Around here

~ It’s August already! Last month of Winter and it’s certainly making itself felt. We had blue sky days earlier in the week but with chilly winds

so I took a gamble and over a few days got three loads of washing out on the clothesline and into the sun and wind, and although they weren’t quite dry when I brought them in, it only meant an evening over a heating vent to finish them off. Much better than washing hanging around for days on end.

Then yesterday it rained on and off in Melbourne and snowed in country Victoria! Pretty pictures on the news but looked mighty chilly!

~ August has brought Stage 4 Restrictions to Melbourne, and back to Stage 3 for the rest of the state. A very sad, but very necessary state of affairs. Hopefully we can get our terrible numbers down over the next 6 weeks. Hang in there everyone!

~ We can still go out for exercise, so I’ve been walking and taking pics for you…..

~ Only one member of the household is allowed out at a time, and I drew the short straw to do the grocery shopping today (The Golfer did the vacc’ing – saved my back!). There were very few pieces of fruit and veg left at the supermarket and number restrictions were back on several grocery items. I don’t buy my fruit and veg at the supermarket anyway and our neighbourhood shopping strip was doing very well, with plenty of supplies, when I called in there on the way home

~ These carnations have been delighting me over a few weeks

~ This aspect caught my eye the other day as I walked by a neighbouring house

~ and I thought this was a sweet message on the footpath of a nearby street and leave it with you…..

Much love

Meredithe x

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9 Responses to Around here

  1. Linda Tiernan says:

    Thanks for cheering me up with your beautiful photos and chat. We just have to “hang in there” and keep stitching. My poor Brian has got Shingles so I haven’t been allowed to see him for a week. Just hanging in till Friday when I can visit him again!! Stay safe and well. 😘

  2. Helen f says:

    Lovely M! When i went for my walk i felt like lucy (attic 24) i had her narrative going around in my head- the new spring buds, daffys, birds twittering and FROGS!!!! carnations gorgeous 🥰

  3. Liz says:

    Lovely pictures. What is the second tree picture that has what looks like hanging bells? Thanks.

  4. Linda in UK says:

    Love all your flower photos. Glad you managed to get all your groceries. Sorry to hear of the problems in Victoria, you did so well originally. Stay safe.

  5. Thank you for sharing your wonderful flora photos. It is a sad state of affairs out there but we will survive. Our governor (state of Maine) is taking heat from local business people and out of state tourists for commanding such high safety regulations. I commend her for keeping our state safe. We have one of the lowest number of Covid cases in the country. Stay safe and healthy!.

  6. Helen Glover says:

    Thank you for the lovely pictures. stay safe and keep stitching! God bless!

  7. Yes, batten down the hatches and stay safe! At least you have plenty of stitching to keep out of mischief with…!

  8. frayedattheedge says:

    Lovely photos! I would rather do the food shopping than the housework. It amuses us when we go shopping and see huge pile of toilet rolls, I guess after shops ran out during the early days of panic buying they bought in huge stocks, but of course no one needed them for months!! Stay safe and keep stitching!

  9. Michelle H says:

    Hello from Ontario, Canada!! I have to say your government is doing the right thing by locking down so quickly, we have just gotten to Stage 3 where I live, basically everything is open, but must wear masks and not gather in groups more than 15.
    Our harsh -25 degree winters are coming and everyone knows flu season was bad enough last year and with Covid ….well, it’s scary.
    We all can see what happens well people and governments are foolish (U.S) I have seen so many posts of quilt retreats in the U.S.A and in every single one not one mask, and everyone is behaving as if there was no killer virus…really stupid and ignorant when doctors and all hospital staff are running themselves ragged to save the same people’s lives!!

    So BRAVO to all of you for being smart, I hope our leaders are as strong as yours has been and lock down fast and hard if it all blows up here again.

    Ok, on to your beautiful photos!!! I love the first tree with the seeds….what is that called? Oh and the other tree that looks like little wooden bells hanging lol, you have such beautiful exotic plants and trees.

    Please keep safe and your spring is just around the corner!

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