A mish-mash

I’ve been taking lots of photos as these lockdown days slip by, but as I’ve been so slow in posting they’re starting to date! So I thought I’d try and catch up a bit.

But some new stuff first. We had a stunning Melbourne Spring day here today; brilliant sunshine and warm to boot. I managed to get 2 loads of washing out and in, including a load of hand knitted socks – always such a satisfying sight seeing them dancing in the breeze on the clotheshorse, their stripes and colours flashing in the sunlight – I made them!

I had my second Pfizer injection on Sunday and it really knocked me about; headache, very tired and aching limbs. Not as bad as getting COVID obviously so a small price to pay, and I do feel very happy to be double vax’d. Today I was feeling a bit more human and took a little wander around the garden. I was delighted to see some of Dad’s orchids still blooming (this pic was actually taken a few weeks ago when there were lots in flower)

and one in particular that hasn’t flowered for me before. To make the most of it I had to pick it! It’s so soft and pretty with it’s pale throat and that touch of lemon at the end and that beautiful limey green on the other petals. Just love it!

The dark pink orchid is still blooming and I think another is coming up

the white hydrangea is flowering – just two, but still. They usually don’t start until Nov/Dec so quite a surprise.

I picked some of the purple daisies and some white pelargonium to round out my eclectic posy which has given me great joy all day.

A little while back I succumbed to temptation (you know I’m easily led!) and bought a pair of Liberty Vans

Aren’t they just gorgeous?! I love them and can see me getting lots of wear out of them – just need to choose a nice day and not a rainy/muddy one like we’ve had of late. Don’t want them ruined!

My sock knitting fetish hasn’t abated and I recently finished these “Likeminded Socks” from Christine at Winwickmum using Onion yarn from SayLittleHen. Christine’s patterns are so easy to follow (I started my sock knitting adventures with her) and they seemed to knit up in a trice! Likewise, the yarn from Sarah is a delight to knit with, so soft and so easy to knit, and the colour is glorious.

After finishing these I had the urge to start another pair – it’s so addictive isn’t it? – and got out a beautiful blue yarn from HalfBakedHandDyed. Danni’s yarns come in a hank and I eagerly chose the darker blue

and being an impatient sort when my heart is set on a task, I decided I could wind it into a ball myself, using my knees as “holders”. Really NOT a clever move………

This Big, Knotty, Tangly Mess took about 2 hours to sort out – all my own fault for not doing a proper job, the proper way in the first place. Oh dear – live and learn! I did get there in the end but by the time it was sorted I really didn’t feel like knitting anymore!

Once I’d calmed myself down (and vowed NOT to do THAT again!) I started on Christine’s “Hometown Socks“, again a lovely, easy pattern to follow and Danni’s yarn is super soft and very easy on the needles

This first one is actually finished and I’m up to the foot of the second one so won’t be long before they’re finished too.

I did a click and collect with Bunnings the other day and bought some flower seedlings and had such fun planting them out. This little pansy is a rogue, but a very welcome one

We have zinnias surrounding the polyanthus (already there)

nastursiums, which as well as being colourful I’m going to try in our salads

gazania, which look a little like my favourite gerbera

some white petunias, half of which I planted under the red hydrangea

and the other half with some foxgloves in a cleared section of garden

and lastly in the hanging basket, some lobelia. I forgot to order a new liner so am “making do”.

They all seem to have taken well to their new homes with the petunia already flowering!

Hope you’re all well and happy and safe, Dear Peeps!

Until next time,

Meredithe x

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3 Responses to A mish-mash

  1. Good to know you are safely double-vaxxed now!

    That experience with the yarn is exactly why I bought myself a swift and a ball-winder!

  2. Jan McCann says:

    Lovely to see spring getting going over with you! Here in England it’s cold but beautiful when the sun shines. Love your blog!

  3. DEIRDRE CASEY says:

    Your Bunningscollection s have adjusted very well. There must be a green thumb somewhere. I hope your wrist/hand is improving all the time. The lovely knitting must be good therapy. xx

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