Poppet day!

On a very dark, cold, wet (it rained ALL day), Autumn day last week, Poppet (my 8 year old niece) came for another sewing/play date and we had such fun! (Apologies for the pics – the lighting on the day was terrible)

I know it was a couple of days late but we made a Bunny Basket using the “Festive Basket” free pattern from Leesa Chandler, which Leesa had modified size wise and ear wise on her YouTube channel the previous week, and I took it one step further by adding a face. Poppet was happy to have it drawn in pen and didn’t want to stitch it.

Poppet chose the fabrics from a selection (and might I say chose The Perfect Pink for the lining – such great colour instinct!!). As per our last visit, I pinned and she stitched on the machine. She didn’t want the inner ears sewn down at all so we left them. And while her back was turned, the Easter Bunny filled the basket!

She very sweetly asked if this was hers to take home (of course), even the eggs? (of course!). Her father (my brother) looked horrified when he saw the amount of chocolate – but what’s an aunt for?

While I was doing some of the trickier bits Poppet was playing with my pin cushion and cleverly made this peacock (I’ve labelled the bits so you can see the peacock)

Then all on her own she made a circle and a heart pincushion from the left over lining fabric

After lunch she was very keen to make up the Blue Owl kit (by Corrine Lapierre) that Nanna had given her for her birthday; Poppet learnt to do Lazy Daisy Stitch (I did the first one to show her and she did all the others), and Blanket Stitch and did a very creditable job too.

Then she asked it she could learn to knit! Oh, be still my beating heart!! I’m just so chuffed that she’s so interested in sewing and knitting.

We sat side by side and broke open a set of little balls of yarn and some child size needles that Helen had given me for Poppet. She chose the blue, green and pink and we decided a scarf would be fun. I cast on 10 stitches and showed her how to knit; she took great delight in either holding the right needle while I did the yarn over bit, or she did the yarn over bit with me holding the needles. And we got quite a bit done. It’s now safely away in the Poppet Bag ready for her next visit.

We also watched a couple of movies (and education for me in children’s’ films), had berry and white chocolate scones for morning tea, zucchini soup and rolls for lunch, and had a walk in the rain (at her insistence) under one of The Golfer’s umbrellas.

I had a message from LittleBigBrother and a photo saying/showing she’d fallen asleep mid-sentence on the way home – I’d worn her out! Just between you and me, I wasn’t much better!!

Can’t wait for the next school holidays……

Auntie MJ x

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4 Responses to Poppet day!

  1. Helen f says:

    What a great time you both had!! Its great when they want to be taught – you should sneak in a couple of Saturday’s between the hols!! ๐Ÿ’–

  2. Kyle says:

    A Special day for both of you.

  3. What a lovely day for the pair of you – and in spite of the chocolate, I think LittleBigBrother should be very pleased you managed to wear her out!

  4. Oh, it is always great to have special time with the littles. Looks like it was a wonderful day! She did a lovely job on that Owl. I suspect she has a good teacher. Thanks for sharing your special day.

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