QAL – end of Jan update

As I surmised, the applique portion of this year’s QAL “Sampler” is taking a little longer than anticipated. I do have some blocks completed though and progress on others.

:: you’ve seen the pear block already (but to make it look like I’m progressing, here it is again!)

:: I then designed/made “Dancing Birds and Falling Leaves”

:: remembered my Applique Sampler which I taught many years ago and made a block from it, with a couple of changes

:: gotta love a “Rabbit in a Garden”, so this is – sort of – ready to go. (Couldn’t find my rabbit fabric so took this one from another project – must remember to replace him when/if I find the fabric!)

:: and then when I was doing a bit of a clean out I found this bag of rejected cut pieces from a finished quilt, plus the templates – woohoo! – so I’ll make up a “something”

:: there is another block half in my head so that will make 6……..2 more to come up with. Wish me luck!

Meredithe x

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7 Responses to QAL – end of Jan update

  1. DEIRDRE CASEY says:

    Any pictures with this meredithe?

  2. Jennifer Farmer says:

    Love the colour palette of the quilt Meredith. Glad you found the templates I am looking for one that I used in 2020 and can’t seem to find it……well maybe one day!

  3. Helen f says:

    Your brain never stops M!

  4. Cécile says:

    Ohhh Meredithe ! Your blocks are gorgeous ! I looove them !

  5. Slow progress is still progress – and it’s especially good to have ideas for fragments!

  6. Kyle says:

    Love the dancing pears. You’ve chosen light and happy colors.

  7. Sue O’Donnell says:

    You have been very creative indeed! Love 💕 the pears Cheers Sue

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