QAL2022 progress

I spent last weekend addling my brain working out how to put these block together! I had pieces of paper with numbers and calculations; all the blocks had a note of their finished size pinned to them; I talked out loud to myself trying to work out what went where; I purchased on-line an extra 2.5m of the border fabric as I was guessing the piece I had wasn’t going to be enough for all the sashing and dashed out late on Saturday morning to pick it up; I warned The Golfer to be careful when he came home as the quilt was laid out on the floor; I ended up sending Cecile an email asking if I could use filler blocks and did they need to be half pieced, half applique and all different as it looked like I’d need lots of them………

In the end I took heart in hand and slowly (still talking out loud to myself – real quilters do that, right?) and carefully worked through the obvious sections I could piece together, double checking my maths all the way, stitching them on the machine, laying them back down and trying to work the next section, adding more calculations as pieces were joined.

As the blocks slowly came together it become obvious that, luckily, I only needed to make 4 filler blocks and in the spirit of the QAL rules made them all different; two quickly pieced (on the machine)

and two applique ones prepped for hand applique

they then went into a section that looks like this

and with the border around them looks like this

I finished putting it all together on Monday and was too tired to add the borders.

Tuesday I was out all day so after class on Wednesday I knew this would be my only chance of putting on the borders. Late Wednesday evening I put the final stitch into the mitred corners, folded up the quilt and headed off to bed without even looking at it.

Yesterday I took the quilt top to class to leave for Carol to baste for me (she’s another biggie – 82″ x 88″) and asked a couple of students if they could hold it up for me as I hadn’t seen it finished. So here she is as a top. I think I’m calling her “Rambling Rose”.

I’m now anxiously awaiting her return so I can get the hand quilting done by 31st May. Wish me luck!

Meredithe x

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8 Responses to QAL2022 progress

  1. DEIRDRE CASEY says:

    Looking very good!!

  2. Helen f says:

    Another imaginative masterpiece M!! 🎉🎊🎉🎊

  3. Jennifer Farmer says:

    Well done Meredith, glad it was you will the maths calculations than me, maths never my strong point.

  4. Cécile says:

    Ohhhh you had a wonderful idea !! Your quilt is soooo beautiful and I love it !
    Congratulations on this finish Meredithe !

  5. Oh Meredithe, it is truly sensational. What a breathe of Spring! Just what we need here in the northern hemisphere! I look forward to seeing your hand quilting magic.Have a great day.

  6. Kyle says:

    It looks marvelous. Your brain was right on track!

  7. Linda Dutch says:

    Love your ‘rambling rose’ quilt! I’m sure you will enjoy hand quilting it, lots to look at.

  8. Sending whole waterfalls of luck your way!

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