Lockdown stitching

Thank you all for your sympathy re my plight! Much appreciated. Pre-tumble, as you may recall, I was busy stitching up my “Daisy Days” and with the blocks finished I set about cutting up all the sashings and corner squares

The pile of sashed blocks grew and grew

and on the way I finished off my reel of cotton! Luckily there was a spare in my bag.

With the sashings completed, it was time to lay them out

then re-stack them into their rows

ready to stitch together

That done, it was time for corners and borders and now we’re in tumble-time, but as my Doc said wrists don’t like to be inactive, I’ve been doing little bits of stitching at regular intervals and calling it therapy for my wrist!

So I made four-patch blocks for the corners

and as I didn’t have enough of one fabric for borders, and lockdown is continuing (though it looks like it’s ending at midnight tonight – yippee!) so no chance of getting to a shop, decided on using what I had in my Fabric Library and chose 8 fabrics (mostly from what I’d used in the blocks). Slowly, slowly I sewed them together and added them to the quilt top. And then…..TaDa!

It’s a bit hard to get a full pic, and at this stage it’s in dire need of a jolly good press, but I can’t maneuver the iron and the quilt one handed!

That done, I sat and pondered my “Zarafa” quilt with tape measure, calculator, and pencil and paper to hand. I worked out how many of which, and how long and and wide. No rest for the wicked here!

Calculations made I slowly covered the last two sets of small hexies

then started stitching them into frames. I’ve found it easier to lay them over the top of an existing frame to get the hexies into the correct position to stitch

Still need to attach the frames to the Zarafa print.

From the larger hexies I’d already covered, I stitched some of them up too.

Now to work out how many of which fabrics to trace and cut, well, trace and maybe The Golfer cut?

We’re having decidedly Wintery days at the moment as an icy blast blows in from Antarctica (well that’s what the weatherman said). Very glad to be indoors out of the cold, wet and windy conditions.

Stay warm (or cool as your hemisphere dictates) and safe

Much love

Meredithe x

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10 Responses to Lockdown stitching

  1. Jennifer Farmer says:

    I love reading Pomegranate and Chintz it inspires me to get sewing and gives me inspiration Meredith. I love what you have been making its stunning. Hoping your wrist continue to heal as you do your theraphy.

  2. Betty Clark says:

    Beautiful quilt! I may have to add this to my to-do list. I love hexies.

  3. Linda Tiernan says:

    There must just no “holding you down” is there!!! So pleased your “therapy” is helping you!!
    Love Daisy Days…might get around to it when I finish off the million projects waiting for me right now! 🤗

  4. Helen f says:

    Not even a sprained wrist can stop you M!!

  5. You’ve got a lot done, especially considering the difficulties..

  6. Linda Dutch says:

    You have been very busy despite your injuries! Love how your ‘daisy days’ is going, the corner squares in the sashings are delightful extra ‘pops’ of colour! Take care, x

  7. Jenny M says:

    Sorry to hear of your tumble…do take care and don’t over do the sewing 🙂 But it is hard to sit and do nothing.

  8. Wendy C Reed says:

    Oh what lovely therapy!

  9. frayedattheedge says:

    Glad you can do some stitching and claim it is therapy!!

  10. audrey says:

    Oh I’m so glad you’re able to do a bit of ‘therapy’ stitching and don’t even have to feel guilty about it! Good thing you had a few things waiting patiently for their time in your hands.:)

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