January monthly mini

I’ve been reading the constant quilter blog for a number of years now and always enjoy Wendy’s Monthly Mini challenge and seeing what everyone makes. In December’s post, Wendy’s edict to any newcomers was NO rules and NO pressure – and that appealed to me!

So a couple of days before the end of last month, on (another) one of those hot nights where sleep was proving elusive, I picked up my box of pre-cut 2½” squares and started to sew some together. There would have been pictures, but in the middle of the night the light is not that good!

The next day I put them together, added some 2½” strips (binding left overs that I’ve been saving) as borders, grabbed a piece of off-cut batting, cut a back from the leftovers of a bag lining, did minimal machine quilting, then sewed on the binding. Again, no pictures – too hot to concentrate on sewing AND taking photos, despite having a fan going!!

Last Saturday I got together with some friends and was able to hand sew down the binding – it was finished in January (and can get 5 witnesses if required!)

So here’s my little table runner hosting some of Saturday’s afternoon tea (don’t you just love cherries and grapes in Summer heat? So refreshing.)

without the afternoon tea

and in situ at home

I’m quite liking how it’s looking on our dining table, so there may be more made for this purpose during the year!

Thanks Wendy for such a great way to use up those bits that I’ve had tucked away to “Use One Day”! Go here to see Wendy’s make and the others’ who are participating.

Meredithe x

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9 Responses to January monthly mini

  1. Oh Meredithe, you mini is simply delightful! I finally linked you into the post. I’ve had internet issues due to snow and wind. Not complaining, I love the snow. I am thrilled to have you as a part of this fun (and NO pressure) monthly mini madness. Enjoy your day.

  2. Kyle says:

    Welcome, newest mini maker!😊 Your quilt is all about summer. Simple bright cool colors despite the heat.

  3. gladiporsche says:

    So nice to see you joined the mini group and your first entry looks great!😊

  4. DEIRDRE CASEY says:

    Looking soooo good! Now I have some ideas for the 2.5″ leftover strips I have sorted together & perhaps I should cut scraps into 2.5″ squares where I can! maybe even 1.5″.
    A bedroom ceiling fan…low cost to run & quiet… is the saving of sanity on hot nights. I am old now so can give advice (& am happy to be ignored). xxx

  5. Pat in WNY says:

    How wonderful that you’ve joined in with the mini madness that happens at the end of each month! Your table runner is delightful and so summery, I can picture a cold pitcher of lemonade on a picnic table.

  6. Janet O. says:

    Welcome to the mix of mad mini makers, Meredithe! That is a happy, summery runner, that those of us who are locked into the cold and snow can really appreciate!

  7. Well, that turned out well, didn’t it!

  8. Angie says:

    Love the airy feeling brought about by using gingham and stripes – I would smile every time I looked at it!

  9. acityquilter says:

    welcome to the monthly mini group! i can see you will fit right in…

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