A little bit of stitching

How’s my sewing going? Thank you so much for asking! I’ve had a couple of days stitching with friends over the last few weeks and my mojo seems to be back on track.

“Daisy Days” is coming along nicely. I’d made lots of blocks

and worked out I needed 19 more so cut all of them out, plus the backgrounds, then once the daises were made matched up backgrounds with daisies

and last Sunday at 4.44pm I finished the last block. Then I needed to set them into 4’s and cut all the sashings and cornerstones……….

I have also made a bag for a friend; using pre-cut scraps from my boxes I made the front

chose a Kaffe (‘cos this friend loves the odd Kaffe!) for the backing

and chose a light lining. And she loves it!

I also stitched up a little sampler for my hand quilting classes showing different threads, different weights, different types

But what’s really captured my attention (and has had to go on the back burner after a flying start – sad face) is the Zarafa fabric from Christopher Wilson Tate. On the way home after buying it a quilt design just popped into my head and I was very keen to start. It had to wait until some of the things above were made, but I have stitched a bit of it.

I’ve made a hexie ring to go around the main print

and made some hexie flowers too.

Sometimes one gets the urge to do something, but a no-think something is a great time to make hexies…….

so there’s a little tin-full waiting until “Daisy Days” is finished

Now that’s incentive!

Meredithe x

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4 Responses to A little bit of stitching

  1. Jenny M says:

    Your Daisy Days blocks look so lovely. Love how you plan to frame the Zarafa fabric. Don’t you just drool over all the beautiful antique quilts Christopher has!

  2. Helen f says:

    You are busting ur britches to get stuck into the “giraffe” quilt!!

  3. frayedattheedge says:

    Busy girl! I haven’t been doing as much quilting, but I have been doing a lot of cross stitch

  4. Absolutely, there’s incentive. The giraffe looks distinctly imperious!

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