Class show and tell

Last week at Nuno Nuno……

Sue M had four applique blocks stitched for her “Joy” quilt

and she prepped and stitched the first part of the stem and the vase

Marilyn did a layout of one side of her quilt and stated stitching the blocks up

Anne-Maree started on some sashiko

Sandy was new to class and had a quilt top ready for hand quilting; she chose a backing and made that up, and a wadding and together we pin basted it ready for next time’s hand quilting lesson

Jill was also new and she very nearly finished putting together a Judy Newman Dilly Bag

Misha was our last newbie and she has a lovely selection of Japanese style fabrics from which she decided to make stars, so I started her on template cutting and hand piecing.

Meredithe x

This class is held at Nunu Nuno, Mont Albert

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2 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. Nice applique and EPP work. So great to see your groups back in action! Hugs

  2. Good to hear of new people joining you – always encouraging to know of more stitchers!

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