Just a small gathering for our first Squealers of 2021, again some couldn’t come because of exposure reasons. It was mask wearing again indoors, but a small price to pay to be able to be with friends.

Cheryl had given me some duck and hen eggs from her broods so I was able to make a sponge, which was shared with other goodies for our afternoon tea. The sponge was so light and fluffy – the duck eggs I’m sure so Thank You Cheryl!

Helen brought along her latest quilting finish

and I took some detailed pics so you can appreciate her beautiful hand quilting

now for the binding and a wash to get rid of the blue marker pen.

Helen is working on another oldie-but-goodie with these border pieces

and she finished another “Primavera” block

Kaye was making circles

Karen was adding another round to her Diamond TAW

This is Karen’s version of my template set “Daisy Days

which Maree and I are both doing at the moment.

Maree has found a gorgeous tin to put hers in (think it’s the same range as Linda’s from Thursday class)

and she’s made these

and this one

and I made these two

Amazing how they look with the different colour interpretations!

Meredithe x

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3 Responses to Squealers

  1. I’ve finally been catching up on all your stitching antics. You ladies surely do have fun and you are all oh so talented. I love seeing all the progress and it is always fun to see food and not have to worry about the calories! Enjoy your time together and thank you for sharing with the rest of us.

  2. That’s a fabulous bit of quilting! Well done, Helen!

  3. audrey says:

    So glad you were able to get together and share some eye candy and looks like wonderful goodies as well.:) What a boost!

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