoria Purman’s latest, “The Nurses’ War”, and can recommend it as a good read; not a difficult one, but enjoyable. I finished my son’s 2021 temperature blanket in May, so it’s just one thing but it has kept me well occupied for a year. I’m now knitting a baby beanie for my new great-nephew 🙂

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