Around here

~ The Golfer had a birthday recently and we bought him a coffee machine to celebrate. All very new still and awaiting the delivery of the “free” coffee pods that came as a bonus with the purchase of the machine….. (this was one that was in with the machine, but not to his taste.)

~ As I’ve mentioned, we’ve had some lovely weather and thoughts are turning to salads. The other night I cut up a couple of chicken fillets and marinated them, and while they were grilling put together a salad of spinach leaves, mushrooms, cucumber and mango, placed the cooked chicken on top and drizzled with salad cream – quick, easy and very tasty (just need to remember to marinade the chicken for a couple of hours!)

~ The Golfer continues with his delicious pizzas, this one a salmon version and scrumptious!

~ we went for a drive last week and had a wonderful meal in a cafe – great burgers and delicious pear cider

~ last weekend I made up my version of Nigella Lawson’s Christmas Cake (I change the types of fruit and add in nuts, and use GF flour so Mum can enjoy them too) and made a series of little cakes. Just had to do a taste test! Mighty pleased with how they’ve come out.

~ I’ve enjoyed several bunches of flowers picked from the garden

they do add so to one’s happiness

Hope you’re all getting back into the swing of things.

Meredithe x

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4 Responses to Around here

  1. Lovely images… beautiful flowers and looks like a delicious little cake!

  2. ejay40 says:

    Happy Christmas and New Year Meredithe. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts throughout the year and thank you. Jane

  3. Eek! I’ve not done the Christmas Cake yet! Maybe next weekend…

  4. I expect you might need to do more than one taste test on that cake! It looks lovely and shiny, which is a good sign. Cheers, Felicity 🙂

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