Class show and tell

Between lockdowns we did get to have some classes. While I couldn’t really demonstrate anything my verbal teaching skills got a jolly good workout and, dare I say it, improved!

Below are some snippets of class shots, all taken on my phone as the camera proved too heavy and wieldy to operate with my wrist. Commentary is taken from the top left of each collage and runs clockwise…..

~ Cheryl’s “Eye Spy” quilt all together

~ Cheryl auditioning fabrics for her hexies

~ Frances’ “June Dyson” progress (pattern by Treehouse Textiles)

~ Jane’s “Elephant Quilt”

~ Sue S’s finished “Emma Mary” quilt (pattern by Judy Newman)

~ I think this is Cathie’s sashiko (apologies if that’s wrong – it was a long time ago!)

~ Susan ‘s sweet little hexies…….which she’s appliqued to a square-in-a-square block

~ Tineke started a “Suffolk Cushion” (pattern from Treehouse Textiles)

~ Cathie’s embellishment of her tree

~ Linda’s centre for “Tea and Cake” (pattern by Judy Newman) (update: All this section done… and more!)

~ Sue S started “Museum Medallion” (pattern by Judy Newman)

~ Auditioning fabrics for Frances’ “June Dyson” quilt (pattern by Treehouse Textiles) (update: blue round nearly all done)

~ Denise’s baby hexie quilt (a kit, I think, from Cutting Cloth)

~ Val’s first attempt at curved piecing with “Double Wedding Ring” and auditioning more fabrics

~ Jenny’s version of “Steampunk” (pattern by Jen Kingwell)

~ Val’s progress on her “Mrs Billing’s Coverlet” (pattern by Karen Styles)

~ Progress on Tineke’s cushion (update: cushion front finished!)

~ Fernanda’s finished “Ellenbank” quilt (pattern by Treehouse Textiles)

~ Cheryl’s hexie progress

~ Jane’s finished baby quilt (kit from Cutting Cloth)

~ Frances binding her quilt

~ Helen’s applique

~ Jane’s border for “Sweet Sunday” (pattern by Treehouse Textiles)

~ Fern’s “Daisy Days” blocks using my template set

~ Paula’s pink squares!

~ Deirdre’s bright Kaffe framed squares

~ Ann-Marie’s hand quilting

~ Lois’ BOM (I think!)

~ Susan auditioning for applique

~ Anne-Maree marking out for hand quilting

~ Susan’s quilt (with border added from blocks in first collage. Extending Irene Blank’s “In Full Bloom” 2020 BOM)

~ Jenny’s Celtic quilt

~ Sue S’s progress on “Museum Medallion

~ Jane’s Elephant quilt. Update: now finished!

~ Frances starting some applique (Irene Blanck pattern “In Full Bloom” 2020 BOM)

~ Sue S’s centre for “Tea and Cake

~ A pencil case for Cathie’s niece

~ Some of Fern’s “Daisy Day’s” blocks using my template set. Update: quilt top finished and hand quilting started!

~ Frances’ “Blooms” quilt basted and ready for quilting. Update: 1 block done as of last Thursday)

~ Val’s progress with her “Double Wedding Ring”

I do hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what my students have been up to over the last couple of months. And how do I know about the updates? I’m continuing Video Class each Thursday so we can see progress and I can give advice and encouragement as needed. Such a good way to stay in touch. Hoping though, it won’t be too long until we can meet face to face.

Hope your sewing/knitting/crocheting is going well.

‘Til next time

Meredithe x

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9 Responses to Class show and tell

  1. Pat Andrew says:

    Lovely to see your posts again – all the best for an excellent wrist recovery.

  2. elainesuller says:

    so lovely to see you back 🙂 I saw some Outback Wife fabrics the other day and thought of you!

  3. Juliann says:

    What inspiration! Now I think I need to find a pattern for those Blooms blocks.

  4. Lynn Jarzombeck says:

    Absolutely fantastic. What a wonderful group of projects, talented and skilled quilters. Thank you for sharing. Tons of inspiration!

  5. tinaor says:

    Such great work! Love the way you say ‘fabrics auditioning’ … I like it!

  6. Diane Schmidgall Koch says:

    I am SO glad to see you posting once again. I so enjoy seeing everyone’s projects!

  7. frayedattheedge says:

    Good to see all the fabulous projects!!

  8. Good to have you back – and just think how much your explaining will have benefitted – a true brain workout, too!

  9. audrey says:

    Some really lovely projects! So glad people are still quilting and using their hands during these hard times. I bet it was invigorating to see all these in person!:)

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