Friday stitching

On a Friday (some time ago!), stitching was at mine. It’s been a while, but I prepared afternoon tea for my guests

and along with numerous cuppas, we had a lovely afternoon of chatting, stitching, eating and drinking.

On the sewing front……

Helen was appliqueing more blocks of her “Message in a Bottle

Lynnie was working on Secret Women’s Business (to be revealed in coming months)

Kaye was stitching sashiko blocks – she’s not sure what she’ll be doing with them, just enjoying the process

Maree was putting the borders on her “Daisy Days” blocks

while I was still making mine!

Meredithe x

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3 Responses to Friday stitching

  1. Juliann says:

    Sashiko is on my someday list too. So many wonderful things!

  2. I was rather taken with the look of the sashiko, too!

  3. frayedattheedge says:

    How I wish I could have been there!!

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