Class show and tell

YAY!! We’re back to class at Sewn and Quilted! It was a very joyful reunion for the staff, me and all my students. So let’s see what they’re up to…..


As you can imagine, there was lots to catch up on, but I did manage to get them working after a while! Sue E is making “Somersault” (pattern by everyday quilts)

and she set about stitching another block together

Carole has made a start on “Flower Bed

and is also doing “Vermont Summer Medallion” (Judy Newman’s 2021 BOM) and I was able to show her how to applique using Polyfuse

Jo has re-worked her centre for “Hedgerow” and I helped her fussy cut her side triangles

Denise did more work on “Mrs Peach

I helped Leanne with some blocks from my “Ronda Dechardo” which is being run at Sewn and Quilted as a BOM

Linda and Sue S stayed all day…..

Linda worked on these “Bessie Creek Road” blocks

and Sue on her “Tea and Cake


After lunch, Sue switched to her “Museum Medallion” for which this is the centre

and she was stitching the next border in class

and doing some retail therapy (which a lot of the girls did but I only to to snap Sue’s!)

and Linda worked on the hexagon blocks for “Bessie Creek Road”

Fern has finished her “Strafford Manor” top

and in class she was busily cutting out pieces for “The Avenue

Cheryl brought her work in this gorgeous vintage basket

and was soon stitching rows of her “Sweet Sunday

she also showed us her progress on her embroidery, done in class with Veronique

Frances was starting on this, but left one block at home!

and Tineke worked on her hexagon blocks for “Bessie Creek Road” too

A busy but rewarding day!

Meredithe x

These classes are held at Sew and Quilted

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4 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. I’m amazed you got any work out of them at all – let alone so much!

  2. Cannot comment – won’t take it

  3. Well this time it did – Humm What beautiful hand work and so happy that you Ladies are back together doing your lovely projects! Hugs

  4. audrey says:

    Wow! What a day! So much beautiful work. Wonderful that you could all be together again.:)

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