Seasonal Celebrations

Hello Dear Peeps! I do hope you’ve enjoyed some Seasonal Celebrations with family and friends be they in person, remotely or on social media. It might be a little late to be saying it, but as this is our first conversation for the the year I’m going out on a limb and I am saying it….

Happy New Year! And I sincerely hope 2021 shall be an improvement on 2020. Fingers crossed anyway.

Our small extended family met for Christmas Day Lunch at The Golf Club, which put on a very tasty, appropriately socially distanced, meal which we all enjoyed. We did our present giving at the table before eating and Poppet played Santa, distributing the gifts (which were mostly for her and Mum!). It’s such an easy, pleasant, fun way to do Christmas Day; no panicking about food buying/prep/presentation/clearing up and I endeavoured to thank any staff member I came across for working on Christmas Day and saving me the hassle!

After farewelling Poppet and her parents, we took Mum back to her home, then back at our home we opened a bottle and I sat in the Princess Chair (where I do my sewing) in the lounge and had fun choosing which of my favourites of these to treat myself to.

The days between Christmas and New Year happily blended one into another with not much activity happening except our regular walking. We did, however, take ourselves for a drive out to the Yarra Valley Dairy on a spectacular Summer’s day on the Wednesday before New Year’s Day. It was fairly crowded so we didn’t hang around long but while perusing the much varied array of produce and products, did spontaneously decided to partake of antipasto as our dinner on New Year’s Eve so chose the following from their wonderful selection of in house cheeses and other delicious bits and bobs (including the great cooler bag)……

and added a few extras from the little supermarket near us, then on the day I made focaccia, so our dinner looked something like this

which we grazed on over the evening by the light of our little house

Unfortunately I woke on New Year’s Day with a Great Big Cold Sore (think it was last year catching up with me!) which put paid to my walking activities and I have spent the first week and a bit of this new year mollycoddling myself; long sleep-in’s, staying in bed reading, pj’s all morning, lots of couch time, lots of movies and binge-ing (Lupin – with the handsome Omar Sy; Bridgerton – oh! the sumptuousness of the fabrics, costumes, hair, jewellery; The Gulf – a NZ show short of like Shetland and very good; The Limehouse Golem; The Merger – Aussie and fun; Suffragette – heartbreaking and all the more so as it’s based on fact – all on Netflix), in general just being kind to myself and allowing my body to recover. It seems to have worked and I went for my first walk for the year yesterday, just a short one, but coped with the inclines much better than I expected. Planning on heading out to the pavement again today before the heat sets in.

Anyway, that’s enough about me and mine. How were your Seasonal Celebrations?

Back soon.

Meredithe x

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6 Responses to Seasonal Celebrations

  1. Jennifer Farmer says:

    Good to hear from you Meredith. So looking forward to classes starting in February….fingers crossed. I seemed to have lacked motivation at the moment….I am hoping that will return soon.
    Glad you have recovered 😘

  2. Alison says:

    A lovely post Meredith. Hope you are feeling a lot better, here in NZ the weather is just perfect, not as hot as you are having, but lovely breezes in the late afternoon. Nice to see you back on line.

  3. Alas the stress of 2020 catches up with all of us eventually. I do hope you feel better soon and that 2021 will be a glorious New Year! I enjoy your “project” posts so much. Happy stitching in the coming year!

  4. Good to hear you’re on the mend. Continue to rest and recuperate!

  5. Lesley Coleman says:

    Better year for all of us Meredith I do hope so. Everyone seems to be back to normal and that means this wants that and the other, but not this year but not from me head down do my own thing.
    There are lots of takers in this world but then they are outweighed by the wonderful sharers and I know many thank goodness. Cheers.

  6. Linda Tiernan says:

    What a lovely way to celebrate a special season, family, gently and peacefully. Who could ask for more! So happy you are back “on the air”, I have missed your delightful stories and photos.
    Here’s to 2021 and all it holds for us….hopefully lots of good health, happiness, friendships, and of course, stitching!

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