Around here

~ How are we faring Fellow Victorians as we enter our 3rd lockdown? Mum is safe, happy watching the tennis, and has all she needs so The Golfer and I are viewing this lockdown as a 5 day At-Home-Holiday. Already this morning we’ve done some gardening, this afternoon I’m having video sewing with my girlfriends and later on will be making a pizza base for The Golfer to cook pizza for dinner. It’s all good and We Will Get Through This – it’s only 5 days!

~ Speaking of food, last Sunday The Golfer cooked up The Most Delicious egg and bacon hamburger using the last of the eggs from Cheryl (thanks Cheryl!). Truly scrumptious!

~ Earlier this week, after a busy day, The Golfer phoned to say he was ready to be picked up after golf and suggested that I meet him for a refreshing drink (it was a rather warm day). There was hardly anyone around and so we sat at a table under the covered verandah sipping our drinks, discussing our days and out looking over the wonderfully lush course……heavenly!

~ After class last Wednesday at the quilt shop I bought a kit for a little bag. Not wanting it to go into “the pile” there to languish for who knows how long, I started it that night then finished the hand stitching on the Friday during video sewing (it was pouring rain again so no-one wanted to venture out). Quite pleased with it.

and bonus! only 3 months late and only two of them so far, but I have pink hydrangeas! Yippee! (Think I pruned them too hard last year)

~ Managed to catch a sunset during the week. I was surprised at how much the colour had faded in the seconds it took to grab my phone and go outside to take the pic, so imagine it slightly more vivid that this…..

~ Hang in there everyone……I know there’s lots of places in the world that are doing tough but we CAN do this. I’ll be back with some Class Show and Tell posts soon.

Much love, stay safe, and big virtual hugs

Meredithe x

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4 Responses to Around here

  1. Kyle says:

    It seems we are all 2 steps forward 3 steps back. Enjoy your 5 days.

  2. Just at the moment, with snow on the ground and freezing winds, I wouldn’t be going out, even if we weren’t in lockdown!
    As always, it’s lovely to see your shots of a completely different season…

  3. Shasta says:

    Wow that sunset is brilliant! So glad you were able to see it and photograph it.

  4. Gail says:

    Thinking of you, dear friends… glorious sunset and attitude, Meredithe. I’m smiling at your positivity! Enjoy your ‘holiday’ and potter in the garden.

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