Do your quilts ever “talk” to you while you’re creating/making? Mine do, and sometimes I feel my Nanna (Mum’s Mum) sitting on my shoulder directing my fabric choices and planning. Nanna would have loved to see what I do, and I’m sure she would have joined in, creating some amazing quilts; she was just like that and we would have had great fun together.

Carpenter’s Wheel (hereafter known as CW) is definitely talking, and, well, taking charge really. It all began when I approached the templates. The whispering started on colour choices and as much as I thought of changing some of them the reply was a firm but polite “No, please stick with navy, aqua, red, orange, green and yellow”. Not a hint of pink in sight – leads me to believe CW is male. (I fought that with having a little pink in some of the prints – ha!)

After making the centre, which you saw the other day

I played with the templates, finally deciding on this design to fill in between the stars

As I pondered fabrics for this bit, CW nudged me and after some thinking (and lots of nudging!) I realised that I could put another round of house shapes around the star. That decided I moved onto fabrics.

What about this, or this for the house shape? I suggested

“No,” said CW

Well then, this or this?

“No!” said CW a little more emphatically, “you know what I need. C’mon, think girl!”

After some pondering, I asked if CW meant…

“Of course!” CW replied, praising my enlightenment.

Like this and this?

“No! Think some more!”

Ah, finally getting it. You mean floral types? CW nodded. “It marries back to my centre.” But I only have these two, I cried.

“Oh Really??” CW scoffed. “Go and look in your Fabric Library!”

Suitably chastised I ventured into the sewing room and checked out the “Blue” boxes. Lo and behold two more fabrics in deep navy with the right colouring were found and given the seal of approval from CW (even though one is arrows!)

“Now choose four of each colour for the between-diamonds. No dilly dallying, just grab four!” exhorted CW

CW is becoming so very bossy assertive! Fabrics were chosen quick-split, with just a couple of sneaky changes of mind

and I spent a pleasant time cutting out and piling up while watching a couple of eps of “Boston Legal”

“You’ll have to stitch one now, just to show you I’m right,” urged CW, and do you know

I think CW is right! As to what happens next, I hope CW has it all planned out ‘cos I’m a bit bamboozled! Wish me luck!

Meredithe x

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7 Responses to Conversations

  1. Jennifer Farmer says:

    I loved reading your blog as always it bought a smile to my face and my heart felt a bit lighter. You are an inspiration Meredith…. can’t wait to see how CW talks further as you make your quilt.

  2. Helen f says:

    WOW WOW WOW!!!! Yep keep going between CW and the large floral applique cant wait to see how they both turn out!! 🧵😊

  3. It looks lovely, and I know nothing about quilting. I simply stand back, gasp and admire.

    The bottom photo looks like it has a problem, but you’re probably going to tell me that you’ve just forgotten to flip out the “roof” of your house, or that it becomes something else when it’s all sewn together and doesn’t need one. I have no idea how it all works!

    I’m amazed, but not entirely astonished, at the firm opinions being thrown at you. Give it an inch and it will take a mile. Right?! 😀

  4. Pat Andrew says:

    Gorgeous – who doesn’t love a scrappy quilt – especially a talking one!

  5. frayedattheedge says:

    CW was right, perfect shapes and the navy contrasts well!!

  6. Well now, I think you should trust CW – clearly knows your stash better than you do!
    And lest you fear you are alone in having an ear-bashing from your projects – it happens to me all the time!

  7. acityquilter says:

    me thinks CW is an excellent muse…love it!

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