Visiting Mum

A couple of weeks ago the restrictions at were eased a little for seeing/visiting Mum – much to everyone’s relief. While there are forms to fill in, masks to wear, temperatures to be taken and sanitising to practice, it’s been so lovely to be able to actually visit Mum in her room and also take her out.

Mum’s had visits from LittleBigBrother and lunch at his home with DocSisInLaw and Poppet who was overjoyed at being able to see her Nana, and a visit from one of her siblings too. I’ve been several times and The Golfer and I have also taken her out a couple of times for meals and coffee.

When I was there the other day, the last of the first pick of our hydrangeas were still in bloom in Mum’s room, along with a butterfly aeroplane filled with love from Poppet

The lily in Mum’s room is flowering for a second time

There’s a park nearby and I persuaded Mum that a promenade through the park would be just the thing!

Yes, we walked down that path, over the rickety bridge, up the other side then around the corner and back to where we started (it’s a bit like a triangle), then with Mum in full stride we made it down another block before turning back.

The trees in the little park are huge with enormous canopies of multiple branches reaching way up into the sky

I do believe a certain someone (not me!) expressed a desire to be able to climb this one like she did when she was a young girl……many years ago now.

Meredithe x

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2 Responses to Visiting Mum

  1. Juliann says:

    This is such good news. I was unable to see my dad for three months but then his health declined rapidly and I was able to be with him the last few weeks before he passed away.

  2. So glad you’ve all been able to visit, and from the sounds of it, found your Mum doing really well, and full of bounce!

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