Class show and tell

At the second class at the quilt shop……

Sue S is going well with her applique (she has lots more prepped)

and in class we had a refresher in binding

for this quilt

which has this fun backing

Lois has 4 sections of her “Star A Day” completed, which she started on 1st January this year and is hoping to complete during 2022

and we all loved her fussy cutting

and in class she did more – well ahead of the star a day requirement!

Deirdre has her Kaffe Square-in-a-Square back from quilting

and she had started another using children’s fabrics. She continued piecing in class and at the end we were able to lay them out ready for her to put together at home

Sue M has been having fun with triangles, and together we chose corner triangles for each block, ready for her to stitch

Jenny is doing well with her Celtic improv, adding some borders in class

and as she wants to make it bigger, I worked out some measurements for borders and more blocks for her (I had to use my brain!) and we chose some extra fabrics to complete the task

Pearl trimmed up an eye-spy quilt she also picked up from quilting

which has a fun backing too

and we chose this for her binding

and in class Pearl was prepping more triangles to stitch together

Meredithe x

This class is held at the quilt shop, Eltham

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  1. Isn’t it useful to be able to take photos to remind you of the layout you’ve decided on!

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