Autumn flora

Also while I’m walking I’ve been seeing what’s flowering in Autumn

I think this is a Pincushion Hakea

not sure what sort of berries these are, but pretty colour

Lovely fuchsia with really long petals I thought

and this callistemon (?) with red tips

In our own garden, we have six spikes on the orchids – very excited!

the lemon tree has gone nuts and there’s no sign of possum attack this year – thankfully. Note to self – make more lemon curd!

there are three flowers left on the hydrangeas – think that’s a total of 9 for the whole season! Another note to self – don’t prune hydrangeas too hard this year! And remember to feed them.

The camellias are blooming

as is this – I think it’s called a cigar plant?

there are still a few roses around….white


and pink

Maree gave me some sweet pea seeds which I planted (a week after they were supposed to go in!) and I had despaired of anything coming up. Imagine my delight when slowly, every so slowly, these plantlets raised themselves up

There are about 6 now and I’ll have to replant them under the climbing frame very soon.

Meredithe x

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4 Responses to Autumn flora

  1. Linda Tiernan says:

    Wow, love that lemon tree! I recently had a silver bir h removed, too big for the space, and want a REAL lemon tree in there next. My “lots’o’lemons little tree doesn’t seem to like producing much. 🤗

  2. What beautiful flowers! Have a great week-end. Hugs

  3. Lemon curd from your own lemons – what a treat!

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