Around here

~ MyWalkingFriend and I have taken to walking around a “lake” (no bigger than a pond really) and the other day we spotted this fella basking in the early morning light

~ Autumn is creeping stealthily in; night’s have been much cooler and not wanting to put the heating on just yet, we’ve been snuggling under quilts – luxury! So glad there are lots around the house! It seems the trees are turning much earlier than usual; they started at the end of February

~ the crepe myrtles have been stunning this year and there seem to be so many of them around the neighbourhood (or perhaps I’m noticing cos I Want One!)

~ don’t think I’ve ever seen a bottle brush in this apricot colour before

and love the vivid pink of this one

~ the moon was still up at lunch time Saturday week ago (yep, I’m that far behind with the pics!) and he caught my eye sitting in the cleft of this tree

~ I was showing Mum the hydrangea Helen gave me and we noticed this bee busily collecting pollen

~ there’s a very old house being renovated (I think) on my walk; the builders must have taken this tree down when they first started some months ago, and look! new shoots – can’t beat Mother Nature!

~ this is also on my walk and I’m just waiting to see these leaves turn. They usually go a magnificent red. I’ll keep you posted!

Meredithe x

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4 Responses to Around here

  1. fursesofhegg says:

    Ha Ha, Received this today March 2021, at first I only got the text, was wondering what the bloke was doing the on the side of the lake! Lovely reminder of what’s to come! Was going to mention um…its not spring yet…not really….

  2. Kyle says:

    Autumn is my favorite season. But right now I’m in the midst of a spring? Time blizzard. 24inches of snow so far, howling winds and whiteout conditions. 😳 Enjoy your beautiful fall.

  3. It is always lovely to see the colours turning into Autumn while we are creeping into Spring!

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