In the garden

All the rain we’ve had has meant I haven’t had to hand water for ages. I’ve missed that first flush of enthusiasm when watering means a detailed checking out of how things I’ve planted in the pots are going. But I have been good and taken some pics for you.

The lobelia are growing and I’m loving the variety of colours in this hanging basket

the gazania have gone from this

to this

showing their cheery, pretty faces to the sun and closing over again when they go into the shade mid/late afternoon. Loving that change of colours from the centre into the petals – it’s almost like a necklace around the centre.

the nasturtiums are flowering too; I planted these to add to salads, something I’ve not done before

the potted hydrangea has so many heads ready to flower and they should come out a red colour according to the tag

while I’ve already had rich pickings from the hydrangea bushes, even taking some to Mum for her to enjoy

and there’s plenty more to come

bees are busy buzzing around the bottle brush

all the geraniums along the driveway are enjoying the rain too

my sweet peas are flowering and all seem to be this stunning red/blue/purple combo

I’ve been picking roses too

and this one has the most beautiful scent

there’s just one or two orchids still out. Waiting for them to finish flowering then I’ll do some repotting

It’s been delightful to view all the flower pots from the family room and better still when I can sit on the deck amongst them! How is your garden growing/going?

Meredithe x

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9 Responses to In the garden

  1. DEIRDRE CASEY says:

    Wow! Looking stunning!

  2. Sandi says:

    All your flowers are so beautiful! Thank you for the wonderful show! Hugs,

  3. Helen f says:

    Garden is soo lush with all the rain – bush roses are magnificent this year – riot of colour – dark thru to light pink!

  4. sueodonn says:

    Dear MereditheYour garden is looking so colourful,loving the lobelias.CheersSueSent from Samsung tablet.

  5. Juliann says:

    Such beautiful colors! I am hoping to add a few hydrangeas to my garden but that will have to wait for at least 5 months here.

  6. Pam Marbourg says:

    I am glad that you are posting your beautiful spring-we are entering winter in the north. I so miss your posts about what your quilters are making but I know we all have to be careful right now and abide with the health regs. Thanks for your beautiful flowers.

  7. How lovely to see sunshine and flowers when we have grey skies and bare branches!

  8. Kyle says:

    Love seeing all the beautiful garden colors.

  9. audrey says:

    Love your Lobellia especially. I try and I try, but most years I kill mine off when the heat gets over 100 degrees.:)

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