By the by

~ found these fabulous between-seasons boots, at a pharmacy of all places!

~ one Friday recently, The Golfer and I decided on a drive and headed up to central Victoria. When we left home it was a cool 14 degrees but by the time we’d reached our lunch destination of Daylesford it was a very cold 7 degrees and raining that nuisance, spitty rain. Sorry, no pics of lunch but we did plough on to Trentham, where it was still 7 degrees, freezing cold, raining more, so a quick run into the Red Beard Bakery for some bread, and somehow rolls and cakes! Rapid retreat into the nice warm car for the run home. Purchases were much enjoyed.

~ last weekend, in the beautiful sunshine, I did some gardening. Taking note of the “note-to-self” re the hydrangeas, they were just tip pruned this year in the hopes of a bumper crop come December. Must remember to feed them in Spring (another note to self!). I also planted out the sweet pea plantlets grown from seeds provided by my friend Maree. I do hope they will be happy in their new home. I replaced some of the strings holding (or not quite holding) up the mesh so they have a strong frame to climb.

repotted the hydrangea that Helen gave me – don’t want to prune it yet as the flowers are still so pretty

and quite a bit of tidying up, pruning of other plants, and weeding – that never ending weeding task. Definitely NOT my favourite part of gardening!

One of the supermarket chains had a “seeds” promotion some time ago and after nursing them inside for a bit, seeing little heads of plants popping up out of the provided eco-containers, decided I’d plant them out too. We shall see what happens with these sage, cabbage and cherry tomato plantlets! They look, as Dad would say, too little to take from their mothers, but we shall see. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I put the frame near the tomato as I think if might need support – if it deigns to grow.

~ last Monday The Golfer and I took ourselves down to Sorrento for our favourite meal of fish and chips. We hadn’t been for such a long time – more than a year, I guess – and the fish and chips tasted sooooooo good!

the day was slowly turning from sunshine to cloud as we watched the ferry ply its path to Queenscliff and back, bigger boats head out to sea and little boats out for, we guessed, some fishing

but the clouds and wind didn’t deter the seagulls who hung around the cars, as is their wont, hoping for food scraps (not from us!)

one of whom was cheeky enough to sit on the bonnet of the car!

Lovely relaxing days.

Meredithe x

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4 Responses to By the by

  1. Carole Minihan says:

    Thank you for sharing, cannot wait to just simply ave fish & chips on the beach.

  2. Cécile says:

    Beautiful Shoes M !
    Meredithe, have you finished quilting your quilt for the QAL please ? I didn’t see any picture.. argh…

  3. Kyle says:

    Love days that are relaxing and beautiful, including new shoes.

  4. Well, those boots are a bit baffling, aren’t they!

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