February monthly mini

I woke up a couple of weeks ago, a Sunday morning, with an idea for this month’s mini in my head. It was one of those strong, insistent ideas that stood up and said loudly “MAKE ME NOW!” So I did. And here’s how.

I trawled through my 5″ cut pieces this time (5″ because that’s the size of charm squares and layer cakes can be cross cut to this size too – see, method in my madness!)

chose some pairs

marked up the diagonal on the lighter of the two and put them right sides together

stitched 1/4″ either side of the drawn line, then cut through on the drawn line

after pressing towards the darker fabric, I then drew another diagonal line and placed them right sides together again with the prints opposite each other, nesting the seams

another stitch a 1/4″ either side of the drawn line and another cut on the drawn line

then another press and bingo! hour-glass blocks

a little layout later, and it was back at the machine to sew them together

and shortly thereafter……

a trawl through the leftover bindings again for borders (and I may have cheated and cut from a whole piece for two of the borders)

a little bit of machine quilting and binding

and there’s it is! Used a piece of repro for the backing (need to use them up somehow!)

and it’s been in use for the last couple of weeks

Not bad for a hot Sunday afternoon’s work me thinks! I’m liking these monthly challenges, Wendy, thank you.

(Saw some florals in amongst those 5″ squares which have set forth a train of thought for March’s mini…..)

Click here to go to Wendy’s blog to see what she and everyone else has made for their monthly mini. Did you make one too?

Meredithe x

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7 Responses to February monthly mini

  1. Oh it is absolutely fabulous! What a sweet little quilt. The backing fabric is one of my all time favorites. I have used it several times and I savor every piece. And, thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Kyle says:

    You have to strike when inspiration hits. Love your bright colors and the multi fabric borders.

  3. Now, there’s a ta-daaah! A delightful – and very fast! – piece of work!

  4. sueodonn says:

    Love this!A bit of creative practibility(useful,& greets you every day! )Sue 🌻🍁Sent from Samsung tablet.

  5. Pat in WNY says:

    So pretty, with a back as beautiful as the front so it can do double duty. The front reminds me of spring and the backing of autumn. Lovely!

  6. Angie says:

    Cute hourglass blocks – and the repro backing looks yummy, too!

  7. Janet O. says:

    I really like hourglass blocks, and this looks fresh and delightful. Your backing fabric is beautiful. Can’t believe you did this all on a hot day!

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