Around here

Well! A snap lockdown (due to a COVID outbreak) last week put paid to any further social/class activities. As Mum was safe (totally locked down), and happy watching the Australian Open tennis, The Golfer and I decided to view this time as a 5-day at-home-holiday. So what did we get up to?

~ I made some pizza dough

after it had risen I rolled it out and as an experiment “stuffed the crust” with cheese

The Golfer then added the toppings and cooked it. Must say it came out very well!

~ we haven’t had to water much this Summer as we’ve had some rain, but while watering the other day after a dry spell, I noticed we’d grown a cucumber! One of The Golfer’s mates had given him a plant and we’ve now sampled the crisp crunchy goodness of home grown cucumber.

~ I also tried some zucchini fritters using home grown zucchini from my student Cheryl (I changed the recipe a little adding in cooked bacon and dried coriander and substituting the onion for a leek – it’s what we had) Success! The Golfer asked for them to be made again, so will do! Alice has some great recipes and she’s also on Instagram (@aliceinframes)

~ it was back to masked walks but the weather was mostly good (although it did get quite hot later)

~ after our “release” The Golfer and I went out for a very enjoyable lunch

~ a couple of days later Mum’s facility was given a restriction lift so I picked some flowers from the garden and took them over for a much awaited visit (on both sides!)

~ so we made it through Lockdown 3 and vaccinations have started this week, so fingers crossed that will be the last one we have to go through……..

~ do hope you’re all doing well. Thinking especially of our northern hemisphere friends.

Much love

Meredithe x

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4 Responses to Around here

  1. tinaor says:

    How positive to think of the lockdown as a holiday – a good excuse to experiment with baking/cooking. I too had a recent imposed lockdown and it made me a little inventive in the kitchen, with the added non-delivery of a supermarket food order – cancelled due to snow – I was rather impressed with most things that left my oven and hob and the family ate everything without complaint. I had particular compliments about my chicken and broccoli pie made with chick pea flour pastry – and requests to make it more often. I hadn’t use that flour for a pie crust much before (usually for indian bhajis or middle eastern patties like falafel). I did potato rostis one day too – I guess similar to your zucchini fritters. Sometimes there’s a lot more satisfaction in cooking under certain circumstances rather than just for ‘something to eat’. !

  2. Juliann says:

    I keep saying that I am more grateful for. my well stocked pantry and fiber closet than ever before because I have really been able to stay creative during this pandemic with very little venturing out into the world. That pizza looks great.

  3. That was a good way to look at it – a refreshing break is always welcome!

  4. Gail says:

    Lovely trot…. and visit through your next ‘lock down’. As you are, I am ever hopeful, that we may all may see a trailing off of these measures. Everything is crossed. I am also pleased that Mum enjoyed her happy place in front of the tennis! Yummy, yummy stitching too! 😊

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